Acquiring the EDuke32 Source Code

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EDuke32 Distribution

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Building from source on: Linux · Windows · Mac OS X



It is recommended that you download the latest version from the EDuke32 Subversion (SVN) Repository.

Download and install a Subversion client, if applicable. On Windows, here are some examples:

Run the following command:

svn checkout eduke32

NOTE: For links, if you intend to commit to the SVN and you have an account, use HTTPS, but if you are going to anonymously download the data, use HTTP.


If you are a developer who would rather use Git as a front-end, this is possible with the use of Git-SVN but checking out the repository takes an exceedingly long time so it is only recommended if you make long successive series of unrelated patches. See here for more information about how to use Git-SVN.

Here are Windows examples of Git clients:

  • Git for Windows is recommended.
  • TortoiseGit also exists but it suffers from ambiguity resulting from trying to be too much like SVN.

This is the command to run:

git svn clone

See the note about HTTPS vs. HTTP above.


Daily source tarballs are generated from the Subversion repository but they do not include metadata and Photoshop files for the purpose of saving space.

Old and older versions are also available but any use of them is highly discouraged.