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Shadow Warrior Source Files,


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3DRealms Released SRC
Shadow Warrior Team / 3DRealms
4.54M Shadow Warrior (v1.2 CD Version) Source Code
Release - April 1, 2005

..."was cobbled together from various beta versions before the multiplayer code got much, if any, work."

- This source includes the Build Engine data (.OBJ files) needed for compiling. The Build Engine is a separate entity from Shadow Warrior, though Shadow Warrior is built upon the Build Engine.

- The KENBUILD.ZIP file contains all of the data you need from Ken Silverman's released version to compile the Build Engine itself. Instructions for doing this are contained within that file. I have tested this with the free versions of Watcom and it works. More information about this code found at Ken's webpage here:

- The AUDIOLIB.ZIP file contains all of the data you need from Jim Dose's sound engine that was used in Rise of the Triad, Duke 3D, and Shadow Warrior to compile the actual Audio Library itself. Instructions for doing this are contained in that file. I have not tested this personally to see if it compiles under the free version of Watcom.

- The files in the EXTRAS folder are there purely for curiosity and educational purposes. You can find a whole lot of potentially interesting tests, as well as older versions of the source files that ultimately made it into the game. None of these are necessary and are purely, well, extra.