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EDuke Matt Saettler @ www.saettler.com/matts/ and go to his /eduke page.
Game: Enhanced Duke v2.xx Build xxxx / v2.023 Build 19
aka:  EDuke
Released: v2.0 7/28/2000(1st)
Description: A Free patch update / enhancement for Duke Nukem Atomic Edition v1.5 consumers. Programmed by Matt Saettler in his spare time. Actually based on his NAM and WWIIGI Code (Based from Duke3D Atomic). This patch is for any player or mod author that wants to tryout the new enhancements. You'll enjoy all the old CONtrol restrictions lifted!



EDuke is a project programmed by Matt Saettler to modify the source code of Duke Nukem 3D to allow for more options in creating modifications and total conversions. Matt was already familiar with the Duke source code from his work on Nam and World War II GI, the last commercial games to be released using the Build engine. He had also been a programmer on the popular Blood game, also using the Build engine. It was only natural for the following events to occur....

The DN3D mod community where asking for the Duke3D source code for several years. During this time WWIIGI was released and the game eventually was discovered by DN3D fans. We found that the new extensions in the WWIIGI's CONtrol language where some of what we been wanting in an update, if 3DR would ever release one. When openly shared, this sparked the interest of the Duke3D mod community. Matt Saettler then proposed extending the WWIIGI CON language even further....After asking 3DR if he can continue his work to make a new patch for Duke3D, 3D Realms finally granted him permission to make a patch for Duke3D itself in order to add the new con enhancements. (no new game features or game data changes where allowed to be made according to 3DR). Everyone was only interested in the CON language expansion anyhow.

Once Matt was started, he Dubbed the new patch as "EDuke" and continued the Duke3D version numbering from 1.5, the first release (v2.0) was made on July 28th of the year 2000. (Note: Joe Siegler of 3DR made a Windows Installer for this patch).

The project recruited wanted veterans of the DN3D mod community which aided in ideas and testing. The beta testing team also created and provided among the release of the new packed 'patch', EDuke 2.0, a sample demo map and con package. This sample package demonstrates some of the new language, however it does not attempt to show everything possible. It includes a particle fountain, realistic ladders, sprite-based elevators, and a con-based transparent water effect, among other things.

After 2.0 was released, work continued on over the year with 2.1. The beta testing team put it through its paces, only to have it unreleased for several years. Matt later on released his v2.0 and v2.1 source codes after 3DR released the DN3D source code in the year 2003.

For more information on the continued work on the DOS EDuke, Read the EDuke Source Code Development Center RTCM Document, where development continued onto WinEDuke.

Note: There where several EDuke required add-ons (TCs) made and released, they are available in the RTCM Download section.


The (EDuke 2.0) release provided a few new game features (that had to be added) and many modding capabilities as well. It contains all of the new WWIIGI CON additions that where used and asked for by the TNT Team to make their game (WWIIGI), as well as numerous other enhancements. Some of these include:



  • Weapon operation has been inherited from WW2GI (v1.5 standards may be re-introduced in the next release)
    • Pipebombs work like Grenades or Player Trigger (CON set)
    • Devastator does not work, no projectile launches.
  • Multiplayer communications have been changed. It now includes whisper: messages sent to individual players.
  • To disable the echo effect for PCI sound cards use the command line: eduke /Z1
    (Do not use the PCI echo patch that is for use with other versions of Duke; use the command line switch now built into EDuke instead.)
  • The Plutonium Bots (Ken Bots; Ken Silverman was the one who programmed the A.I. in Duke Atomic!) can now be used in fake multiplayer.



  • Weapon defaults are no longer hardcoded, they now can be altered by editing the cons. Some features that can be changed: weapon speed, reload rates, projectile type, and more.
  • Global, per-player, and per-actor variables. Modder's no longer have to cannibalize the inventory system to store variables.
  • Access to sector information. Modder's could detect the hitag, lotag, floor or ceiling textures of the current sector, allowing for more sector-based effects (new hurt-floors, healing chambers, variant footstep sounds, etc.).
  • 1.4 and 1.5 CON codes can be directly imported (weapon behavior in next release will make this 100% compatible)
  • Much more information in the eduke.txt file included with the patch.
  • See the EDuke Official Site on Matt Saettler's Site, linked near top. and read the RTCM EDuke CON FAQ Documents for even more info.



  • Pistol uses an extra firing frame (a change made to accommodate the WWII GI authors; (TNT Team).


Concerns: ;)

  • Weapon timings and animations are off in many places;
    Pistol Animation
    Devastator shoots "one missile"
    Chaingun Ammo ejects shells wrong side
    Pipebomb on timer rather than remote
  • There are cases where more or less unlabeled internal variables were accidentally used for multiple functions that weren't mutually exclusive.
  • It has a lot of additional overhead over the original game due to none of the added gamevar and event stuff actually ever being optimized, etc.
  • any more concerns I should list here?



This was an 'Unreleased' version of the game. It was worked on for over a year into mid year 2001.
(Source code released in 2003)

The most prominent change was in the weapon code, which now allowed for complete customization. Weapons could have any number of frames, have multiple animations, idle animations, reload animations, and could be displayed at double the resolution of Duke3d, allowing for more detailed sprites. "Events" were added to the cons to detect number-key presses, which allowed variable weapon modes or dozens of different weapons to be available. Con compiling also made its debut, allowing authors to distribute their cons in a single pre-compiled package.






  • Shadow Warrior Editart v7-24-96 Dated: 8-25-97 - (dos4gw bindings included!)
  • Redneck Rampage Makemap Xatrix v1.0 (BUILD vSEP161996)
    • Requires the external file dos4gw.exe
    • Over 1024 sector editing, without crashing.


File Components:

Directory of \EDukev2.0
Filename Size Date Time Description
_esamp.map 53 KB 6/17/2000 11:48:00 AM Sample map
dos4gw.exe 260 KB 2/29/1996 7:06:00 AM External DOS extender
editart.exe 246 KB 8/25/1997 1:20:00 PM Shadow Warrior Editart v7-24-96
eduke.con 148 KB 6/17/2000 12:04:00 PM Main CON file
eduke.exe 1116 KB 6/20/2000 9:19:22 PM Eduke v2.023 Build 16
eduke.txt 59 KB 6/20/2000 9:18:32 PM CON info, Eduke development history
enhance.con 3 KB 6/14/2000 7:38:44 PM Defines and gamedefs
esample.bat 1 KB 6/17/2000 9:16:30 PM Runs the sample map & CONs
esample.con 12 KB 6/20/2000 9:15:36 PM Sample CONs
esetmn.exe 593 KB 6/22/2000 8:41:02 PM Main Setup Program
esetup.bat 1 KB 6/22/2000 8:38:36 PM Runs esetmn.exe
makemap.exe 369 KB 4/7/1997 8:00:38 AM From Redneck Rampage (Build vSEP161996)
tiles014.mat 194 KB 6/17/2000 11:39:38 AM Sample art
Patch modifies
duke3d.exe 1218 KB (1246231) 7/24/2000 2:00:00 PM Your original exe
commit.exe 75 KB (76554) 7/24/2000 3:53:12 PM Your original exe



Backwards Compatibility:

  • Compatibility conversion is minor.
  • It can be obtained using miscellaneous tools and editing
  • All CONs from Duke v1.3d, 1.4/1.5, NAM, WWII GI (some may require manual editing of the CONs for complete accuracy in effect).
  • All maps from other BUILD games (requires Ken Silverman's map converters for some).
  • Add-ons that modified the old duke3d.exe will not work correctly. However the current EDuke installer allows you to either run true vanilla v1.5 or the EDuke.exe.
  • Overall, v1.5 will be the closest to compatibility, if you don't want to edit a TC or mod you download make sure you download v1.5 over v1.3 of the mod.



You must have Duke Nukem 3D v1.5 Atomic Edition (or upgraded to v1.5) to use the 3DR EDuke patch installer. (See the RTCM "setup-patch-guide-duke3d" for instructions and information on patching v1.3d or v1.4 up to v1.5).


Finding your version number:

  1. Go into your \DUKE3D game folder and then startup DUKE3D.EXE. Once you launch read the top line in the red bar. The version number is displayed there. If it indicates that it has the 'Parental Lock' then you must update with the correct official patch.


    Load up your DN3DHELP.EXE file and read the top line, v1.5 indicates : 'Duke Nukem Atomic v1.5 Technical Help' anything else is obviously not 1.5.

    Once you know you have v1.5, continue reading below.


Some Important Notes:

  • You must Install From Windows. (There is No DOS support for 3DRs installer).
  • Have a fresh install of Duke Nukem 3D v1.5 CD (with appropriate patches if it is an adult mode locked version).
  • Have your CD in your optical drive.
  • If you're using the Walmart CD, you will first need to patch it with the adult unlock patch.
  • If you're using the Plutonium Pak you will first need to patch it with the official 1.4 to 1.5 patch.
  • If you're using the Kill-A-Ton CD, it will not install (use the user made eduke20a DOS Installer).
  • If you're using the East Meets West CD, it will not install (use the user made eduke20a DOS Installer).


Installing EDuke:

  • Run the eduke##.exe to start the installation process.
  • If you receive an error upon installing, (use the user made eduke20a DOS Installer).


After completing installation:

  1. Reconfigure from the SETUP.EXE program.
  2. Run ESAMPLE.BAT to play the new EDuke sample .MAP and sample CONs to demonstrate some of the new abilities of the game.

If upon running EDuke.exe and if you get the error "Lookup.dat not found" then you must have copied the EDuke files or Duke1.5 files from the CD to your duke directory manually. Check to make sure you remove the "Read Only" attribute to all the files (right click on the files to bring up the properties dialogue).


Installer Information:

  • 3DRealms Installer is ironically a Windows installer; so you will have to live with the irony of using an OS not supported by the game to install it.
  • This is not a 3DRealms product and I think this is not supported by them, Do not contact them regarding EDuke instead support should be directed to the EDuke Web Site listed near the top of the page.
  • The installer checks the date and time of every file, and then changes them. See "Important Date Note" line below for more information.
  • Kill-a-Ton and East Meets West CDs have different file dates. 3DR Windows Installer won't update those CDs.*
  • It changes commit.exe's date and time; to make sure EDuke is played VS EDuke for multiplay??
  • It changes duke3d.exe's date and time: for copy protection.

*Note: There is a newer consumer made DOS installer for EDuke that was made a week later after the first release(v2.0), It's EDuke20a and it works fully even on Special Edition and Kill-a-Ton versions of DN3D. Not only was the installer changed to DOS, some CON errors where fixed as well. This new version is available in the RTCM Download section.

Important Date Note:  When using the included 3DR Windows Installer, the files copied over have different date/time.  The change is from 12/11/96 7:50pm  to  12/11/96 12:50pm or 12/11/96 1:50pm 3D Realms Patches seem to work on the later date/time(1:50pm) I don't know why the installed dates vary when installed, this was noticed on two different systems. It should be noted if you Manually copy the files from the CD to the Hard Drive, 3D Realms patches won't recognize the files as being original and they won't install. This could include the EDuke patch as well.



Cheats are inherited from the WW2GI cheats with the prefix being "MS" for Matt Saettler. Cheats are not customizable through the CONs.

msgod -GOD mode
msblood -get stuff
mslevel### level warp
msmatt (was todd)

Cheat bug: MSLevel### puts you on a blank map and dumps you from the game.