swarrior-frontends   Version 9-18-2014   Release 4  8F/ 1.61M    (c) RTCM Corvin

Shadow Warrior Frontends and Launchers

Also see general-frontends for more Shadow Warrior combined frontends.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
33.5 Map Browser and BUILD Launcher.

When EDIT is selected there's a check that sees if the ART is present in the SW folder.
If not, it checks if KEXTRACT is available and if so, extract the tiles and then runs BUILD.



128 for Shadow Warrior

note: Need VB 4.0 runtime modules.



Shadow Warrior Menu System v1.0
Brad Cormier
1 for Shadow Warrior



Play SW Batch
1 for Shadow Warrior



GoWang v1.5
Ben Smit
18 Shadow Warrior and Build Launch

GoWang can hold up to 456 maps in the MAPS directory -
133 maps and 76 Batch files in the BUILD/SW directory



KaMiKaZe v1.3
Lars Heimann, Markus Ansmann
40 * can be placed in any directory (does not have to be the SW-Directory)

* all options are saved in a seperate file (remembers last usermap etc.)
* usermaps can be launched from any directory (or directly from a Level-CD)
* can show up to 384 usermaps at once in a sorted list
* quickly find a Map by pressing its initial letter
* choose from a list of all resolutions your video card supports
* a variety of options:
skill, playername, number of players, socketnumber, multiplayer type, original map warping, usermap selection, toggle monsters, toggle demo, change resolution, edit textmacros, launch external program (e.g.: BUILD)
* if external program is BUILD.EXE (that's what I added this for),
BUILD is automatically launched with the selected usermap to be edited => therefore you can easily switch between editing and playtesting a map

* you can send and receive Maps using IPX without leaving KaMiKaZe
* you can enter comments for each usermap (description/rating)
=> these comments will be stored in KAMIKAZE.DSC in the KaMiKaZe-Dir
* can show you maps in a 2D-Preview 640x480 (like in Build)
* you will be warned if a map is corrupted or not made for
Shadow Warrior to avoid crashes
* you can add commandline-parameters to KAMIKAZE.EXE, which are automatically passed to SW.EXE (SW3DFX.EXE) or COMMIT.EXE
* can show statistical information about a usermap (weapons,enemies etc.)
* you can launch Multiplayer games easily => Network or Modem/Serial
* support for the 3Dfx Version of Shadow Warrior
(to be activated in the 'Change Resolution' screen)



Shuriken v1.20
Joe Wilcox / Simply Silly Software
1.14M for shadow warrior



Ultra Shadow Warrior Starter 4.0
263 A unique program designed for use with Shadow Warrior Shareware and Registered Version. It allows you to execute Shadow Warrior with almost all of the options possible built into the Shadow Warrior engine.