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Shadow Warrior BUILD Game FAQs



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Skeleton-Eagle Example Map
319 Here is a map example with the Skeleton Priest and the other enemies.
File contains example map + needed art file.

If you'd like to add the Skeleton Priest character to your map, simply place this tiles005.art file in your main sw/swp folder. Now you may build a map with this enemy in it. He is Tile#1367.



Learning The SW Build Editor
Steffen Itterheim
166 Detailed FAQ from 1997. Apparently this was suppose to be included on the SW CD, but never was.



Making the Gong
1.09 The gong is a pretty cool effect to have in your map. It just looks like a decoration, until you shoot or hit it, then it makes a loud "GONG" sound. It's pretty easy to make, but you have to have the TAGs exactly right...



Usermaps in SW Shareware
992 How to use usermaps in SW Shareware v1.1.
Make Shareware Shadow Warrior levels with Duke1.3's BUILD.

Anyone that has Build for Duke Nukem 3D 1.3 can make Shadow Warrior Levels!



Viper7 SW BUILD How To's
29.7 Many FAQs bundle together.



Copy and Paste
John Carto
1.32 how to copy & paste sectors for use in divable water, room over room, etc.



Babtech SW Build Tutorial
Bruce A. Benko
1.97M Extensive FAQ's. Includes many maps.



Vehicle "how to"
Yves Bresson
7.25 1.draw your vehicle. In this example the vehicle's
walls are in YELLOW so you can see them more clearly.
The vehicle's top is north (up) on the picture.
Your vehicle CAN NOT use more than 30 sectors.

2.draw a box around your vehicle, this box must link to
NO OTHER WALLS. This "outer box" is in DARK RED on the
picture and is pointed by a GREEN arrow.

3.one of your "outer box" wall MUST...

Includes: A BUILD Image example



Make a Drivable Tank
Cougan Collins
17 Ok this is what I have for you on making a tank. The drawing below is just a simple diagram on how to make a basic tank. You of course will want to add more lines to give your tank a better look than just a box shape. All the numbers are explained below this diagram. You have to know a little bit about build in order to understand this.
Room Over Room Template Map
13 This is only a template for those who cannot or do not
know how to create the sector over sector effect correctly.
I used five rooms connected by elaborate hallways and in
each room uses a different use of the room over room
Room A A: Normal Transparent Water Effect
Room A B: Sector Over Sector with sectors on the top
    floor which you can see from the bottom floor.
Room A C: Normal Sector Over Sector Effect with two holes.
Room A D: Transparent Water with a box on the top floor.
    (Notice how the box disappears when moving away
    from the sector you dived into the water? You
    can ONLY see stuff on top from bottom in the
    sector with the floor mirror texture. So create
    you sectors accordingly)
Room A E: Sector Over Sector connecting to a distant
    area also more sectors on top floor with End-
    -Button. (You cannot see the other floor mirror
    texture when in the opposite floor mirror
    texture sector. So make them a fair distance

Includes: Map



Ambience Help Map
Charlie Wiederhold
56 This is simply a rather handy little map so you
can hear the ambience effects in Shadow Warrior.
I put in all numbers 0-82, even though there are
many that don't match up to any sound at all.
Some sounds (thunder, etc) happen to carry over
through almost the entire map, so don't be thrown
off if you hear the thunder ambience in the
background of the other ambience areas. Also,
some of them may be loud enough to carry to the
room next to them, so listen carefully. However,
for the most part it is easy to use, and very
very handy when trying to pick exactly what sounds
you want in your map. We use it hear at Sunstorm
Interactive, and hope you can put it to use too.



5 Mini Faq. The author put all his forum examples into one file.
U/D Door Sprite 92,#
S Slide Door 145,#
Swing Door 143,#
CTF Setup The Flag Sprite# 2520
Room over Room
Water Sprite 7,#
Teleport Sprite 84,#
Ladder Sprite 30,0
Player Start Multi 42,#
Ambient Sounds 1002,#
TouchPlate Sector Tag
Card Switch Sprite #,29
Spawn Sprite 149,#
Wall Cracks Sprite picnum=80
Texture Locations
Lighting Effects



Shadow Warrior Ambient Sounds
3 Txt and HTML



Map Editing FAQ for Shadow Warrior - v1.5
Jonah Bishop
72 A huge faq book with many examples. Includes many maps.



Build Help
Brett Anderson
9 -This .TXT file and the accompanying .MAP file should help those of you who are having trouble building boats or other vehicles in Shadow Warrior.

-This .TXT file and the accompanying .MAP file
should help those of you who are having trouble
building turrets in Shadow Warrior.

Includes: Maps



3 A drivable boat on divable water. This is a tutorial map for making Drivable boats on divable water. Includes: Map


2 A drivable boat on TRANSPARENT divable water. This is a tutorial map for making Drivable boats on transparent divable water. Includes: Map


Shadow Warrior Levels Name List
Ben Smit
786 Gives title of level as well as file name and midi played.



Sprite Tagging Reference
35 Lengthy FAQ