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sizeat <xrepeat> <yrepeat>

Like sizeto, but instantaneous. The default sprite size is 64 64.

Actors with xrepeat or yrepeat of zero are deleted. A sizeat 0 0 is the same as killit.


The default size of most enemy actors is 40 40. Exceptions are SHARK, TANK (60 60) and bosses (80 80).

Changing these values in actor APLAYER (default size: 42 36) will modify the player's view. This happens because the game is hard-coded to assume that a smaller APLAYER has been shrunk while a larger APLAYER has been "microwaved" by the Expander weapon. In this case:

  • Setting a lower xrepeat will replace the player's weapon with two fists.
  • Setting a lower yrepeat will set the view at a low angle and prevent the player from jumping.
  • Setting a higher xrepeat or yrepeat results in increasing the field of view.