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This page documents the environment variables that affect EDuke32's or Mapster32's execution. They're likely to be only of interest to users of Unix-like OSes.

  • BUILD_LOGSTDOUT: if set to "TRUE", write standard output and error streams to stdout.txt.
  • SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS: can be "center" for starting with a screen-centered window. Combined with asking the windowing system to not draw window decorators, this can be used to emulate full screen mode (since real 8-bit fullscreen may be unavailable).
  • EDUKE32_MUSIC_CMD: an external command to play back MIDI music. It should accept a MIDI file after the command. For example, with an SB Live, you would do asfxload <some soundfont> and could set the variable to "pmidi -p17:0".