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music <volume> <level 1> [level 2] [level 3] [level 4] [level 5] ... [level MAXLEVELS]

Defines a list of music files to be designated as the background music for individual levels, in sequence for a single episode.


<volume> is a number indicating which episode the list is for. Note that unlike all other uses of this number, such as VOLUME and volume_number, counting actually starts at 1.

<level X> is a path to a music file for the game to play. Level entries do not need to continue all the way to MAXLEVELS.

The supported formats for music are MIDI, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC.


// episode 1, levels one through four
music 1 E1M1.mid E1M2.ogg E1M3.flac E1M4.mid

Volume 0

A music entry with <volume> 0 is a special list of music files (maximum length: 8) with specific roles outside normal level music:

  1. "Intro" (Title Screen / Main Menu)
  2. "Briefing" (Episode 4 Prologue Cinematic)
  3. "Loading"

Entries four through eight are reserved by EDuke32 for future use.


music 0 grabbag.mid briefing.mid


Due to the one-shot nature of the music CON command it may be desirable to use the music def command if you want to avoid defining music for a level, or something potentially annoying like music for the loading screen.