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Note: See witchaven-tools for proper unpack and repack of the games SOUNDS and SONGS files.
See blood-tools-artedit for Smacker (SMK) creation tool.
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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Tekwar BUILD Map Editor (src available)
Ken Silverman, Capstone
Compiled & Notes by oasiz
139 Compiled with watcom (not openwatcom) from the TekWar source snapshot from 1995. It's similar to 1.3d Duke's editor but has some more tiny bugs and lacks a few features.

Tekwar specific added features include sprite attribute editing to it, it's property editor uses a key combo.

Also during map load / save you will get extra status text that refers to the extension append/load.

Seems to be compatible with the regular build v6 map format, but has custom attributes; it appends it's own extensions during saving that contains various attributes for NPCs and such, including "Does this NPC drop an item X ?" "What is his behavior ?" etc..

This is for a custom map format v6 maps (w/sprite extensions) generated for TekWar.

BUILD.BAT Loads it like this: DOS4GW BUILD.EXE
NAMES.H Required for Editart and BUILD

Note: Unfortunately this editor doesn't seem to have a SETUP/BUILD.DAT file to configure the resolution.



TekWar BUILD Editor (src available)
Ken Silverman, Capstone
Compiled by Jonathon Fowler
170 The Resolution is set to 640x480 SVGA and runs normally.

Includes: NAMES.H



MapConv v0.3 (src inc)
Ken Silverman, conrad coldwood
63.2 here's a universal Build Map converter (supports v3 to v7, converts to any other version)

Beside that, it's just weird how the extra data chunk was meant to be a Map5 feature, which they scrapped in Map6. I suppose the TekWar structure is not the same as the Map5 one? -- every map loading code I've seen so far doesn't bother checking what could be located after the sprite table anyway... it shouldn't be such an issue to keep the extra data.

Sorry, last update (MapConv 0.3): now you can carry over extensions from one format to another, you can also dump the whole extension list to a script file that can be imported again later... but it's super tricky because EVERY extension in the table MUST be used, AND sprites can only call existing extensions (in short: only define what you need, nothing more, nothing less) -- tried with TekWar build, I don't have any Map5 extension so I'm not sure if it works properly or not.

All in all, it's probably not the most reliable thing on Earth and you'd rather stick with Oasiz' Build Editor.



Tekwar Specs
conrad coldwood
3.53 Very Technical specs on the map data and sprite extension for TekWar.



HMP (MIDI-Like format)
WinRipper v0.78 (src inc 0.73)
Peter Pawlowski
77.5 a tool that allows you to quickly extract music from TekWar (Witchaven, Witchaven II) Either outputs to HMP (original format) or convert to MIDI on the fly.

Note: TekWar, WH1 and WHII uses the HMI-Soundsystem January 31, 1995(HMIMIDIP013195) HMP format (v2).



Markus Hein
18.6 This is a first attempt to convert midi-files used by games with the HMI-Soundsystem. HMP2MID converts HMP-files to standard midi files (type 1). The program RIPHMP can be used to extract midi-songs in the HMP-format from games.



HMI2MID v1.0
Josef Drexler
8.63 Converts HMP and HMI to Mid.

HMI and HMP files are different versions of files for the Human Machine Interfaces driver suite. I had to make the conversion utility myself, so they results may not be as good as possible.



MIDI2TXT v1.14
Gnter Nagler
53.9 Possibly more control to correct the HMP to MIDI format. If tools fail to do it correctly or satisfactory.



Foobar 2000 MIDI Plugin
713 MIDI decoder 1.197, released on 2013-02-26

Plugs into Foobar2000 v1.1 or newer to playback MIDI-Like format: HMP

Adds decoding support for General MIDI files (.MID, .KAR) and RIFF MIDI files (.RMI) as well as several proprietary MIDI formats (.MIDS, .MDS, .HMI, .HMP, .MUS, .XMI, .LDS).



Peter Pawlowski / Team
3.54M Sound Player for MIDI(HMP) plugin listed above.



Human Machine Interface Inc.
355 Example Sound Setup Program. This is an updated SOS setup, not sure if you can just drop it into your game folder.

Sound Operating System, their middleware library for audio playback. Developed by the now-defunct Human Machine Interface Inc. company. HMI Inc. Developed an earlier midi variant, called HMP, which went through one revision before being succeeded by the HMI format.

The source code: SET40SRC.ZIP  DOS 640K 7/25/96 wasn't available for download. http://www.humanmachine.com/dev.htm You can find modified src in the game snapshot however. Corridor 8 also has v4.0 modified src.



Human Machine Interface Inc.
173 Sound Operating System Docs/Help
DOS(Watcom9/10, Borland4.5) 10/29/96

Tekwar and WH1/WH2 digital sounds use RAW dump unsigned 8 bit PCM, mono, and 11025 for the sample rate.



TEKWAR +7 Trainer 10-22-95
1.88 Place in your TEKWAR game folder, then run.

The options:

Unlimited Energy
All Weapons & Unlimited Ammo
Enable Redkey
Enable Bluekey
Enable AccuTrak
Matrix always open
Unlimited Consciousness



TEKWAR +7 Trainer 10-23-97
1.91 Place in your TEKWAR game folder, then run.

The options:

Unlimited Energy
All Weapons & Unlimited Ammo
Enable Redkey
Enable Bluekey
Enable AccuTrak
Matrix always open
Unlimited Consciousness