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DOS EDuke Add-ons



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Night Strike TC v1.5.0.2
Kef Nukem, Manson /
Pineapple , Exon
8.79M for EDuke 2.1 was going for EDuke 2.1.1

Night Strike ART Ver2  8.89MB
This art is newer than what's included in the v1.5.0.2 archive.

The war between humans and aliens are in its final stages.
EDF has fought back the aliens away from most of the planet.
It's time to deal with the traitors, that sided with the aliens
during the war.
  EDF agents are infiltrating the secret lodge, "DeadlySnake"
The lodge consists of several companies, that secretly have
provided the enemies with useful information, and put
machinery and materials at service, all coursing the aliens to
make quick and effective attacks on the defense forces on earth.
  Among the organizations putting their technology at service
for the aliens were the HGRG (Human Genome Research Group)
who provided the aliens with the technology to create human-alien
hybrids, among these the PigCops, and other creatures as well.
Also weapon producers sided with the aliens, and gave out
information on the human weapons. Weapons with bullets
were completely unknown to the aliens. Weapons such as
shotguns, pistols, machineguns, all were new to the aliens,
and could probably have defeated the aliens quicker, if they
haven't been informed.
  In return for their service, Deadly Snake were promised
information on the alien technology, and that they would be
spared total destruction. DS hoped to play double-dealing,
and sell back useful information to EDF. That way they were
sure to be the winners no matter who won the war.
  But, when one of the alien research labs were taken over by
EDF, material marked with 'HGRG' were found, and EDF
begun investigating the case, and discovered the existence
of DS. Some members of DS surrendered immediately, but
others barricaded themselves, talking hostages, tried to escape,
or changed identity.

Now it's time for EDF to deal with the traitors, in an operation
named The NightStrike



Wolfenstein Grosse TC v1.1.1
M4kk4r4, Daedolon
41.3M A TC originally made for WWIIGI but passed over to be then designed for EDuke 2.0

There is an EDuke32 converted version available.



Nakatomi Plaza (Die Hard TC) Beta
Chris Landrum
2.91M For EDuke 2.0

Interactive Fan Fiction based on 1988 movie Die Hard



Survival Technology Demo
James Stanfields
7M For EDuke 2.1

This is a technolagy release of my New Eduke Tc. Basically it shows off my features I have programmed. There are 3 levels, the first full level, most of the second level & a demonstration map. You'll need Eduke to play this.



Undead: Special Edition v4.0
Undead Team
12.4M For EDuke 2.0



The Christmas Project
Rusty Nails & Mblackwell
7.4M For EDuke 2.0.23

Filthy oomans have captured you, you must escape - Return to Xen!


12M For EDuke 2.0



SJ-EDuke 1.4M For EDuke 2.0



Project X: Elite Forces Demo
13.2M For EDuke 2.0.23

 CONs are compressed. Also now included open source cons. (Uncompressed cons)



Aliens Tc: Demo 1.0
Rusty Nails
7.7M For EDuke 2.0



OpenDuke(O Duke) R-006
2.4M For EDuke 2.1

An open CON source project.



Peacekeeper MOD Beta
Brat Games
845 For EDuke 2.0  ?2.1?

A Mod in progress. In Saved Game Format (.SAV)


Fox & Hounds v1.00
Photon Man
545 For EDuke 2.0

Fox & Hounds is a small & simple multiplayer mod for EDuke that I am making as I learn some of the new .CON commands.

At the beginning of a game, it's an "all v all" DukeMatch. The first player to kill another player becomes the "fox". Then, all the other players attempt to hunt down the "fox". The "fox" has infinate steroids, and has stronger weapons. Whoever kills the "fox" becomes the "fox". The winning player is the player who has survived as the "fox" longest.

This is the first release of Fox & Hounds. So far, it has no bot support
or maps. This is intended for LAN or 'Net play only, or those who want to look through my .CONs.

Also includes the authors custom installer.



Team Duke Pak 0.62ß
Garjen Software
3.46M For EDuke 2.0

a team-play pack for Duke Nukem 3D, known to Garjen as “TeamDUKE”. This add-on pack allows more multiplayer game types other than DukeMatch and Co-operative to be played under Duke Nukem 3D. you can play CTF, TeamDUKEMatch, FLAG-TAG, and Enhanced DUKE-TAG