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WWII GI BUILD Game - Miscellaneous FAQs



Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Saettler's WW2GI Info 02/18/99
Matt Saettler
5.90 WW2GI enhancements over Duke3D1.5
CONtrol descriptive.



WW2 GI Map Building FAQ v1.1 (April 29th 1999)
Tuco, TNT
16 This document helps you to build maps for WW2 GI. For this you need the game WW2 GI and a map editor called BUILD which comes with the game Duke Nukem 3D. This is the information about using pickups, enemies and other features in WW2 GI.



WW2 GI FAQ and Game Hints 97-99
GT Interactive
14 An old GT Help Doc.



9.99 (RTF)



WW2GI Tech
Infogrames Support
15 An old Tech Doc, based on Joe Siegler's