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Source Code: Duke3D Windows Modifications, based on 3DR released source code.

Note: See JonoF's source ports under JFDuke in the right navbar for his port based on the Duke3D source code.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Chocolate Duke3D v1.0 (src inc)
Fabien Sanglard
1.87M a port (based on xDuke) of Duke Nukem 3D aimed at education. The main goal is to clarify the code so programmers can extract knowledge easily and get a better idea of what it was to program game engines in the 90s.

Like an archeologist working on bones it was important to keep things the way they were and only the "dust" has been removed...



hDuke v17a
2.57M hDuke is a merge of pDuke and xDuke.



xDuke v19.8 Aug. 2010
(src inc: v19.7.1)
Matthieu Klein, TURRICAN
1.27M xDuke: a simple free Duke Nukem 3D port for Windows

Based on Rancidmeat/Icculus port. xDuke port tries to focus on the original gameplay as much as possible. Try playing an old recorded Atomic demo file. It works at 99%. This is because xDuke behaves exactly as the old DOS duke used to behave for a given sequences of keypresses - demo files are in fact a record of keypresses - Two features as disabling the weapon autoswitch and removing the weapon models were made available as heavily demanded by players. These 2 options *don’t add* new features. They block or remove existing features only. They are strictly local and won’t affect the opponents’ gameplay. 



Evil Pandy 3D vMarch 4 2004
198 an overhaul/modification of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition using the source code provided by 3DRealms. The objective of this project is to improve upon the interface and gameplay, and to apply these changes to a new game in Duke style.



Duke3d_W32 build 20.3 (src inc)
7.6M Duke3d_w32 is a port of Duke3d to the Win32 platform.

Includes: , , , , and maps by Bargle and friends.



BuildLib v0.9(dev) 1-13-2003
rancidmeat/Bargle, David Koenig
76 BuildLib is a C++ library for accessing Build-Engine file formats, such as Group, Art, Map and Palette files. The Build Engine was used on games such as Duke Nukem 3D, and Blood. Full source to the library is included in the tar.gz file.



icculus (cooljeanius) -src (src only)
Ryan C. Gordon & company
2.54M Icculus - Duke3D Game and BUILD Engine source code.



glDukeNukem3D v052b
Jean-Philip Desjardins



Blood32 Alpha 4 (src inc)
2.5M Project to recreate Blood using the Icculus build engine port.



WinBlood Dev Release 0.13


winBlood is a total conversion (TC) and source mod for Duke Nukem 3D of Monolith's original shooter Blood. With the recent release of the Duke Nukem source code it is now possible to create a stable windows port of the game, complete with modern sound, graphics and networking. winBlood builds on the existing code to bring you the full Blood experience for modern versions of Windows.

Copy all of the original .art files from Blood into this folder. Run the batch file to test. PLASMA PACK owners: Do not overwrite &! You must have Blood v1.11 for this to work properly.

(no source, if you have the src please send it in: 7.3MB)
based on duke3d_w32 by David Koenig of



Winblood 1.7 (src inc)
759 I think this is based on Rancidmeat/Icculus port.



cDuke3D 1.5.1 (src inc)
1.39M Special Features
  • Sector over Sector
  • Voxel Support
  • User Maps Menu
  • Sound Resampling
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Supports and Auto detects 1.3D Shareware, 1.3D Full Version and 1.4/1.5 Atomic Edition with the 1 Single EXE file.
  • Special Version of the BUILD editor (cBUILD) for making Sector over Sector