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Shadow Warrior BUILD Game Tools

Also refer to the tool sections for Duke3D for related programs that work with Shadow Warrior.



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Art Pal
652 for use with ARTVIEW used to view SW tiles rather than Duke. The program will require that ARTVIEW.EXE and Shadow Warrior's PALETTE.DAT are in the current directory when ARTPAL.COM is run.



3Dfx Delete Utility
Joe Siegler / 3DR
2.06 This is a small DOS utility that will remove the 3Dfx generated program directories in your Shadow Warrior game. This is useful if you wish the game to regenerate the 3Dfx graphics for some reason. This is not a patch, nor does it add or remove any features. All it does is force the 3Dfx version of Shadow Warrior to regenerate the image files the next time you run the game.



Tile reference names for Build
Ben Smit
54 Make a backup of your NAMES.H file and copy all
the files from SWNAMES.ZIP to you Shadow Warrior

Now you can use NAMES.DAT as a text reference or
while you are building a map and need to know the
placement of a particular tile or sprite just
save your map then load NAMES.MAP look for the
tile number and then reload your map.


Name Editing - File Grouping and TC Adaption Program v6.3 (w/src)
Ben Smit / Proasm
207 Name Editing - File Grouping and TC Adaption Program v6.3

SwGroup -

Shadow Warrior does not utilize group .GRP files or allow you to change Episode, Level Titles or Map names, but now with SwGroup you can do just that. You can also change the Cheat codes, Skills, Inventory and Weapon names, re-direct some Tiles, set Weapon Strengths and ammo amounts. Make you own Fortune Cookie sayings and "Get" or "Need" key sayings. Some functions can also be disabled or enabled.

GroupLst - Group File listing
GroupLst is a utility that will list all the files in a group file, and create a text file named after the .GRP file in question with a. LST extension. The lengths of each file will also be given.

GroupLst will work with most .GRP files using the Build engine.

These files are allocated and catered for by Shadow Warrior
BUT the files do not actually exist and can be used by the
user for his/her own files along with the "Entry" number.

SwPxx - MyTc.Pxx View and Text color setup
This program is designed to aid you in checking the Text Selected
and Deselected "color" numbers required should require the Graphic
Frontend Launcher that comes with SwGroup.



Ben Smit / Proasm
1.29 This program will extract all the files out of a .GRP file that was
created using the old tool SwGroup in building Conversions for Shadow Warrior. Many SW TC's GRP files were grouped with SwGroup at the time and the normal Kextract and other GRP extraction programs will not work on extracting these files. In these cases you need SwGrpExt.


Make sure SWGRPEXT.COM is in the same folder as the .GRP file
Start - Run - SWGRPEXT.COM TheFileName.GRP



Lars Heimann
10.1 A Duke Nukem 3D to Shadow Warrior Map Converter.

It can be used to make any usermaps, which were build for Duke Nukem 3D (including those for the Atomic Edition), playable in Shadow Warrior.

To attain this, the textures of the sectors, walls and sprites
of the Duke Map must be replaced with textures from Shadow Warrior.


Due to the differences in creating effects in Duke Nukem 3D
and Shadow Warrior, this program just converts the architecture
of the map. Weapons, ammo and items and some textures are
replaced, too.
Things like doors, elevators, explosions or other kinds of
effects must be added by yourself after the conversion.
Sorry, but it would be real complicated to convert all
sector effectors and sector tags used in Duke Nukem 3D
to their refering ST1 sprites in Shadow Warrior.

If you use the included sample listfile, you will recognize, that
many textures of Duke Nukem 3D are replaced with the default texture.
If you have got the time and faith, you can write a more complete
listfile to get better conversion results.



SwMapper v18 - Name Editing - File grouping and Launch Program
Ben Smit
24 Shadow Warrior does not utilize group .GRP files or allow you to
change the Cheat Codes,Inventory or Weapon names, Quantity or
Strengths, but now with SwMapper you can do just that for that map you are making.

SwMapper will see to it that you map is 100% compatible with both
the two UK registered versions of Shadow Warrior.

When your Map executes it will take care of any duplicate files
in the folder and also "all" .ART .VOC and .KVX files for you.



Joris Weimar / 4th Dimension Software
47 Map Stuff 1.0 - Copyright(c)1997 by Joris Weimar
Usage: mapstuff <mapname> <oldmapname> <groupfile>
Example: mapstuff mymap.map $BULLET.MAP sw.grp

SEXTRACT 1.0, Copyright(c)1996 by 4th Dimension Software
Usage: SEXTRACT [switches] <group-file> [<filenames>...]
Wildcards are allowed in the filenames

Examples: SEXTRACT -l DUKE3D.GRP *.*


-l View files from group-file
-?, -h Display this help-screen (very usefull!)
-p Pause after each screen (only with -l switch)
-o Forces files to be overwritten when they already exist

Includes: An example batch file and three maps.


Joris Weimar /4th Dimension Software
23 An example batch file for extracting content from sw.grp


-Mapstuff v1.0
Usage: mapstuff <mapname> <oldmapname> <groupfile>

-Sextract v1.0
Usage: SEXTRACT [switches] <group-file> [<filenames>...]
Wildcards are allowed in the filenames