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EDuke32 Mapster32 FAQs



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
CONfetti Demo Map
Paul Monteray aka High Treason
13 CONfetti is a supplementary CON file for use with EDuke32 and the Polymer rendering engine, it's purpose is to give mappers more control over the Polymer lights (SE49 and SE50) that they might place in their maps. It is intended to be distributed with maps and is easy to set up.



MickyC's Speed Mapping Guide v11-04-2016
67.1 If you’ve ever made a few maps in build, you’d know that if you build something slowly, it starts to take its toll on your motivation. You’d also remember that when you first started out, it took you ages to make that one bland, small, yet horribly oversized map with texturing issues a-plenty, only to see the pro’s pumping out high quality work within a month. If you’re fed up with doing the same task over and over, wishing that you could do it all in one go, there’s a good chance you can! And this guide is for you.



Hub Maps January 15, 2009
Dan Gaskill (DeeperThought)
10 These are the instructions for how to use DeeperThought’s map caching mod for EDuke32. Map caching is a feature added to EDuke32 by TerminX, and it allows the state of maps to be saved, so that you can return to the saved maps later in the game and they will be exactly as you left them. The map caching mod enables the mapper to use this feature pretty much the way it works in the Half Life series.



Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite v7.3
Ryan Lennox
22.3M Very detailed, rich illustrated HTML guide to BUILD and Mapster32.



True Room over Room
Philipp Kutin
1.8M TROR - multiple sectors can be stacked on top of each other. Because they're at their actual position, 'true' RoR.



TROR Island Sector Tutorial
1.59M Illustrated tutorial



TROR scissoring
Micky C
18.3 gives a rough method of how to implement something I call "TROR scissoring". Scissoring involves the use of (sometimes multiple) angled TROR sectors to allow TROR in a localized area without extending the entire zone.