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Witchaven 1 and Witchaven II FAQS



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
1 Witchaven 1 Tag List (from WH1 source code file)



WH2 BUILD Editor Help
Richard Henning / Capstone
11.8 Witchaven II BUILD Editor Info, (extracted text from WH2 README.TXT)



WH2 BUILD Editor Help PDF
Richard Henning / Capstone
3.67M Witchaven II BUILD Editor Info, (extracted pdf from WH2 Manual)



Witchaven 1 Save Game Hex Edits 355 Start a game and then save it in slot 1 Use your hex editor and open svgno.dat Edit below for cheats... -more-



Witchaven 1 Save Game Offsets 1.94
Patch to have more energy To increase energy, it is necessary to publish safeguard SVGN0.DAT with sector 000, displacement 325, 326 and 327. Replace the 3 values by FF.

Cheat mode

Press initially on the Backspace key, then type:
SCOOTER All weapons
MOMMY the magic will not be to you unknown any more
WANGO All keys RSVP Suicide IDKFA Suicide
RAMBO Suicide Enter code

SDFVPR to have all the weapons, all the flasks filled and 100% with energy. It seems that this code functions only on the Shareware version of the play.

Also test code RKANESVP to have all the weapons, potions, and a maximum of experiment.
Patchs in all kinds on the safeguards To use the following patchs, safeguard a part in the first site, and then will publish the file site SVGN0.DTA.


NAME Hexa Dec. To write Effect


Armour 333d 14Dh FFFF 65535 in armour
Experiment 321d 141h FFFF 65535 in experiment
Level 317d 13Dh 09 Level 9 of experiment


Fist 65d 41h 01 You have the fist
Dague 69d 45h 01 You have the scraping-knife
Masse 73d 49h 01 You have the mass
Arc 77d 4Dh 01 You have the arc
Epée 81d 51h 01 You have the sword