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Jonathon Fowler's Source Code for his BUILD and Game Engine. Supporting Source Code.



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JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port
v10-9-2005 (src inc)
Jonathon Fowler, Ken Silverman
1.99M JFDuke is a port of Duke3D to the Win32 platform.
Win32 executables for JFDuke3D (zip package).

This is a work-in-progress release of my port of Duke Nukem 3D using my
ported Build engine codebase. There are bugs which I'm tracking down and
fixing as an ongoing process.

Polymost is a full 3D implementation of the Build engine renderer, with hardware acceleration capability, and perspective in six degrees of freedom.

"Hightile" texturing improvements to Polymost. Hightile allows Polymost to use true-colour textures instead of the artwork in the game's usual .ART file.

Includes:  - Source snapshot of JFDuke3D.   - Source snapshot of JFBuild engine port. REQUIRED FOR COMPILING JFDUKE3D AND JFSW!



JonoF's Setup Program
Jonathon Fowler
32.7 Setup program source code snapshot.