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Duke3D Source Codes, including the Duke3D BUILD Editor.



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Duke3D Team/3D Realms
3.83M The 3DR Game Engine and Build Engine- Release v1.5 CD April 1, 2003
..."comes from some intermediate v1.4-v1.5 version-"of the game.
This src contains coding from Ken Silverman's release code.
This is the complete source code for Duke Nukem 3D version 1.5 It contains the Apogee Sound System, By Jim Dose. Also 3D Realms version of there BUILD Editor, and Ken Silverman's released Data Files. There is also an EXTRA Section containing code that was later developed but not used. source)
Mark Dochtermann,
Duke3D Team/3D Realms
23 Duke Nukem 3D BUILD Editor (v1.5 CD Version) Source Code Release - June 18th, 2003
Source addendum - astub.c for compiling the Duke 3D Build Editor.



Atomic v1.5 CONs
Todd Replogle/3D Realms
34 These are the original CONs found on the Duke3D Atomic v1.5w CD.
GAME.CON , DEFS.CON , USER.CON 12/11/1996 8:50AM
"CON is for CONtrol"
3D Realms
323 Real Video clips showing items being digitized for game use.