src-jfswarrior-mod  Version 6-08-2017   Release 10  6F/ 29.7M (c) RTCM Corvin

Source Code BUILD Windows Engine based on Jonathon Fowler's source.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
New Shadow Warrior Win32 Ports
SWP v4.3.3 Beta 3 (src inc)
ProAsm / Maintained by Hendricks
3.36M maintenance work and minor updates; It only aims to fix outstanding issues and improve stability. Added animated voxel support aswell.

Includes an updated map editor: SWPBUILD



SWP  v4.3.2
(src inc)
Ben Smit / ProAsm
13.7M Shadow WarriorP is a product of JFSW (by Jonathon Fowler) and uses the latest code available. (12-12-2010)

SWP has several extras compared to JFSW.
See the SWP_Readme.htm in the Help folder.

For full operation all that is needed is the SW.GRP from the Shadow Warrior CD.
SWP now has its own SWPSetup program which will generate the necessary SWP.cfg file which is needed to set up the mouse and keyboard functions.

SWP (swp.grp) also has minor built in medium resolution items like fonts and various screen textures which will be replaced if the HRP is installed.




SWP v4.3.1 (src inc)
Ben Smit / ProAsm
2.16M Stable Release

(Note: Unfortunately the Build Editor src included is an old JFSW port version)



3DR / ProAsm
3.90M This will show you partially how to add your own animation cut scenes in SWP. Including the opening scene.

Also included is a 4:3 aspect ratio corrected SW.ANM file.



Ben Smit / ProAsm
2.33M Additional User.def for SWP with additional "art" in png format. An example and replacement artwork.



SW Redux v1.0.9 (src only)
4.21M Redux old source code.