src-eduke32-tools   Version 4-09-2017   Release 13  19F/5.27M   (c) RTCM Corvin

Tools related to EDuke32. Mapster32 (a BUILD Editor replacement) is included with the EDuke32 download.

Many more tools in other sections of this site still work with EDuke32, so please check them.

Some of these tools still work with Duke3D and other BUILD Games.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
WAD Converters
898 Java Based. Wad2ART, Wad2Map.
Configuration files for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife.



DN3D Palette Editor v1.01 (src inc)
Kevin Scroggins
448 tool to work with the Duke 3D PALETTE.DAT and LOOKUP.DAT files so I could edit the palette swaps.

+ Java-based multi-platform code.
+ Simple and easy to use GUI with tabbed editing.
+ Support for reading, writing importing & exporting DAT / PAL / ACT / BMP
/ PNG / GIF palette files!
+ Support for importing / exporting between different file formats (including
LOOKUP.DAT sub-palettes)!
+ Easy file opening with drag-and-drop support!
+ Full dynamic plugin support via jar files for handling custom file types!
+ Version checker.



2.96 An altered duke3d palette for Paintshop Pro that will help with a conflict in importing images through Dukeres made with PSP. The bright pink colors conflict and the highbright version has been lightened.



Blood To Eduke32 (src only)
48 Bloodcmhrp tool



Various, Maintained by Hendricks266
410 Many BUILD and EDuke32 Useful tools.
  • kextract Ken Silverman engine utils extracts data from GRP "group files"
  • kgroup Ken Silverman engine utils creates GRP "group files" out of specified files
  • transpal Ken Silverman engine utils generates shading/translucence tables from a palette
  • wad2art Ken Silverman engine utils novelty utility for converting Doom art resources in WAD files to BUILD ART files, PALETTE.DAT, and NAMES.H
  • wad2map Ken Silverman engine utils novelty utility for converting Doom level maps in WAD files to BUILD map files
  • kmd2tool Ken Silverman engine utils translates MD2 models along the z axis (zoffset)
  • md2tool Helixhorned engine utils query MD2 model info or change the scale/translate fields so that desired bounds are produced
  • generateicon JonoF engine utils converts images (.ico? .bmp?) to .c files for the purpose of being embedded as icons in SDL executables
  • cacheinfo JonoF engine utils engine cache information tool; scans all files in current directory
  • arttool JonoF, Hendricks266 engine utils constructs all attributes of ART files and can import art tiles in PCX and TGA formats
  • givedepth JonoF engine utils transforms a single image from an ART tile into a voxel with the image layered to a specified depth
  • mkpalette JonoF engine utils inputs simple color ranges in HSV format and automatically generates a palette with shade steps
  • unpackssi JonoF engine utils unpacks the SSI files employed to hold the data of Sunstorm Interactive expansion packs
  • bsuite JonoF, Hendricks266 engine utils "Build Customization Suite", imports and extracts game palettes
  • enumdisplay JonoF engine dxutils Windows-only; enumerates all available display modes to enumdisplay.txt by default
  • getdxdidf JonoF engine dxutils Windows-only; enumerates available inputs, from keyboard, mouse, and joystick to didf.txt
  • makesdlkeytrans JonoF engine sdlutils SDL-only; builds a key translation table for compatibility purposes
  • ivfrate Helixhorned game utils gets and sets the FPS of .ivf (VP8) files



MapHacker v1.0
Stu Redman
4.47 # Tool for Duke Nukem map hacking
# list sprites from maps and their coordinates
# patch maphacks into maps
# check maphacks for duplicate or out-of-range entries
# diff maps and update maphacks from the diff
# (so you can adjust angles directly in Mapster32)



MapHackConverter (src inc)
9.26 used to adapt Maphacks between versions of Duke Nukem 3D (1.3d/1.5)



Build ART Files Editor (BAFed) v1.160 (src inc)
453 Program written on Java; requires Java installed on your computer. Combines BASTart and DukeRes programs, with other palettes supported and comfortable GUI like Dukeres.

1. 32bit image will automatically converted to choosen palette.
2. You can import a several ART files to one file at once
3. You can import a folder with 8bit *.bmp or 32bit *.png images at once and also export images from opened ART file with saving description.ini file with all information about tiles in ART for subsequent import after edit ini file. (as you can make it throught tga2art and art2tga)
4. supported Build palettes (dat), photoshop palettes (act) and Microsoft palettes (pal)
5. You can resize choosen tile at opened ART
6. For make animation you can choose last tile of animation with Ctrl + LMB, animation will be from choosed tile to last tile.
7. I made movable preview picture of choosen can see at all parts of the picture at 700% scale.
-added tile viewer


1. Added fast conversion palette of choosed tile.
For conversion tile to other palette, you need click to "Convert tile palette" and then choose other palette: duke3d palette, blood palette, sw palette, custom palette (see 2) or load external palette. For batch conversion you can use batch export to png, change palette and import exported png files
2. I added custom palette menu after loaded external palette, therefore you can swithing between duke3d, blood or sw palette and your own loaded palette faster.
3. Added a navigation on TileViewer with arrows



EDITART Two v2.1 (src inc)
104 This version is capable of creating up to 15,360 tiles (60 files. Art)
and was designed for DOS EDuke version 2.1, but it works with all ports.

The source code is compiled with OpenWatcom.
Note: To run this editart DOS4GW.EXE needs the extender installed in the same folder. Includes modified names.h file.



32 shade palette
28.5 Ken Silverman noticed that Duke3D's PALETTE.DAT file is 8K longer than it should be. Any PALETTE.DAT file with 32 shades and translucent table should be 74,498 bytes. Duke3D's palette is 82,690 bytes, but it only has 32 shades! The reason is that at one time, Duke3D had 64 shades in their "palookup" table....and an optimized PALETTE.DAT made by CraigFatman



BUILD Pal Editor 013111
958 easy conversion of a image into a duke3d compatible palette.

A simple program I created that use the provided palette.png file to create a new duke3d palette. The image file is just a series of white squares that you fill with the colors you want, arranged in order of the duke3d palette so you can make sure the colors are in the correct positions for shading and such. Use any paint program to customize the palette.png, rename it, and use the program to convert the palette.

PalMake creates a palette from a png file.
PalShift lets you modify the Palette.dat file used in build games/duke3d.



Ken Silverman, Compiled by Hendricks266



Build PNG tools v002 (src inc)
Kraig "Kraigose" Culp
1.10M [ART2PNG]

This extracts the RAW art tiles to indexed PNGs.


This populates RAW art tiles from indexed PNGs. PNGs must be indexed for now (use the included pal\duke3d.act in Photoshop).



Autoshading test v1.0 (src inc)
conrad coldwood
60.6 tool designed to apply basic shading to maps

What it's not going to do:
Cast shadow as new sectors, create shading from scratch, correct shading based on the overall texture brightness.

What it does:
Reset the lighting of a map, adjust walls and sectors lighting based on a specified reference (floor or ceiling, brightest or darkest, average value), adjust walls brightness using "bulb sprites". More in the readme, it's nothing fancy and there's probably another piece of software doing that very thing somewhere else...

Not sure how the bulbs work though.

Pick a sprite you never actually use in your map (I picked 1220 in the example maps). Place the sprite somewhere in your map, and set its hitag to the light radius (every wall within that range will receive light). Since the program doesn't create extra vertices, you need to break the wall yourself. Use the "-bulb [tile number]" parameter so it knows what sprite should emit light. There's no occlusion (light goes through walls), but only wall facing the sprite and within range are affected anyway. It's not the best way to do it (ideally I should rely on vertices instead of surfaces and the surface's angle to determine the light level -- currently, only the distance is considered). Bulbs do NOT affect flats (floor/ceiling).

This program only exists because I wanted to know what was exactly contained within .map files (because of the "out-of-sector pivot" door glitch I tried to explain)



xBuild v2007
Ben Smit / ProAsm
543 for Duke3d and Shadow Warrior.
xBuild is a frontend for Build.exe or Mapster32.exe
Just put the xBuild files in the same folder as your build editor.
Set the xBuild.ini file for which ever editor and game you are using.

xBuild allows the following while in the editor:
Ctrl + Alt + P will play your selected map.
Ctrl + Alt + B will backup your working map to a .bak file overwriting previous.
Ctrl + Alt + X will give xBuild focus for whatever.
Clicking on 'Edit Map' while the editor is open, will then just shift focus.
xBuild will not allow you to exit until you have closed your build Editor.
If for some reason xBuild will not quit, then Ctrl + Alt + Q will kill it.

Includes: JFBuild Editor (
JonoF, scripted by supergoofy
69.6 This small patch will convert DUKEDCPP.SSI to DUKEDC.GRP
JonoF, scripted by supergoofy
34.4 This small patch will convert VACA15.SSI to VACATION.GRP
1 Put eduke32.exe, duke3d.grp, dukedc.grp and dukedc.bat in the same folder

Run the included batch: dukedc.bat
1 Put eduke32.exe, duke3d.grp, vacation.grp and vacation.bat in the same folder

Run the included batch: vacation.bat