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Tekwar BUILD Game Novelty



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Tekwar MID
converted by -=MIRSOFT=-
127 The MIDI tunes were recorded from HMP tunes and converted to MIDs through the mid2text files. Because in original HMPs were the tunes more times (probably for more types of MIDI cards), I've chosen the tunes which sound best on AWE32 and converted them to MIDs using MIDI recording (HMP2MID tool didn't work well on these). Other HMPs sound mostly worse or crappy, and the tunes are the same as one converted; so in the MIDI should be the complete soundtrack.

Because I did not convert some duplicate tunes to the mids, I left here also original archive in HMP files, to see the original tunes, if necessary. Use WinAmp 2.X to play the HMPs. Numbers in the brackets of Mids correspond to numbers in these original HMPs.

Enjoy this cool music! :)