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Suburbs TC Demo



Suburbs TC Demo has 3 levels. The file is 12MB in size and the file name is Suburbs.zip. It was released on January 17, 2001. Note: Read the text file before playing this TC. Also this demo was made for EDuke 2.0. To load it with the EDuke32 port you need to add the three files in the EDuke32 patch folder that I included with the original Suburbs_TC_Demo.zip file.

Surburbs TC Demo has new levels, textures, weapons, enemies, sounds and gameplay. You need to talk to people to progress through the first level. There are many features like ladders you can climb, you can get money, keys etc. from corpses, you can buy stuff, get health from soda machines, have gang members join you and more. Level two you fight against the police. It is quite hard with a more realistic, one shot one kill gameplay for direct, close up hits. Level three the Marines are the enemy. They attack with machine guns and grenades and have a tendancy to blow themselves up. The rats bite and you can kick the heads of dead enemies around like you can in Blood. It is worth checking this TC out.

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