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This page is an exhaustive listing of the 8-bit palette swaps in Duke Nukem 3D.

The data controlling them can be found and modified in the palette data files.

Colors of the base palette

The following plot shows the red, green and blue color intensities of Duke3D's base palette on a 0--1 scale. Base palette colors

It can be seen that it contains six ramps (sequences in which R, G and B all increase monotonically) of 32 colors, three blocks of 16 colors (two of which are ramps), and 16 remaining fullbright colors. Rearranging consecutive blocks of 16 colors by the permutation [0 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 13 10 11 12 9 14 15] makes this stand out more clearly: Rearranged base palette colors

Global Palettes

For use with setgamepalette:

ID Palette Image
0 Normal Pala.png
1 Underwater Palb.png
2 Night Vision Goggles
Submersible Slime
3 3D Realms Logo (changed in v1.4). v1.3D v1.4+
4 Title Screen Pald.png
5 Episode 1 Ending Palg.png
6 Temporary slot for self-contained ANM palettes. Example provided is LOGO.ANM. Palh.png

Palette Swaps

For use with spritepal, pal, et cetera:

ID Image Effect Description
Pala.png Normal Default color
Player 1 (ID 9)
1 Pal1.png All blue Frozen creatures
Unavailable menu option
Blue lights
2 Pal2.png All red Blood pool
Red lights
4 Pal4.png Full black (including fullbrights) Shadows
5 Pal5.png Red to brown Brown Team (Duke-Tag) Exit Level Nuke
6 Pal6.png All reverse green Night Vision Goggles heat
Protozoid Slimer, Protector Drone, and Alien Queen gibs
7 Pal7.png All yellow Slime splash, FECES puddle
Yellow/Brown lights
8 Pal8.png All green Green lights
10 Pal10.png Blue to dark red Player 2
Pal11.png Blue to green Player 3 (ID 11)
Assault Trooper (ID 22)
Pal12.png Blue to gray Player 4 (ID 12)
13 Pal13.png Blue and red to dark gray Player 5
14 Pal14.png Blue and red to dark green Player 6
Secret Exit Level Nuke
15 Pal15.png Blue to brown Player 7
16 Pal16.png Blue to dark blue Player 8
17 Pal17.png Brown, green, orange and purple to blue
Blue to green
19 Pal19.png Brown, green, orange and purple to red
Blue to green
20 Pal20.png Brown, green, orange and purple to blue
Blue to gray
21 Pal21.png Blue to red Red Key Card
Assault Captain
Battlelord Sentry
23 Pal23.png Blue to yellow Yellow Key Card
24 Pal24.png Gray to red
Red to gray
25 Pal25.png Green to red

Fog Palettes

EDuke32 includes four fog palettes starting at palette index 26.

Note that lookup.dat can be modified to support more than 25 palette remaps for 8-bit sprites; in this case, the included fog palettes start wherever the first unused palette position is. For example, a modified copy of lookup.dat with 30 remaps instead of 25 would result in the fog palettes occupying indexes 31, 32, 33, and 34 instead of 26, 27, 28, and 29.

They are:

fogpal 26 63 63 63
fogpal 27 63 0 0
fogpal 28 0 63 0
fogpal 29 0 0 63

This gives the fog colors of white (26), red (27), green (28) and blue (29).

Empty Slots

All empty palette swaps, including those without fog palettes, default to pal 0.

If you are using defs to add additional skins or variations to empty palette slots of a model or texture which do not correspond to any palette swap, or fog palettes, it is very highly recommended to begin the indices for your custom variations at palette value #133. This is because modified LOOKUP.DAT and PALETTE.DAT files such as ExtCLUT can contain up to 128 palette entries. These additional values may conflict with your custom feature. The extra four spaces are to account for the predefined fogpals explained above.