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Shadow Warrior Add-ons



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Deadly Kiss Original Assets
Simply Silly Software
29.6M The original raw assets for the unreleased, unfinished Deadly Kiss add-on from late 1997. Includes: Raw Maps, and numerous other game data. (playable/viewable maps are also available pre packed for the SWP port in a separate download located in src-swarriorp-addons file section).

Project Lead,
Original Concept
Joseph Wilcox

Game Art
Andre Lowe

Level Design
Jason O'Connell / lvlmaster
Matt Harris / MattCake
Ryan Isenberg / Tagg94
Jim Semkiw / Ironman
Scott Haslam / Dagger
Crista Forest / CDWarrior
Krystian Palys / Blade
Cho-Yan Wong / Tempest
Doug Murphy / NukeDukem

3D Modeling
Roger Tweedie / Pistonhead



SW Voxel Pack v10-27-2020
Martin aka mxrtxn

New 3D Voxels replacing sprites, even rotation.
Includes FAQ how to use them.
Filenames are DOS friendly at 8 characters.



Sylia Warrior
Jason Ng
22.4M a conversion patch for Shadow Warrior. It replaces Lo Wang with Sylia Stingray by modifying relevant sprites, sounds, and cinematics. The patch is broken up into 7
parts. The first 3 parts of the patch works with the Shareware version of Shadow Warrior as well as the first chapter of the Registered version. The last 4 parts add additional data for the second chapter of the Registered version.



15.8 for people who wanted more ammo and power in weapons in Shadow warrior, Here you go!

Adds lots and lots of ammo in Shadow Warrior and Increases weapon Damage for weapons. Created using this tool; SwGroup.zip Only works on unmodified DOS Version. Dunno if works with other ports. Here it is.

In order to play the mod. Unzip it in your Shadow Warrior Folder and run either MORE.COM or MORE.BAT. Enjoy!



I.Mecking, AKA: T.M.M
0.99M Play 4 rounds of Wheel of fortune, Bombsweeper or play one of the 2 race tracks in this version. All support 2-8 players.
contains lots of different mini games and add a total new way of multiplayer gaming for Shadow Warrior



Wanton Destruction
Sunstorm Interactive Inc.
21.7M Wanton Destruction was created to be an official addon for the registered v1.2 of Shadow Warrior. It never made it to be released commercially. Later it was released as freeware.

Wanton Destruction features twelve of the most eye popping levels you will ever trip through! Featuring: Chinatown, Monastery Gardens, San Francisco Trolley Yards, Chinese Restaurant, Skyscraper Under Construction, on board a 747, high tech Secret Military Base, Japanese Bullet Train, Zilla's Auto Factory, and Tokyo Rooftops. in addition, the episode contains not one, but two full size super secret levels that will have you on the edge of your seat! In addition, wev'e included three all new Wangbang-only levels as well as a capture the flag level!

Please read readme.txt and wdinfo.txt for more info.



Wanton Destruction FIX
Fix by SCPM
16.1M So as most of you know, Wanton Destruction has those issues where a miniboss and the final boss do not spawn on the first or second difficulties, and an issue where a secret can't be reached because it's too narrow to enter. Well, I went ahead and dusted off my Build skills and fixed those issues. The game now ought to be complete able on any difficulty, and you should be able to get 100% completion without having to use any cheats. I also added two minibosses and one anime girl that were absent from the last level on the first two difficulties. The levels in question, if you want to see for yourself with the swtrek cheat, are numbered 09 (Skyscraper), 11 (Military Base), and 20 (Skyline)

This fix is in this .grp file. Give the old WT.GRP file in your Shadow Warrior directory a new name, like WTold.GRP, or move it to a back up folder or something, and copy the new WT.GRP file into the directory.



Wanton Destruction Teaser
374 Authorized Add-on for Shadow Warrior
by Sunstorm Interactive Inc.

The shareware version of Wanton Destruction features two brand new maps. One single player map - The Monastery Gardens, and one Wangbang map - Waterfight.

Welcome to the teaser levels from our up and coming add-on for Shadow Warrior. Watch for the full 'Wanton Destruction' add-on to hit the shelves in time for Christmas! With 12 great new single player levels, 3 Wangbang levels, and 1 Deathflag level!(addon never made it to shelves)

Levels are: garden.map  and  wtrfight.map


Wanton Destruction Levels
Charlie Wiederhold
134 This archive was made available before the freeware Wanton Destruction was found and released.

These are the levels I made for Wanton Destruction, an addon for Shadow Warrior by Sunstorm that unfortunately never saw the light of day. The finished version had new sounds, art, anime girls, fortune cookie fortunes, and all sorts of other little things. I personally think it was the best build engine addon Sunstorm made, but that's life. I've tried to track down the entire version but nobody seems to have it anywhere. The airplane map in this set is in my top 3 favorite of all levels I've ever made and is largely responsible for 3D Realms contacting me in the first place to work on Duke Forever when a new mapping position was needed. I hope some of the Shadow Warrior fans can get a little bit of fun from them at least, which is why they were made in the first place. It always pained me that nobody ever had the chance to play them.

Levels are: !air.map , !rooffog.map , !ctf_fly.map , and wtrfight.map


Wylde Productions

At the time Lo Wang was delivered into the world, he was not alone. Lo Wang's mother was blessed with twin baby boys. Unfortunately, due to the fact that his mother was unwed, she gave them both up for adoption. Lo Wang's new family was only able to afford to raise one child, therefore, his brother was adopted by another family. His brother, Hung Lo, was adopted and raised by the evil overlord Pu Tang.

Pu Tang was an evil man, and raised Hung Lo as a disciple of evil...

- 13 new single player levels
- 3 new death match levels
- new art
- new sounds
- new end boss

Note: Twin Dragon's map names, are IDENTICAL to the 3D Realms map names, are not sequestered in a GRP file, and will supersede the normal in-game levels tucked away in SW.grp. (The full TD package also contains an *altered*, identically named SW.exe file, though a backup is created by the TD Install.)

Note2: This is add-on is also found on the PC GAMER EXTENDED PLAY COLLECTION VOLUME II 1998 CD.



Twin Dragon FIX
Fix by SCPM
35.1 I've fixed the secret that can't be accessed on the two lower difficulties in Twin Dragon in 'Warehouse' (map 09).
Just replace the version of $OUTPOST.MAP in your 'dragon' sub-folder in the Shadow Warrior folder with this new version.



Twin Dragon FIX2
Fix by JMF
64.3 Twin Dragon's level 14, The Garden ($refiner.map), has a would-be exit sector that's mis-coded with a LoTag "216", instead of the correct "116". This error causes the player to be unable to exit the map normally and advance to level 15 (The Fortress)...

The attached, revised map eliminates the problem, fixing the LoTag. Simply replace the originally supplied Twin Dragon $refiner.map with the revised version, backing up the original map first, if desired.



PARK: The Episode v1.6
Yves Bresson / THE PARK Team
1.35M A new episode for Shadow Warrior !

Your master (Master Leep) and his grand-daughters (Su-Shi, Je-Shi, Bla-Ye, Vi-Suh & Ri-Suh) went to visit the famous PARK but something went wrong, it looks like the beasts in the park escaped from their enclosures. It is believed that the beasts were helped by a group of evil ninjas who managed to warp into this dimension through a big time-vortex-hole. You (Lo Wang) now have to rescue Master Leep and the girls... ... welcome to PARK

Includes: 3 Extra lost levels.



Lo Wang In Time
1.85M Lo Wang goes back in time to stop Zilla from destroying his ancestry. he travels between time periods defeating evil monsters and eventually Zilla himself. Lo Wang in time is an eleven level Partial Conversion for shadow warrior, seven for single player levels and another four for multi player. A really cool addon for sw.



Lo Nukem
Ben Smit / ProAsm
1.74M A 4 level addon for Shadow Warrior
: This is an experiment I did with converting
: Duke Nukem maps with the SwConvert program
: from Lars Heimann.
: I had to make a resizing program to get the
: right heights etc. as Lo Wang is bigger than
: Duke Nukem.
: It is the 1st four maps of Duke Nukem,
: slightly changed and re-arranged.
: Anyway If you liked Duke Nukem 3D, I'm sure
: this will bring back some memories ;-)
: If you find it boring - trash it ;-)



FunG-Chi's Modem Player Addon



Rampage Warrior
Ben Smit / ProAsm
7.96M 6 level Total Conversion for Shadow Warrior



TaiWang v4.1
Ben Smit
735 : A Shadow Warrior 4 level Addon
: A new weapon and art added.
: In this version the M16 and
: Riot Gun have a bit more power.
: Also they carry a bit more ammo.
: Except the Rocket Launcher which
: carry's quite a punch, but has
: less ammo.
: Let me know what you think.
: Watch it - it's tough.



Wang City A DM Addon for SW
Andrew Huppatz
300 Six new DM maps for Shadow Warrior with new art and a launcher.



3D Ozz
3.12M A collection of 28 Wang Bang maps for Shadow Warrior. All maps have been
tested to the extreme and any bugs found have been squished. Some maps
have been edited to add to Wang Bang game play. Some have simple changes, matter of adding/adjusting start points or weapons, while some maps have had extensive changes - secrets added, underwater areas added, whole new areas added, explosive walls added, short cuts added to decrease map linearity, etc, etc. In other words, if you've played these maps before, expect some differences and adjust your game play accordingly.



Tonight Never Ends
Lights Out
6.70M "Tonight Never Ends", from Lights Out, is a whole new episode for Shadow Warrior. Lights Out team was originally formed by Jonathan C. Wu in March in order to gather some of the best builders around the globe to build one of the most fun-filled episodes for Shadow Warrior. This episode consists of five main missions (many including more than one level), one secret mission, four WangBang levels, and a few other in-between levels. The Lights Out team poured their hearts and souls into this episode, and we wish that you will have as much fun playing it as we had making it.



When I Was Young
Yves Bresson / WIWY Team
2.96M This story takes places some years before the game does; Lo Wang is a bad boy and he is working for local mafia.

Two sections of the local chinese mafia battle to gain control of the city. One clan is led by Mr Takagy, the other one by Mr Fu Kung. You are member of Mr Takagy's clan, and got to do the dirty jobs for him... (you might also have to deal with the police)

- Orange Ninjas are 'friends'
- Violet Ninjas are 'important' guys (like Mr Takagy himself)
- Green Guardians are policemen
Don't worry, everything should be clear while playing ;)



Santa Wang v1.3
Ivan Mecking
2.35M We need your help again Lo Wang. A group of jewelry thieves has robbed the Xmas store. They have placed several bombs inside the building and set them off if we go after them. Your mission is to de-activate all bombs and leave the area. For security reasons we have sealed off the area. We will only open the security gates when you've successfully located and de-activated each bomb'



177 This level is a early look at my adon hopefully called Ultimate Warrior. It will have the same style as 007 for N64. for Deathmatch And CTF play.



Marius Schmitz
245 Enter smugglers nest , destroy -and go home.



John Salzwedel
440 Sometimes even Lo Wang gets tired of fighting ninjas and saving the world. So he decided that he needed a vacation, and headed off to Brazil. But on the way to Rio de Janeiro his plane starts having engine trouble and crashes in a small pond near the Amazon River. Lo Wang is the only one who survives. Using the radio in the cockpit he is able to call for help, but the trees are too dense and the wildlife is to ferocious for the rescue helicopter to get to him. So, he must fight his way down the river, battling wild beasts, ravenous toucans, flesh-eating piranhas and hostile natives, all the way to the rescue helicopter waiting for him...



Mount Armagosa
Greg Leask & Jonathan D. Wells
112 The Japanese military has stumbled upon one of Zilla's secret installations. Their attack met with heavy resistance and their base was overun. It is up to Lo Wang to reclaim the base and then head to the base of Mount Armagosa. He will find an ancient temple, secret military vehicles, and several secrets along the way. But beware. There are many enemies to defend the area, and they have a few tricks up their sleaves. Your mission is to ultimately destroy the entire complex by destroying Mount Armagosa itself. Good luck!



Bar (dm)
Nicolas Ouellet
208 It's a small city with a bar, a pool, an house and a corner store, there is 3 vehicule ( a jeep, a truck and car) there is cool secret approximatly 5. Watch some cool light effect in the house ( flashing tv ).



Military Base
505 Well your in a military base that has a barracks, kitchen, command center and a bomb shelter. There is also a driveable tank(nothing special) and a driveable hovercraft(something special). Both armed of course. I also made the level not very large because when you have a WangBang level, it takes too long to find the other player/players. There is also plenty of cover outside with heaps of crates.



the Bodies
Andrew Gilevsky (GilA)
28.1 *Very* cool WangBang level for 2 players. 3 is not so cool, and more is just gory! But, if you're insane, play 8 players. The level itself is sumthin like factory or plant area. It's based (well, it almost a shameless copy) on great level "BODIES" for BLOOD, which was made by Croweater. I just wanted to have good, fast ass-kickin' WangBang action, so I added a bridge and weapons are placed little differently. And I wanted to play that level in Shadow Warrior, but there are no converters from BLOOD to Shadow Warrior. So I drew it myself. And also, to get that atmosphere, I captured the BLOOD textures, and here they are... So go play now!






Damm war!
Kato Brave
352 Just one Nuke in a hidden room!



The Factory
227 I will be the first to admit, this level is not top notch. It started out as an experiment to try to get different and unusual things to work in SW, some that were not supposed to be able to be done. Yes, I asked for help, read examples of many who posted to the SW WangsDojo site, and tried and tried and tried until I got things to work. Many did not, some did. Anyway, LoWang appears at the office of the Factory, hoping to talk with his long time friend Hong only to find him dead, and the place swarming with Zilla Henchmen. The rat bastages....



Just 4 fun
Kato Brave / A-Dogg



The Killer
Danilo Gouveia Wasques
147 This episode is demo.



Lo House
Zeus Lilge
683 A Detailed Lo Wang house. Very nice. A very stratigic, tricky, good for ambushing. : ] Only looks good with this art file included...Don't worry the art only replace.



Lost City
Gilevsky Andrew
91.1 This is one of the sectors that were under Zilla's control. After his defeat, he started to rebuild his power. For this time, the Serpent God is controlling the area. Time to kick more ass.
The level changes... from city you will go to a secret temple.



Mortal Kombat!
105 Mortal Kombat!!!!! Lo Wang isnt the Only martial artist now!
Your in the Realm of Outworld Lo Wang your just a Mortal!



Modern Temple
Ted Gustafsson
225 Lo Wang was out driving one day when he saw a roadsign that said "The Modern Temple". He thought to himself, - What's that? Ohhh, let's have a look then! He pulled up his car to the roadside, went through the gates and became stiff. - Whooohaa!, Wang said. - I see... A new temple in a small modern city. Let's have a look then. - WHO wanted some WANG???



Tiny Nagasaki
Grandpa Moses
1.93M Nice medium size map. With a lot of explosion effekts. Include a lot of new Textures from Duke, Redneck Rampage and some picture of me ! Join it !



Prison Camp
161 Don't ask me why I named it prison camp, I guess it was because of the outer courtyard which by the way, is the most inspiring part of the level. The sprite based structure of the courtyard was grand in design and for any of you who are proficient in Room-Over-Room will clearly see that it was impossible to do ROR with this design and structure. So I resorted to sprites as bridges. :( Anyway, track number 3 does this level justice. :) Have fun!



Tides of Darkness
Robert & Philip
336 This is a flooded city due to global warming. There are not much secrets, but we hope you're not offended by the gas chamber. Have fun.



Torsten Richter
425 Wangbang level of my home



The Wang Light District
Totenmaske and FragMasta
118 Duke Nukem's Red Light District with Sw ingenuity.



WAMPLET (Larry Turner Jr.)---> Lo Wamp
34.1 Here is my conversion of my Duke3d Map, WAMPTREK. It Takes place IN and OUTSIDE of the ENTERPRISE. There is a Borg ship, flyable shuttle craft, and tons of explosions. Each ship has a phaser. You can Eject the Warp Core on the Enterprise, letting all hell break loose. The Enterprise contains the sick bay, transporter room, Ten Forward, a crewman's quarters, a holodeck, main engineering, shuttle bay, the captain's ready room, the main bridge, and the briefing room. There is a Borg ship, with an operable phaser. There is a manual and remote-controlled flyable shuttle craft, with a phaser. There is a stationary shuttle outside a window int Ten Forward, that can fire a phaser into the bar. There are also Two Replicators and tons of automatic-motion-detecting sliding doors.