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The Build tools are sub-components of EDuke32 and the BUILD Engine that assist the user in various editing functions. Their source code can be found in the eduke32/build/src/util/ and eduke32/source/util/ directories of the repository or packages.

Command-Line Executables

Windows binaries of the executables can be found here:

To build them yourself, see the relevant information to set up the compiler. Type make followed by the name of the group of tool you want to build.

Note that the tools at the bottom of the list are separated due to cross-platform incompatibilities, and they may require specification of certain variables to the Makefile such as DXROOT_OVERRIDE.

Tool Name Main Author Side Group Description
kextract Ken Silverman engine utils extracts data from GRP "group files"
kgroup Ken Silverman engine utils creates GRP "group files" out of specified files
transpal Ken Silverman engine utils generates shading/translucence tables from a palette
wad2art Ken Silverman engine utils novelty utility for converting Doom art resources in WAD files to BUILD ART files, PALETTE.DAT, and NAMES.H
wad2map Ken Silverman engine utils novelty utility for converting Doom level maps in WAD files to BUILD map files
kmd2tool Ken Silverman engine utils translates MD2 models along the z axis (zoffset)
md2tool Helixhorned engine utils query MD2 model info or change the scale/translate fields so that desired bounds are produced
generateicon JonoF engine utils converts images (.ico? .bmp?) to .c files for the purpose of being embedded as icons in SDL executables
cacheinfo JonoF engine utils engine cache information tool; scans all files in current directory
arttool JonoF, Hendricks266 engine utils constructs all attributes of ART files and can import art tiles in PCX and TGA formats
givedepth JonoF engine utils transforms a single image from an ART tile into a voxel with the image layered to a specified depth
mkpalette JonoF engine utils inputs simple color ranges in HSV format and automatically generates a palette with shade steps
unpackssi JonoF engine utils unpacks the SSI files employed to hold the data of Sunstorm Interactive expansion packs
bsuite JonoF, Hendricks266 engine utils "Build Customization Suite", imports and extracts game palettes
ivfrate Helixhorned game utils gets and sets the FPS of .ivf (VP8) files
enumdisplay JonoF engine dxutils Windows-only; enumerates all available display modes to enumdisplay.txt by default
getdxdidf JonoF engine dxutils Windows-only; enumerates available inputs, from keyboard, mouse, and joystick to didf.txt
makesdlkeytrans JonoF engine sdlutils SDL-only; builds a key translation table for compatibility purposes

Bash Scripts

Tool Name Main Author Description Helixhorned find wrongly-cased file names in defs (and cons hackishly) and optionally replace them with the proper names

Python Scripts

Tool Name Main Author Description Plagman ASE importer for Blender 2.4x Plagman MD3 exporter for Blender 2.4x Plagman simplistic highpallookup generator using only math and the TGA data Helixhorned slightly more complex highpallookup generator requiring Python 2.6, NumPy and PIL