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Source Code, Tools for JFSW / SWP

Other tools in other sections of the site are compatible. Such as the Duke3D and Shadow Warrior Tools sections.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
XGroup & XExtract v1.4
542 GRP file compiler and extractor for SWP and JFSW

a .GRP file creator and extractor for windows and can replace the normal KGroup and KExtract which comes supplied with the games.
Any amount of files can be grouped into a .Grp file. When switching to XExtract just clicking on a .Grp file will show whats inside and any number of files can be this extracted from the .Grp file.



SwpBUILD Editor v1.2
292 SwpBuild is a Build editor for JFSW using SWP



SWP Cheats
772 Additional new cheats included.



PlayWang v4.1
748 A launcher for SWP (JFSW)