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Source Code: Matt Saettler's DOS EDuke

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Matt's Source Code | Matt's EDuke Patch



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
EDuke 2.0 SRC
Matt Saettler
1.58M v2.0 SRC Only - June 19, 2000



EDuke v2.1 SRC
Matt Saettler
985 v2.1 - SRC and CONs - April 13, 2003



Matt Saettler
985 v2.00.21 - SRC and CONs Only - Release1 v2.0+  May 1,2003

This code is based on 3DRs Game Engine / WWII GI
  • This is the complete source code for Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D version 2.0+
  • It contains all source codes and modifications done by Matt.
  • He has included most material from the un-released version of EDuke, v2.1


Matt's Site
147 Matt's DOS EDuke and WWIIGI CON/Info web site. Team Credits.



EDuke v2.023(1st release OFFICIAL)
Matt Saettler and Team / 3DR
1.63M The official release. Updates v1.5 Atomic CD to v2.0. This release primarily focused on additions to the con files.
-Windows Installer



EDuke v2.023a(2nd release)
Matt Saettler and Team / package & fixes by Photon Man
1.42M This is an unofficial release. Updates v1.5 Atomic CD to v2.0. Same as the official release. All safeties are intact. However: Some bug fixes in the cons, setup improvements and some control adjustments. Also this allows you to install from Pure DOS. (Native to the games OS)
Note:  v2.0a was released only a week after v2.0
May work for the kill-a-ton version of Duke Nukem 3d
-DOS Installer