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Shadow Warrior BUILD Game Shareware and Screenshots

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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
SW Alpha / Beta Pack
25.6M This material was being held for over three years (from well back from 2014) in the clutches of some of the games community members. (These members are known to have a mentality that they are "Gods gift to the Build Engine".) There was no sign of these betas ever being released to everyone openly.
So due to the effort of Robman of the popular Shadow Warrior Central website for contacting and connecting Frederik Schreiber of 3DRealms and Nigel of Devolver Digital to ask them to collaborate on the alpha/betas, to expedite their release. Thanks goes to those two guys. -Robman

This package has 10 pre CD releases:

4th released - Sept 16 1993
2nd released - May 23 1994
2nd released - Jan 15 1995
2nd released - Feb 10 1995
2nd released - Sept 08 1995
2nd released - Jun 11 1996
1st released - June 27 1996
3rd released - Aug 12 1996
2nd released - Nov 28 1996
1st released - April 04 1997 (.90)



Shadow Warrior  Shareware v1.0
12.2M The first Official Shareware version released. (notice not .99)
The Runtime Error in the installer is Fixed. -Corv



Shadow Warrior Shareware v1.1



Shadow Warrior Shareware v1.2
12.6M Final Shareware.



SW Shareware v1.0 Windows Installer
3DRealms, packed by PCGamer
14.2M This is just v1.0 Shareware packed in a custom PCGamer 16bit Windows Installer.
SWDEMO from PCGamer CD 3.5 Aug 1997.



10.2M A PDF



Early Screenshots and Concept Art
57.7M A collection of images.