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Special Game Data for EDuke32.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Duke3D Voxel Model Pack Beta
original polygon models by HRP(2006) artists, converted by Devan, Derek 'Drek' McPherson
26.6M 03/16/2013

I want to lead off by saying that I'm not the first to make a Duke3D Voxel Pack. Devan from Lithuania converted all of the models, wrote all the defs and did a ton of work in Slab6 back in 2006, unfortunlately his work came at a time when eduke32 was less than it is now. His package never did run properly for anyone that I heard, yet all in all it was well done. I consider it to be a great work and almost everything you see in my package, was once done by Devan. Devans Voxel Model Pack

* Now that said, I've come along here and redone mostly everything, trying desperatly to be as efficient with memory as possible. I've assembled this pack with the goal of being the best possible, single player, software renderer 3D model experience. It consits of 8-bit Voxel replacements for all pickup sprites, as well as fully animated enemies. (bosses still wip and not yet def'd in)



EDuke32 Voxel Pack v1.1
1.66M This pack provides voxel replacements for sprites in Duke Nukem 3D. It is meant to be used with the EDuke32 port.

The whole point of the Duke 3D Voxel Project is to keep the classic Duke Nukem 3D look while adding some 3D eye candy with the voxels. All of the pickups (weapons, health, and ammo), switches and most of the scenery in the game will be turned into voxels.

ReaperMan is still working on this project...



PlayStation Videos
2.74M in Best Possible Quality "I replaced original duke .anm videos with PlayStation version"

I replaced original duke .anm videos with PlayStation version encoded to .ivf format in best quality:

logo.ivf (Nuke Logo)
cineov2.ivf (Ending Episode2)
cineov3.ivf (Ending Episode3)

This videos looks much better, then original. It has resolution 640x480



Bloom Eduke32 AddOn
417 This is a pixel shader for bloom-like effects.

This plugin Needs quite a powerful PC and a reasonably up to date graphics card with pixel shader support. For reference, my Athlon XP 2500 + with 9600XT runs at 100fps at 800x600 With This. You Can Increase or DECREASE the amount bloom with F1, High Value Will Be Slower. Decreasing your resolution is a good way to keep a high fps.

To install all you have to do is unzip the contents of the Zip folder on our Duke Nukem. Every time you run polymost Eduke32 mode, everything shiny even more striking. v2.0
High Treason
254M February 6, 2012

This file provides ingame music for Duke Nukem 3D when playing
it with the EDuke32 port. High Treason made it by recording the
original Duke3D music by utilizing a YM262 soundcard.
The music will sound as if you were using an AdLib/OPL synthesizer for ingame MIDI playback.
434 Grabbag VOC - Encoded as Quality 4 OGG (equivalent to 256kbps encoded MP3 or thereabouts)

a version from Lee Jackson's original recording as redbook audio on the Atomic Edition CD and trimmed it to the precise position that the original mono 22khz (8-bit?) GRABBAG.VOC file was trimmed at. v4.0
Converted by MusicallyInspired (compilation by NightFright)
148M v4.0 Jun 15, 2013
Proper Duke3D Roland SC-55 Music Pack

This pack is meant for those who want to play Duke Nukem 3D with the Highres Pack (HRP) and also like to have high quality music instead of listening to the old MIDI soundtrack provided with the game in the first place.

I just want to be sure everyone knows that I didn't mix this, choose any new instruments, or write it myself. These are the original MIDIs on the original sound module that was the best possible way you could experience the soundtrack if one had a Sound Canvas back in 1996 while playing Duke3D in DOS.
23.9M Proper Duke3D Addon Roland SC-55 Music Pack

Here's the add-on MIDIs as recorded from the SC-55. The Caribbean Vacation ones sound the best. The Nuclear Winter ones sounded like they didn't put much work into it so they don't sound as nice. But still better than Windows MIDI!  v1.04.3
Jake Crusher
105M PSX music pack for EDuke32

I`ve made a PSX music pack, which consists mostly on Mark Knight`s music for PSX version of DN3D. all songs I`ve put there are 128 kbps OGG files, not 64 kbps as it is in the original pack....

it is just like in the PSX version - on some levels music was repeating



Compiled by perkristian, Hendricks266
5.19M HI-Q original replacement sounds encoded all the WAVs as FLAC.
RinyRed , LeoD
1.82M This is a pack of the higher quality Duke 3D voices and sound
effects found in the PlayStation port of the game, Total Meltdown. Meant for use in the EDuke32 source port.

tagged quality 10 OGGs to use for the time being, plus a log that shows the sometimes weird sampling rates of the VOCs contained in DUKE3D.GRP.



3.76M Released: 10/15/12

PSX Slightly Higher Quality Duke 3D Sound Pack (for EDuke32)

Description: This is a pack of the higher quality Duke 3D voices and sound effects found in the PlayStation port of the game, Total Meltdown. Meant for use in the EDuke32 source port.
RinyRed , (VOC compilation by LeoD)
4.29M 2012-10-21

This is a pack of the higher quality Duke 3D voices and sound
effects found in the PlayStation port of the game, Total Meltdown. Meant for use in the EDuke32 source port.



39.3M Duke Nukem 3D - Sega Saturn Music
15 songs in ogg format
31M Duke Nukem 3D Saturn soundtrack.

The arrangements are very nice without straying too far from the originals. Unfortunately it isn't the full soundtrack and Stalker wasn't mastered correctly (the drums are out of sync).

They're already encoded in OGG format.



dn64_music_pack.7z  v1.1
1M The N64 music pack

is sort of a joke. All that is replaced is Grabbag, but there is no level music.



dnsat_music_pack.7z  v1.1
35M Saturn Music Pack

All music that is not replaced with the Saturn music is reverted to its original MIDI or VOC file.

Duke Nukem 3D N64 and Saturn Music Packs
Since the Duke PSX music pack is having a lot of success, I made packs for the N64 and Saturn versions a while ago and posted them in another thread. Here, I am rereleasing them in a better place, with some bugs fixed. Thanks to TerminX for a bug report; I found the rest.

* The packs would not run without the HRP installed, unless you added a command line paramater. (TerminX)
* The Saturn Grabbag sufferered from poor quality OGG conversion, resulting in staticy cymbals.
* The N64 pack made ambient sounds, like the strip club music, go blank, instead of having no modification.

Extract the 7-Zip archives to your EDuke32 directory. The .zip files will automatically be added to autoload. If you want them to work, either remove the duke3d.def file from the directory if you have one, or if you have custom modifications, add n64.def or saturn.def to the load cycle. If you do not want to use the HRP, then either disable highres textures and models in the video menu, or run the batch file included, which will just use the music DEFs.

Some other notes:

* If you add the PSX music pack before the Saturn one, I think that all of the non-Saturn music will have the PSX versions in place of MIDIs. The N64 version has no level music on purpose, but it could still have the new sound effects.
* The Saturn pack takes precedence over the N64 pack in autoload, because of their filenames. Because they have "w" before the file name, they will load after everything else normally in your directory, except the Duke D.C. HRP, which has "x".
* If you have a problem with the Saturn rendition of Stalker, then just extract the saturn.def file to your directory and comment out the listing for E1L1. Personally, I don't.
* If you want level music in the N64 pack, then extract n64.def to your directory and comment out everything but the two entries that go to "highres/n64/grabbag.ogg".
* If you want a Mega Drive music pack because you like the music, go splash some cold water on your face.

The Saturn soundtrack is redbook CD audio on the game CD. Obviously you can't fit all 43 songs (32 if it only had the first 3 episodes, which is probably the case) as CD audio tracks on a single CD. They are a random selection of the whole game. I know Stalker is included, as is Gotham (my favourite), XPlasma (also a good rendition), Grabbag (Lee Jackson's Atomic CD track version), and others.