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Mark Dochtermann/3drealms
27.2 COMMIT Specs- Release v1.0 February 12, 1996
A network/serial interface. COMMIT itself is an ipx/netbios/serial/modem communications package that simplifies the task of getting connected. If you want to write a custom driver to replace COMMIT you must follow the specifications described in this text. (Based off of Kens Code)

Source code for the Commit driver. Commit Interface Specs
Mark Dochtermann/3drealms
23.9 EXTERNAL Control Interface- Release v1.0 February 19, 1996  - Many Build Games based off of 3Drealms Duke Game use nearly the same setup program which includes the external control interface. These specifications describe how the the control system works, and how you can interface to it. Coding a New Controller or an external program during the game.

Source code for the controller functions in duke.
External Control Interface API info file.
Lee Jackson and Jim Dose'
4.53 Apogee Expanded MIDI (EMIDI)  - API Specs v1.1 -   Release 1997 - This document contains information on special EMIDI controller messages that we used to accomplish our tricks, such as track inclusion/exclusion, selective looping, and so on. These messages were used in MIDI files written for Duke Nukem 3D (original and Atomic Edition/Plutonium Pak) and the shareware version of Shadow Warrior. In order to play the raw MIDI files from these games properly, your player must support this EMIDI information. To my knowledge, only the games themselves support EMIDI at this time, but that can change. If you want to write a player that supports EMIDI, you'll need this API.

    Apogee Expanded MIDI (EMIDI) API v1.1
I. Instrument Definitions
II. Controller Definitions
III. InitBeat Format
IV. Contact Information



Duke3D File Specs

Includes offsets.
3D Realms
960 Script file



The unofficial DMO format
Uwe Girlich
43 v0.0.6, 3/11/1998
This document describes the DMO file format. This file format is the result of “recording” a game in Duke Nukem 3D or Redneck Rampage. This documentation covers the old Shareware versions 1.0 and 1.1 and the new Shareware version 1.3D of Duke Nukem 3D and the alpha demo version 0.7 ‘moonshine’ of Redneck Rampage. only.

Includes: pdf, html and .doc versions



DMO Specifications
Uwe Girlich?
3.99 Same as above?