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Listed on this page are Duke Nukem 3D TC's and Episodes. They are for Duke Nukem 3D (v1.3D) and Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (v1.4/1.5). These pages will be updated as I find more TC's/Episodes to review from the RTCM download sections. Each TC has it's own page, just click on the name of the TC on the navigation bar below.

Help Page
00 Duke Demo
25th Century Duke
666 v1.8
Action Duke Nukem 3D Demo
ADG Episode
Age of Evil
Alien Extermination
Alien Infiltration
Alien Invasion
The Alien Remains Demo 0.1
Aliens 2.0 Map Pack
Aliens Revenge
Alien Trilogy
Alien Versus Predator
Alien Versus Predator 2 TC
All 4 One Map Pak
American Assault
Anarchy City Map Pak
Anniversary Episode (Duke is Ten)
Aqua Map Pak
Armageddon 2: Strength Beyound Strength
Armageddon: Gang Wars
Army Of Death
Artic Wolf Demo
The Asteroid
AVD-Aliens VS Duke TC Demo
Battle It Out In Birmingham
Billy Boy's Map Pak
Bishop Map Pak
Black Bag OPS: Demo
Borg Nukem
Bounty Killers Demo v1.0
The Brave New World
Brute Force: Alaskian Dawn Demo
Canadian Carnage
Castle Dukenstein
Cinema Walker TC
City Terror Gold Edition
Clay Birdie Mini-Mod
Cool Gunz Mod
Coolio TC Demo
Cranium Pak Map Pak
Critical Mass
Dark Castle 1
Desert Storm
Doom 2 for Duke Nukem
Duke 1999/2000 TC
Duke 2000: The Space Invasion
Duke 3D Forever
Duke Arena Beta Demo
Duke City
Duke Cop 2.5 Mod
Duke Dependance Day
Duke In Black
Duke It Out In DC Demo
Duke It Out In New York
Duke It's Zero Hour
Duke Los Angeles
Duke Meets Doom
Duke Nukem 3D Aliens Mod
Duke Nukem 3D Capture The Flag v1.2
Duke Nukem 3D eXTREME beta 2
Duke Nukem Army TC v1.0
Duke Nukem: Atomic Heretic v.1.4
Duke Nukem CTF !EXTREME! v0.9
Duke Nukem In Denmark
Duke Nukem In Russia
Duke Nukem Is 007 Map Pak
Duke Nukem Navy Seals Weapon Patch Final v1.1
The Duke Nukem Paintball 2 TC
Duke Nukem Payback Time
Duke Nukem: The Ultimatum
Duke Nukem Unleashed Map Pak
Duke's Revenge
Dukerminator 3D
Duke Smurfem 3D Mod
Duke's Snowy Adventure II: Stolen Weapons
Duke Trek 3D: A Star Trek TC Beta 1.5 Demo
Duke's Vacation
Duke VR
DukeWar Mod
Dukey Nukem 3D
Duke Tournament
Earthbound Preview: Beta Station Demo
Episode Four: The Final Fight
Escape From Outer Space Demo
Escape From The Empire Demo
Evil Incarnate Demo
Evolution of E Map Pak
Extreme Justice
Eye Of Cul Episode
Fallout TC Demo
Far Beyond Duked: Another Chapter
Fight The Future
Final Battle
The Final Confrontation
The Final Missions
First Gunz Mod
From The Wing Of A Plane
Funky Stuff Beta 0.31 Mod
The Gate
Global Meltdown
God of War
Grins of Divinity
Grunge Trilogy
Haunt Pak Map Pak
I Duke-2 Mod
Imagination World v1.1
Incubation: Alien Apocalypse
Industrial Complex
Indy Tour
Inferno 3D TC
Infinity: Secrets of the Acropolis
A Jedi's Quest TC
J.J. Duke Nukem 3D
Julian Smith Map Pak
Last Reaction and Water Bases
Last Man Standing TC
The Legacy TC
LithDuke v0.2
The Lost Duke Episodes v2.0
Lost Highway
Maarten's Crucial Conflict
Majestic 12: Survive The Horror Demo
MajikDuke Map Pak
Math-Pak: Lunar Apocalypse
Megabyte Zone
Merc: Fatal Reality
Merc 2
MIC Episode
The Military Base Map Pak
The Mission Demo
Mission Impossible TC Demo
Moonbase Accident
Mor War v2.0
MP's Crucial Conflict Map Pak
MSSP Episode v3.0
Murder: The EDF Conspiracy
Mystique: Ages in Time
Neil's Zone
New Maps 3D
New World Demo
New York Rebellion and Orbital Oblivion
New World 3 TC v1.6
NIB: The Nightmare Edition
Nuclear Pak
Nuke The Bastards
Operation Xenocide
Orbital 2
Orion Prime Demo
Oxidum Demo
Pacifist's Lost Episode
Park Demo
Penthouse Paradise
The Phantom Menace TC Demo
Pigs And Brains
Plunder and Pillage Demo
Pray Your Prayers
Predator Futurewar
Predator TC: Dark Hunt Demo
Predator TC: Lurking Darkness Demo
The Prequel to Time
Project X Demo
Quest for Alqaeda
Quest for Hussein
Radio Free Earth v1.1
The Real Bad Ass
The Realm of Grune
REDRUM: The Shining II
Red Series Map Pak
Resident Evil Demo
The Return
Save EBN
Saving Private Ryan
Shock System
The Silver Weapons Patch Demo Mod
Sonic-Duke Nukem Demo
Space Story
Softf**ker 3D
Special JLaursol Version 2
Starship Troopers
The Star Trek Weapon Patch Beta 1.5 Mod
Star Wars 3D Demo
Star Wars Map Pak
Steve Longs Episode's 1 + 2
Steve Pak
Swat TC
Terrorist Terror
Time v1.1
Toon Nukem Demo
Total Apocalypse
Total Chaos Demo
Total Duke
Total Infiltration
Tour of Base's
Ultima TC
The Ultimate Space Prison Demo
Uranium Pak
Urban Assault Beta Demo
Vermin Clearance
Vixens Resurrection
Weaponry TC v1.1
WG Realms
WG Space Episode
When Scum Returns
White House Strikes
Wolf Pack
Worlds v1.4
World War 2: No Return Demo
Wred Heat Demo
Xmas-Duke 96 Map Pak
Y2K: Nuklear Meltdown Demo
Zachara's Chapter
Zeaon Missions
Zik Apocalypse
Zombie Crisis
Zykov Eddy's Aliens TC Demo