src-eduke32-mod   Version 10-15-2014   Release 5  4F/ 8.69M (c) RTCM Corvin

EDuke32 Source Code modifications. Modified from the EDuke32 Standard.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
EDuke32-OldMP 9-12-2012
Cobbled together by Hendricks266,
TerminX / Team
2.64M This port has one purpose and one purpose only: to provide a usable EDuke32 in online multiplayer in the interim of the completion of the client-server rewrite. If you are using this for any other purpose, STOP, and use the latest version of straight EDuke32.

Known Problems:
There are issues with sounds not playing when they should.
There may be an unidentified issue with rockets fired into water exploding on contact with the water surface.

If you are encountering crashes, the ninjadebug exes should help record them, especially using a guider like YANG. When you run them, they will launch the respective exe (the release build for ninjadebug.exe and the debug build for ninjadebug.debug.exe) with GDB, automatically run the executable and produce a backtrace upon crash or exit, and log all of the above to eduke32-oldmp.debug.log in addition to the game's own eduke32-oldmp.log. For this to work, you must have GDB installed, which requires the complete installation of a Windows build environment for EDuke32.



ERampage32 v0.96b
Grigoryev, Todurov,
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz,
Jon Hunt
This version maintained by
2.42M This version updates to a new version of EDuke32. Many bug fixes in exe and CONs.



ERampage32 v0.96
Grigoryev, Todurov,
This version maintained by
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz,
Jon Hunt
2.45M Erampage32 is an open source project derived from the impressive Eduke32. It allows you to play Redneck Rampage games under Windows environment...

Erampage32 gives full single player support for Redneck Rampage, Redneck Rampage Rides Again and Sucking Grits On Route 66. Redneck Deer Huntin' is not playable, but this release serves as a base for the future updates.

Includes the map patch program bindiff, tool to create resource patches...

Erampage has the map patching feature. When the game loads a *.map, it looks for a *.dif in the same directory. If a *.dif file is found, it is handled as a patch and applied to the *.map upon loading. So the *.map doesn't need to be changed, it can even peacefully remain within its *.grp container.



grigorie, todurov, Jon Hunt
1.2M eRampage is a free open source port intended to run games from Redneck series. Those include Redneck Rampage, Suckin' Grits on Route 66, Redneck Rampage Rides Again and Redneck Deer Huntin'.

Erampage is based on EDuke32, Map patches are made by Jon Hunt