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cstat <number>

A bitfield for how to draw an actor, as well as a few flags for interaction. Add all together all wanted flag values, and use that as <number>. Similarly, you can set the value to 0 to disable everything listed below.

Cstat is available for sprite structs and for wall structs. See cstat(wall).

Flag values for sprite cstat are:

1 - Make sprite blockable
2 - Make sprite transparent
4 - Flip sprite around x-axis
8 - Flip sprite around y-axis
16 - Draw sprite as vertically flat (wall aligned)
32 - Draw sprite as horizontally flat (floor aligned)
64 - Make sprite one sided
128 - Half submerged
256 - Make sprite able to be hit by weapons
512 - Second transparency level (combine with cstat 2)
1024 - Sprite will take priority being drawn over other sprites (may be subject to change)
2048 - Sprite will not be forced to take shade of sector
8192 - Sprite will not cast a Polymer shadow
16384 - Sprite will be invisible but will still cast a Polymer shadow
32768 - Invisible

Also see cstator.