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Shadow Warrior BUILD Game patches.

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Note: For 3DFX Glide wrappers see general-tools-dosxp page for downloads. They allow you to use the 3DFX patch without a Voodoo Video Card.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Shareware  v1.0   to  v1.1
Joe Siegler /3DRealms
3.1M v1.0 to v1.1 Shareware Patch (3499k)

sw11swpt.zip   Runtime error has been fixed.


Shareware  v1.1   to  v1.2
Joe Siegler /3DRealms
1M v1.1 to v1.2 Shareware Patch (1100k)



Registered Parental Unlock
Joe Siegler /3DRealms
332 v1.2 Registered Parental Lock Patch (331k)

sw12pl.zip  or  SW12PL.EXE(GT)
This program will modify the Shadow Warrior registered v1.2
PARENTAL LOCK version, and change it to the "regular" version
of the program, restoring all of the blood and gore that was removed from the Special Edition version of the game.


UK Restricted Unlock
Joe Siegler /3DRealms
379 v1.2 Registered UK "Darts" Patch (378k)

This is a patch that will update a registered
copy of Shadow Warrior v1.2 UK Restricted
version, and turn it back into the "regular"
US Version.



Dart Art patch
Andrew Huppatz
153 Darts art patch for Shadow Warrior US Release replaces the ninja star art with darts . I did not make the art , it was already in shadow warrior all I did was copy onto the ninja start art . 3DRealms made the art !
To play run darton this will back up allready in the directory and put on the dart art .Then just run shadow warrior . Once your done
playing with the dart run dartoff .

Note: Foreign Versions of SW use the DARTS while US Version uses the Stars.



Shadow Warrior "echo" crash patch (src inc)
Ken Silverman
7.63 SWSNDFX.EXE (5,634 bytes) (04/28/2000)

Disables Echo and Reverb sound effects for PCI snd card users.

supports ONLY version v1.2 (shareware) and v1.2 (registered) None of the 3dfx versions (DOSBox Emulators users do not require this)



PCI sound echo crash Fix
Joe Siegler /3DRealms
36 Patch for Shadow Warrior 1.2 to correct PCI sound card crash (35k)

This patch turns off echo and reverb sounds to prevent a game crash that occurs on most PCI sound cards.

You should only use this patch if you confirmed you are experiencing this type of crash.



Read the enclosed 3DFXREAD.TXT for further information.
SW 3DFX is much easier to launch than Blood's and has a few more fixes' too, hence version 1.1
*Please note that although Shadow Warrior only requires 16 MB of system RAM, you must have 32 MB of RAM in order to run the 3dfx version.* This patch was developed by 3dfx, and is not supported by 3dfx, GT Interactive, or 3D Realms. The 3dfx patch was designed for and tested with 3dfx Voodoo cards, and does not work properly with the Voodoo Rush, Voodoo2, Voodoo Banshee, or Voodoo3 chipsets.
See the RTCM Shadow Warrior and Blood 3DFX Online Documents for further instructions.


Shareware v1.2 3Dfx patch v1.1
Joe Siegler /3DRealms /3Dfx Interactive
1.71M 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Shareware Episode (1758k)



Registered v1.2 3Dfx patch v1.1
Joe Siegler /3DRealms /3Dfx Interactive
1.72M 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Registered CD (1764k)



Registered v1.2 Parental Lock 3Dfx patch v1.1
Joe Siegler /3DRealms /3Dfx Interactive
1.72M 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Registered Parental Lock (Wal-Mart) CD (1765k)



Registered v1.2 UK Shuriken 3Dfx patch v1.1
Joe Siegler /3DRealms /3Dfx Interactive
1.72M 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Registered UK (No Shuriken) CD (1766k)




This is the old outdated version. See 3Dfx v1.1 above for the last version available.


Shareware v1.2 3Dfx patch v1.0
Joe Siegler /3DRealms /3Dfx Interactive
1.64M 3Dfx patch for Shareware 1.2 Episode