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 RTCM Teams work on EDuke to make EDuke 2.1.1 and WinEDuke.





EDuke is a project by Matt Saettler to modify the source code of Duke Nukem 3D to allow for more options in creating modifications and total conversions. He completed v2.0 and worked on v2.1 for over a year, not to release it though, but the source code was released later.

The RTCM Team (Renegado, Malone3D, and others) continued work on EDuke and Tools afterwards from May 2003. The secound Windows version of EDuke was compiled by Usurper to included Sector over Sector support. (JonoF compiled an older version of EDuke using his ported code to make the first Windows version of the EDuke 2.0 on May 03 2003. This port was unsupported.)

Continue to read more below in the UPDATES section. (The end of RTCM development stopped around September 28 of 2005.) Renegado continued this work on EDuke 2.11 at Duke Espana for some time afterwards.



For more information on the specifics of the previous versions of EDuke (v2.0 / 2.1),
Read the EDuke Source Code Patch Support RTCM Document.

If at anytime that anyone would want to continue work on EDuke, the Icculus WinEDuke version or DOS EDuke versions, we can continue update progress here.



See RTCM's src-eduke-xxxx in the files section for these downloads:


  • - Eduke 2.1.1 binaries
  • - Eduke 2.1.1 source code
  • - "WinEdukeb39plus" is a modification of build 39 of WinEduke to add in Colourless's sector over sector.
  • eduke20a.exe - Second eduke patch released for the kill-a-ton version of Duke nukem 3d
  • Eduke - Ready-to-compile version of Eduke 2.0 source with binary.
  • - Mostly complete source code to Eduke 2.0. Will not compile "out of the box."
  • Eduke20.exe - The original Eduke 2.0 patch for Eduke 1.5. Requires the Atomic Edition CD and Windows 9x.
  • - Eduke 2.1 + IceColdDuke's patch to allow you to add up to 4 additional episodes via the con files. Source code and con files included.
  • - Source code for fixed version of Eduke 2.1 with cd-check removed and most bugs fixed.
  • - Eduke 2.1 with cd-check removed and most bugs fixed. Con files included.
  • EdukeSRC - This zip file contains the original Eduke 2.1 source code released by Matt Saettler in May of 2003.




EDuke v2.1.1 Features 8-31-2004
This Feature list is based on the public released source codes for EDuke.
The two codes released are:
v2.00.21 FIRST RELEASE (note that this isn't v2.00.24 the final version of 2.0)
v2.1.41 DO NOT RELEASE (note that this isn't v2.00.042 the "final" version of 2.1)
Additional Enhancements from the RTCM Team are included.

These specs don't contain every fix done to EDuke. See Matt Saettlers Notes.

These are enhancements over Duke3D v1.5
Most EDuke features are typically CON Related.

EDuke 2.00.21
-Advanced Weapon Control
Weapon Specific functions (rof, clip size, burst amounts, etc)
Weapon behavior fixs
One new Pistol fire animation frame
All default weapons now work like Duke3D (rather than WWIIGI)

-Expanded Variable System
Control over AutoAim
Control over Friendly Fire
Respawn Control
WWIIGI Variable System Bug fixes
Generate a Random Variable
Player Variables added
Per Sprite Variables
Get and Set actor/sector/wall structures

-Extended EVENT Handler
Control over what happens during an EVENT (player crouch , etc)
Control over Items and Weapons
Control over Cheats
Control over Locking player Controls

-Detection and Control
Wall, Ceiling and Floor Tile Detection
LoTAG and HighTag Detection
Run and Autorun detection fixed
Sound Detection
Detection of a Sprites ID for Current Actor
Spawn detection
Some Wall and Sector Control
Access to Wall, Sector and Actor (sprite) structures
Access to 'ME' actor and sector
Music Track Control
Control over players angle
Control of the Standard Game functions
User Level Load screen Control added; esample.con

-Separate main con; eduke.con
-Separate Saved Games
-Full Cheats Re-added
-WWIIGI Episode Names fixed to Duke3D names
-Actor Control Expanded
-Increase maximum sounds from 450 to 900
-Reverb Workaround added
-Many small CON bugs, tweaked.
-Increased maximum CON file size; 180+ kb

EDuke 2.1.41
-Advanced Weapon Control
Display Control
Weapon behavior fixes
Default Weapon Codes are present in the CON

-Expanded Variable System
Generate a Random Variable

-Extended EVENT Handler
More events

-Detection and Control
Current Player detection

-No CD Check required.
-Stability fixed
-Reverb Off Switch(v2.00.22)

EDuke 2.1.1
-Colourless's sector over sector.
-Con compilation process; Now can check for errors
-4 additional episodes via the con files.
-Voxel Support; can use 256x256x400 voxel models
-Custom menu titles and sounds
-Increase the maximum number of tiles; 60 art files: last is
-Broke the old Duke limits (sectors/walls/sprites)
-Basic trigonometricall functions
-Text customization
-EVENT Handler Expanded; Menu selection sound
-Number of variable episodes, with its respective level definitions.
-Custom episodes system; internal variable
-Used font
-Resolution and background image
-Definition of vectors
-Weapon Control Expanded; Projectile Control
-Tools updated;
Mapster and Editart
-Increased the sector/walls/sprites/tile limits, according to the new and extended limits in EDuke.
-Maximum number of sounds: 1000
-Maximum number of variables: 1024
-Floor transparency. Using the floor over floor effect you can create transparent water.






Posted by Usurper on Sunday, September 18 2005


As you may have noticed, development has ceased on the DOS version of EDuke. This is largely due to the emergence of EDuke32, a native Windows port of EDuke based on JFDuke3D. (It should compile under Linux as well.) EDuke32 has nearly all the features of EDuke 2.1.1 and has been extended with numerous new commands, events, and structure members. Custom projectiles alone make it awesome, but there's much much more to be found.

This section will remain in one form or another for historical reasons and to assist those who are interested in the DOS version or the Icculus port of WinEDuke. Should anyone wish to continue the Icculus version or DOS versions, we will continue to update progress here.



Eduke 2.1.1 Released

Posted by Renegado on Saturday, July 3 2004


At last, here is the first version of our Eduke source port. Binaries and source code of Eduke 2.1.1 and its tools are available for download at the right side of this page. Have fun and see you in the next version! ;)



Happy Funtime Build of WinEduke

Posted by Usurper on Sunday, December 14 2003


I'm not a developer per se, but I had to make this build for myself, and see no reason not to share it with you. Look over in yonder download column and grab WinEdukeb39plus (filename

Guid showed me how to use Colourless's code to add room over room into Eduke. I initially tested it with the Eduke 2.1 Iced version, then realized I had Visual C and could probably toss a wineduke build together so that I could get proper sound support in XP. There's no demo map. If you want a demo, grab the demo maps off of Colourless's site.

Keep in mind that this room over room is not perfect. Transition between floors will be jerky and must be done with teleporters. Projectiles will not behave well passing through the hole.

Thanks to all the Edukelings for making this possible.



Eduke 2.0a kill-a-ton patch uploaded

Posted by Guid on Monday, November 24 2003


Here's the second patch that will install Eduke 2.0 for the people that have the kill-a-ton version.



Compliable Eduke 2.0 Source Code Up

Posted by Usurper on Thursday, November 13 2003


I just received and tested Guid's repackaged Eduke 2.0 files. He's got it compiling nicely, despite a strange error message at the end:

"error(F38):(game.exe) does not exist and cannot be made from existing files"

"error(E02):make executin terminate"

Despite the error messages, it still generates an .exe that seems to work just fine.

The generated binary still contains the old cd-detection that v1.5 used, so you'll need to dig out the old cd-rom.



Eduke 2.0 Source mostly up

Posted by Usurper on Thursday, November 6 2003


None of my volunteers were able to get the source to compile, but that doesn't mean you can't. A few files are missing, and it may be possible to reconstruct them from other Duke 3D source releases.

If you have any luck, let us know!



Eduke 2.0 patch uploaded at RTCM

Posted by Renegado on Thursday, August 28 2003


Many people asked for it (due to broken links, etc...) so now here it is. YouŽll need a fresh copy of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition in your computer to install it.
Note: Probably you can't install it if you have Windows XP or the Kill A Ton version.



Added cons to Iced Eduke

Posted by Usurper on Sunday, August 24 2003


I reuploaded the Eduke 2.1 Iced Edition with the default cons necessary to run it. The user.con file has been set to the default code for 4 episodes. Make sure you read the readme.txt file which contains IceColdDuke's tutorial for adding more episodes.

Just to be clear, the iced file has all the files needed to run Eduke 2.1. It also has the source code to compile it if you want to make your own changes.

Update: Apparently I uploaded the old file again. Good job, me. It's fixed now.



Eduke 2.1 Iced edition

Posted by Usurper on Saturday, August 23 2003


Just uploaded a new source binaries package that combines Malone3D and Renegado's stable Eduke release with IceColdDuke's extra episode patch. Cons are not included in this release. Odds are you already have them from the edukebinaries package anyway.

Follow the instructions in the readme.txt to learn how to add the appropriate lines to your user.con to add extra episodees (looks like 8 is the max) to Duke Nukem 3D.



At last, we're ready to roll

Posted by Usurper on Monday, August 18 2003


When the EDuke source was released back in May, it was a mixed blessing. In short, nobody could get the damn thing to run. Missing projectiles, cd check problems, and other fun errors plagued us.

Cyborg chopped away the cd-check problem, BlasterDRP gave us the cd-detect removal patch, but problems persisted.

Well, thanks to the continuing efforts of Renegado and his crew, we now have a working version of EDuke 2.1.

I'll be turning this section over to Renegado and Guid. I may pop in with more docs and info, but they're running the show. Check back frequently for updates as well as source and binary downloads. Drop your EDuke questions into our EDuke forum and we'll do our best to answer them.