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Witchaven BUILD Game - Shareware and Resources

Several versions of the Witchaven demo exist. There don't appear to be differences between the .MAP and .ART files in the demo versions except for the 3-Level CD preview version, and I am not sure of the exact .EXE differences. 

 The Witchaven demo came out (whaven.zip or wh1.zip, wh2.zip, & wh3.zip, if you like your demos in small chunks).

All demo versions of the game are limited to the first three levels and most appear to be based on a beta version of the game, using older versions of some graphics and other data, as well as different game rules. The exception is the 3-Level Interactive Preview which is a cut-down version of the retail release with the same data and rules.

A few noticeable differences in the "beta demos" include:

  • Several differences in level 1, including an ocean view from the starting area, lava cracks that don't appear until you step on them, the entrance to the waterfall room is secret rather than a marked door, waterfall room contains a dagger and hero time (where final version contains a morning star and leather armor), and a dragon appears where the lava fiend would later go.
  • Sword clanging sounds play for each letter typed in the save game screen.
  • Some sound effects were different, including the fireball launching and floor/ceiling movement sounds.
  • Start with fists only, no dagger (true for July 18 version at least).
  • Short sword didn't exist, all weapons above the dagger shifted down one number.
  • Armor boosting potion instead of cure poison potion (July 18 and July 21 versions).
  • Slightly different version of the menu graphics.
  • No keys; the location in level 2 where a key would appear has a dagger instead and the locked door is remotely triggered
  • Gore effect generates more splatters compared to retail (true for July 31 version at least).




Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Witchaven Demo (first release)
Capstone Software / IntraCorp Entertainment Inc.
6.36M Witchaven I Playable shareware v0.1

462,319 bytes
CRC32: 9DA4D317

The Gamedata is the identical as the second released demo.

-With graphical config utility.
-Appears on Computer Things branded floppy disk release (appears to have been a shareware floppy distributor).



Witchaven Demo (second release)
Capstone Software / IntraCorp Entertainment Inc.
6.37M Witchaven I Playable shareware v0.1

510,091 bytes
CRC32: C71C348F

The Gamedata is the identical as the first released demo.

-With graphical config utility.
-Appears on the "TEKWARS" demo CD of Tekwar and Witchaven from Powersource Multimedia.

Note: Be sure to grab the last official WH1 Demo patch in the witchaven-patches download section for the latest (7-31-1995) demo update.



Witchaven 3 Level Interactive Preview ISO
Capstone Software / IntraCorp Entertainment Inc. / LaserSoft
52.3M Witchaven I Playable Shareware v1.0
Contains full art and SMK video file with 3 registered levels.

695,457 bytes

This is the CD ISO.

-Unlike the other demos, this version includes a CD-check, intro cinematic, short sword, and the levels are their final versions.

Includes: Text Readme Manual.



Witchaven User Manual
4.38M A PDF



Witchaven II User Manual
8.17M A PDF



Witchaven II Keys and Install Cards
513 A PDF



Intracorp Capstone Newsgroup Talk
12 Talk mostly about Witchaven and its demo.



Early Screenshots and Concept Art
2.83M Collection v5-12-2015