src-jfduke-enhancers   Version 8-30-2012     3F/ 61M RTCM Corvin

Special Game Data for JFDuke. Some enhancements will work with EDuke32.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Voxel Model Pack v1.5b 2-15-2007

converted most of polygon models in HRP to voxel models with program POLY2VOX. Use it with EDuke32 or JFDuke.



Voxel Model Pack2 v3-09-2005
Kev Saunders?
256 JFDuke3D Voxel



Voxel Model Pack v12-30-2003
Kev Saunders
263 cDuke3D Voxel

(This is a very small pack of voxel modls that were put together by me. They can be used in 8-bit classic mode in Jonof's port.)

I didn't know it was that easy to put voxels into Jonof's port.

I made a small pack of voxel models for Colourless's port a while back, feel free to use them if you want.

Just edit the voxel.con file for Jonof's port in the zip file.