swarrior-novelty   Version 7-05-2014   Release 2  7F/ 478KB  (c) RTCM Corvin

Shadow Warrior Novelty



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
UnOfficial Shadow Warrior Font
Jeff Nelson
30 This is a True Type Font.



Shadow Warrior Animated Cursors
4 2 cursors


Shadow Warrior Icons!
Brad Cormier
2.97 9 256 Colour Icons



SW Stuff
14 three animating cursors and one icon



Shadow Warrior Win95 Startup Logo
Dan Walma
26 A Windows 95 Start Up Logo with Lo Wang


Tempest's Shadow Warrior Desktop Theme for Windows 95
242 Desktop theme for use with Win95 and Microsoft's Plus! Pack.



unofficial Shadow Warrior Microsoft PLUS! Theme.
Ben Ruoff
161 All the sounds where extracted from the shareware version and some of the graphics. The other graphics I drew which include; the my computer icon, the waiting ani, and the pointer cursor.