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WWII GI BUILD Game  - Player Maps

S/Single, G/Grunt Match, CTF/Capture The Flag , FT/Fire Team, C/Co-op



Filename and author Size (kb) S/G/CTF/FT/C Description
58.2 S  



The Battle of Somme
Nick A. Reed
4.48 S The Battle Of Somme map is suppost to represent the famous battle on July, 1 1916.



9.76 S  



Ford Prefect
38 S Hike to the Sea



Die SS
Sir Spankalot
19.7 S/C/G  



Nipper's WW2GI map pack
Nathaniel Miller
105 S includes 5 maps : Iwojima, Myroom, Tarawa, Town, and SPR6 .



The Monastery
35.5 S This map is based in medieval Europe in a monastery.
The monks have left for fear of the coming battle.
It is an outdoor level with a moat and 3-story castle.
Lots of exploding walls.



11 S  



10.2 S  



63.9 S  



21.4 S  



1942 Bridge
13 S  



26.6 S  



Tale of Two Towns
Will Brosnahan
84 S You and your platoon have just taken over a town somewhere in France,
the German's have retreated to a town just south of your present
location. The town happens to be a German stronghold where many of
there leaders are located. Your job is to take over the German
stronghold and kill the German officers, and just for fun all the other
soldiers that attempt to stop you.



17 S Your mission is to assassinate Heinrich Himmler without Himmler, Hitler will be lost, and the war will be over. We just recieved word that a very important general is at Himmler's bunker. Assassinate him too. You will be dropped off by a transport, find the bunker kill'em and radio us to get picked up.



The Big Jump
Don Dimitrios
75 S/C You and you buddies are a reinforcement jump for the 101st. Unfortunately, your plane was forced off-course by flak and your "stick" was scattered all over hell and gone. All you know is that now you are on the wrong side of the river and your pals are somewhere beyond the woods on the other side. Find them. Good luck !



7 S/C




Castle Von Graf Stettler
Ford Prefect
29 S Take the Castle Von Graf Stettler



7 S




Hill 210
Joel Youngblood
12 S A map I originally made for the ilfated Pacific Front TC. Enjoy it, and ignore several funny things (Mp-40's at the starting place, a officer that delivers the breifing from E1L4)



The Road to Mina
Ford Prefect
20 S/G/C Follow the road.



Ommaha beach
15 S  



The Rail Road
Ford Prefect
68 S/C Follow the rail road



SS Headquarters
32 S Can you Escape the highly guarded SS HQ and link up
with an American Airborne Group? Good Luck,The Germans
have been massing there forces here in preparation for
the Allied invasion!

1) Escape from the SS Headquarters building
2) Locate an American Airborne Platoon



Utah Beach
60 S Well, it's D-Day and you're on Utah Beach. You know what to expect.



The V2 Bunker
31 S The Germans are building a giant bunker for V2-rockets. Destroy the ammunition and kill all the commanders of the bunker.



A day on the Town
Don Dimitrios
58 G This is a GIMatch free for all. One building was copied from the original GI Levels, the rest were scratch built. This level (sans weapons and starting points) is meant to mate up with another level currently under design called Hill1 to make a much larger level. It follows a 32x32 build grid, height, floor/ceiling standard and I'll keep track of unique tags used in each map so that there are no conflicts when pasting the maps or when you add them or portions of them to your own maps. Also, I'll keep a tally of how much build resources a map uses. (This one map takes up about half the allowed sectors and lines) so that you don't create an unplayable "monster" map.



Base Canyon
17   GI Match 2-8 Player : Yes- 4 players recommened, 8 gets a bit crowded, but good for CTF CTF 2-8 Player : Yes- you only need to go in the teleporters ONCE.



Free for all at the Farm
Don Dimitrios
23 G This is a GIMatch free for all. The trucks were copied from the game maps, but the rest is all original. Its been LAN tested with 5 players. Have a killing good time !



9 S  



14 G  



11 S  



8 S