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Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on

An early draft of the DK add-on has been made available, here at my src-jfswarrior-addons download section and other locations on a few web sites. In this form, it has been grouped from some of the original assets. This particular add-on version is nice to view the unmodified maps in the SWP port.



DirectDraw Color Fix / xDuke Color Fix!

Thanks to Replica of Yang-Online for testing some new but old DD patcher programs out. xDuke and ports like it on Vista and Win7 can now be played with out wonky workarounds to fix the color issues, but now use DD compatibility fixes. Check out Yang for these fixes and more information, there.



Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Assets

The unreleased, and unfinished SW add-on Deadly Kiss original raw assets are available for download from several sources, including RTCM's swarrior-addons file section. So now Shadow Warrior Community wide tweaking and collaboration can begin on refining to produce a DK add-on.



Java Blood

I thought maybe I should post a news item about this port that apparently is a reversed engineered of the exe and uses the alpha source code to have obtained a similar version of Blood as the real v1.00. I'm told it's a little buggy and it needs JAVA to be installed to run and at the moment only excepts maps and INI files. So that means no custom installers will work with it. If your into Java type programs, you can get the GDXBlood by M210 files at his site, there.

Duke3Dw Updated

ProAsm/Ben Smit has updated his DN3D port recently, like two months ago, with some bug fixes. Get it at his web site, there. It's a decent windows port for Duke3D.



Shadow Warrior Alpha/Beta Release

Robman of SWC has gotten the ball rolling to get this material released asap. (The material in question where being held for well over three years in the clutches of some of the games community members that have a "I'm God's gift to the Build Engine" mentality. The material had no sign of ever being released to everyone openly until Robman contacted 3DRealms and Devolver Digital a week ago). You can now get them on Steam if you have the Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) free Game. The material added are the SW Alpha June 27, 1996 and the SW Beta April 4, 1997 (which was previously leaked years ago) versions. To read more about this and future updates about even more Shadow Warrior alpha/betas, checkout the Shadow Warrior Central news section. There is also a thread at SWC's Build forum by Ninjakitty explorering the SW Beta, and providing details of his findings.



Very Old CON FAQs Found

I don't usually post updates done to the site but I finally found my Hard Copy's of Jeff Armstrong's CON FAQ and a few other 1996 and 1997 FAQ's. These FAQ's where one of the first set of CON FAQ's to be written. I learned a lot from Jeff's FAQs (as well as others later on). I have posted them in the duke-faq-con downloads, Unfortunately as I have limited time I decided to scan in each page and provide them as images, rather than retyping the FAQ's. I will one day, just not today.



Blood Legends of Iconoclast Remake/Sequel Released

DwayneA has finished Loi2 for Blood after more than five years of hard work. It includes 28 maps and 5 episodes, new sounds and MIDI music which is installed with a BME custom installer so not to muck up your Blood folder. Read more about this Unfinished Business add-on at Dwayne's Blog, there. Download it at Blood Freeminded, there or The Bloody Repo, there.



I remember when 3DRealms was selling the Atomic Edition for 20 bucks and everyone thought it was too much for a DOS Game, they had it on sale for like five or more years after printing new disks. People believed 5 bucks should be adequate for the purchase of the game. This was after the fact that Duke3D nearly dropped out of existence back in the late 1990's. People even complained about the shipping cost of sending the CD in the mail on top of the 20 bucks. After the long wait, years, they dropped the price to 10 bucks and discontinued the Plutonium CD Upgrade, which was 10 bucks previously.

Now the World Tour edition by Gearbox is out and gamers are finding the 20 bucks is too much for an engine update and episode addition. Me personally find it costs too much and should have been a patch to the dos game, so dos patching up to the new windows engine. Maybe 10 bucks would have been a good price for a new patch.

There is also concern about the Megaton edition being removed from being a purchasable item. But more than so the concerns are less constructed verbally, and more represent crying. But from what I understand if you bought the game (again some did, even if they had the Dos version) they get to keep the Megaton game.

I can see that all this was and is unfair to the Duke3D Hard Core fans. But all the demanding and bitching, representing crying just isn't the way to go. So far I haven't seen either company give into it yet. That's not what's important, but it's noticeable.

What is a Duke3D Hard Core fan to do?
Read what you get in the World Tour Edition:

Summery: (Price: $20 bucks Release Date: October 11 2016)
Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, Vista and up(Steam Only)
Limited physical editions for Playstation 4 and Xbox One only for North America beginning on October 18th (Gamestop)
No Windows PC Hard Copies to buy at your local store.

"...brings classic Duke Nukem 3D, plus an ALL-NEW 8-Level fifth episode..."

>It has an 'on the fly' toggle that will let you switch between the original "2.5D" graphics engine, and Gearbox's "all-new True3D Rendering mode", which renders the game world in full 3D.
>Faster Frame Rates than through DOS.
>The pixel art is still intact. 
>?Bump Mapped textures included?
>The game is Painfully done with lighting.
>Video is in 1080p widescreen.
>There's also a new fifth episode: Alien World Order, this contains eight new levels created by Duke 3D's original map designers, Allen Blum III and Richard “Levelord” Gray. (used the original Duke3D BUILD Editor and/or Mapster32) (used all original assets).
>New Levels: AMSTERDAM, EGYPT, HOLLYWOOD, LONDON, MOSCOW, PARIS, ROME COLOSSEUM, SAN FRANCISCO. (Boss 3, The Cycloid Emperor with a repaint at the end of the episode)
>New music from Lee Jackson (the guy who did the original's theme tune; Grabbag).
>New Duke Talk lines by the original Duke's voice actor: Jon St. Jon.
>An in-game commentary by the original dev team are also included.
>New Weapon: The INCINERATOR (Used flame thrower code as a base that was in the src already)
>New Enemy: “Firefly” enemies. (There small, expand and shoot with flames)
>Old Duke Talk is re-recorded in higher quality. (said to be JSJ doing them over again).
>Old Music Remastered.
>Programmed from the original 1996 3DR source code.
>Multiplayer reworked from ground up. (8player multiplayer and co-op) , (dukematch is included) , (even a 1player vs 7bots match mode).
(You can play the new maps in Multiplayer as well.)
>Modernized auto-aim; A Narrow cone.
>Rewind Function may not be in the PC Version.
>Other minor changes...



New Blood Tool Shell

NoOne has created a shell launcher for individual Blood tools. Its called 'VC Blood Shell' and is based on the Volcov Commander program, runs in DosBox and DOS. If your interested, give the details a read through and or download to find out more. Do so at The Bloody Repo, there.



ETTiNGRiNDER's Site Updated

EG has updated his site overall, with new details on Witchaven, including a version list. He plans to expand his site as he moves forward. Go there now to gain knowledge.



I am still working on RTCM and posting news, but I have been busy with other projects as well. BME had released his updated Blood Mappack and Robman has released his SWC episode. EG intends to continue his work on WH. Others are working either slowly or a bit at a time to complete their projects.

The over all BUILD-Game forum community is now down to a minimum. Over the last few years I watched it die around October to December and recovery the months later was always dwindling.



It Has Arrived - BMEs 2016 Blood Map Pack

The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection! by BME has been newly updated and released. He has uploaded it to Blood Freeminded, there. Also at The Bloody Repo, there.



SWC Beta Add-on Posted

Robman has released a test version of his SW Central Add-on. Check out his post on his forum: SWC Add-on Test. The post has some screen shots and details on where to download it.



EG Witchaven 1 (v0.1) and II (v0.6) released!

ETTiNGRiNDER has released an experimental EGWH1 exe for the first time. Also a newly updated EGWHII exe with a few fixes applied. Read the news and get the downloads at EG's Fortress, there.



Gearbox Adds A New DN3D World Tour Article

A New article describing the new levels in DN3DWT with background information and three screen shots per map, titled: "A Look at the New Duke Nukem Maps with Allen H. Blum III and Richard “Levelord®” Gray!" One detail revealed is that they made those maps very large, much larger than the old maps. Go to Gearbox software and read the new article, there.



Blood Mods Updated

NoOne has updated his Blood Mod; 'Final Alone In The Dark' yet once again. Also his Weapon Mod is up to version 2.0 now. It promises to be compatible with any other add-on. Check them out at The Bloody Repo, there.

Shadow Warrior Central News Update

Robman has been helping a lot on his SW Forum despite being busy with RL. Just recently he has posted a link where to buy SW Redux and then get the DOS version for free. Also posted is a teaser of his up and coming SWC Add-on. Check them out at his SWC Web Site under his news section, there.



Witchaven Trivia Update

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated his Witchaven Trivia section on his site to reflect new information that was presented to him by one of the original designers of the game, its about a mocked up screen shot that is on the retail box of WH1. Check out the news and trivia section at EG's Fortress for more information, there.

Blood Beast Hands in v1.21

NoOne has written up an article explaining how to activate BEAST Hands in v1.21 of Blood. The article has other related background information as well. Check out the latest news at The Bloody Repo, there.



A Duke3D Palette Editor

This tool is in Java designed for editing the PALETTE.DAT / LOOKUP.DAT files used for palette swapping in Duke Nukem 3D. Send the author some feedback and Check it out. There.



RTCM moved Host and URL

I have moved the site to this new host and url: http://www.r-t-c-m.com/ Thanks to the ones that contacted me for service and sorry I couldn't be everywhere at once, I ultimately had to go with just one service. The bulk of the move was completed on 5-14-2016 as the host worked with me to get it completed. I had been updating RTCM during the three months that I posted news about "looking for new host" so work never really stopped during that time.



Here's what has happened. TerminX has taken and stolen my complete downloads(90% of my work), the custom files and the structure, including reposting my RTCM site on his server that I worked on for 20 years. He has openly and publicly posted it against my RTCM legal page and my personnel wishes. On top of that, this is where it gets good, I previously posted some news about a friend getting banned from steam and duke 4 forums without posting any names (at first out of respect). Then TerminX deleted my news posting the next day without even a glimmer of a responsible informative e-mail sent to me first. (They do this on the duke 4 forums too, modify your posts). So I posted the news again on my site with names, and he removed it again, making that twice without contacting me. Tampering with my site just because the host can do it, doesn't make it right and it didn't sit well with me. (Who knows what else they do). So I sent TerminX an e-mail asking him what his problem is. He told me to go find some other place to post news like that. So I posted(2-5-2016) on my site a three month long request for someone to help me out for hosting, within the first two months I received four contacts, and I thanked them all. The hosting choices where fair to good and I finally settled with one (Thanks Robert), it would be 2 months before I would move the site (on 5-14-2016 I completed the move) but I continued work on the site during the down time. But this is only part of the reason this dumb ass has stolen my work. (he's disabled because he doesn't want to work).

Upon posting the new url to my sites new location in the duke 4 RTCM sub-forum, TerminX asked me "why?" I'm moving, so I explained to him why via PM (not publicly, for his privacy); I refreshed his memory that He told me 3 months ago to go find some other place to post news, someplace else (like I mentioned earlier about my friend getting banned). At that time, I then told him that I have already moved to a new host and that I can't back out as the move was nearly completed. Which TerminX replied to do whatever I want and that he's going to repost the site and files back on his server. He then changed my login and removed my newly posted redirect page that pointed to the new url for RTCM. (it was posted for just about an hour).

I asked him not to re-post my site and files since I found a host elsewhere to take care of things now (I also deleted the site) and TerminX since removed my login which meant I don't have access any longer. Against my written and posted Legal which has always been posted on my site and has barely changed since day one, and I informed him of this. Even then he went ahead and just posted my complete, raw and open work on his server, claiming it as his own and trying to make a profit and traffic visits from my work. After asking him to remove it three times, he says he will not. He even has a mock-up of an old outdated legal text file that was written for giving permission for special cases to host my download section in structure and design. However I did not give him permission, nor did I wish in any form for TerminX to privately or publicly post my RTCM download section in whole or in part on his server, which he calls "Dukeworld" (that was an old ftp that he claimed as his own as well). TerminX said he does not need my permission to take the entire archive and site in its sorted structure and design and post it on his server. So he effectively stole my live web site cause he doesn't know what sacrifice and hard work really is.

From observing the way he behaved, It's left him bitter that I had to move my site to a new location, because of his own actions. So he continued with being a total ass as he has the old RTCM url redirect to a 403 forbidden page. This has made it difficult for the search engines to update to my sites new location. Also he continues to host my internal pages on his server and directs the old url to those pages (His face , a toilet, what's the difference!). I asked him another question, as well did others, why my redirect page to the new location of my site was taken down only after an hour of it being posted or why the old url Usurper had doesn't point to the new site location now. As far as I know he has not answered. (He's incapable of giving an honest answer based on his crappy behavior). He can't comprehend what he did was wrong in the first place. It's a little bit scary that some person can be that un-intelligent and un-aware of himself, his faults and his actions. Any thing from TerminX that seems genuine is truly strictly for his own personal endeavor, rather than for helping others. It became clear to me what his intentions where, since he's too lazy to do his own work and he needs the attention; visitor hits and profit from RTCM to become his own. He's a Thug, and further, he knows what crap he pulled.

Needless to say, my spirits for working on my site for the community, my own wil and the dedication to past, present and future BUILD Game users, had diminished. However, I partially felt better a few days later and I'm motivated to keep going in a capacity that I choose, different than before.



Completed move of RTCM to the new host. Not without complications due to the previous unprofessional thug host.



More Bombshell Prequel Screens shots released

TerminX has posted a few new screen shots One and Two. Apparently the game will not include multiplayer since EDuke32's multiplayer is not even available. Most of the textures are 128x128 but he indicates they have a lot of 256x128, 128x256, etc at  256 colors with 60+ alt palettes. They use some palette tricks to cram more color ramps into the palette, mostly by reducing the number of individual shades per base color by 25%, and by allowing more than one color range to converge into a single ramp as the color range gets darker.

From GOG: ...prequel following the events leading up to Shelly's fateful encounter with Heskel that cost her her arm, her squad, and her reputation -- and set her on the path to retribution...



More Blood Mapping Info

BME has updated his site with a Sprite Types page document and next on his list of activities is detailed QAV trigger descriptions. Check it out at his site, There.

The prequel Bombshell Beta = non present

As advertised the Beta of the prequel was suppose to come with the deluxe edition of the other 3DR published isometric game. But it didn't, fans where looking for it in their purchase DL...Steam indicates they will be releasing a Demo of the prequel in the 4th quarter, about the same time the full prequel goes on sale. A side note; The prequel developers did not earn any money from the recent Deluxe Edition release, not even part of the extra bills you pay out for the Beta.



Maintenance Update of SWP Released

Hendricks released a new version of SWP. It allows for animated Voxels and other fixes and updates. Get it there.



Walkthroughs for the Witchaven Games

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated and completed his WHI&II walkthroughs. He also has updated some of the WH trivia section of his site. Check this new information out, there.

I've uploaded more files and some Eduke32 add-ons need to get uploaded as well. In other history, Apparently access to the BombShell prequel Beta hasn't been released as promised with the purchase of the publishers (3DR) other Deluxe Edition game. Now there saying that the extra cash you forked out will get you a demo version of the prequel somewhere in the 4th quarter of 2016. Then your going to have to pay for the full game after that.



RTCM is Looking for Hosting

If anyone knows of a good free web hosting service with 15 to 20 gigs that allows FTP access for html, css and  archives, please let me know. -Corv



Hosting search initiated. A friend of mine from Shadow Warrior Central, the creator and owner, Robman has been banned from Duke 4 and SW Redux forums for speaking the truth about certain subject matters. This was clearly an attack to Robman from this small circle of BUILD Gamers that think their sh*t don't stink. So after Robman posted at the SWC forum and by e-mail about this I just figured it was news, so I posted about it, nothing was there naming names, I put it up to announce this discrepancy of their actions. A day later, TerminX had went as far as deleting my news post on RTCM, twice, without any sense of contacting me first. I asked TerminX what his problem was via e-mail after the fact and he said that I can't post information about banned users from Duke 4 or even on Steam apparently. Not that me posting on my site should be something tampered with by the host. Just because the host is able to it doesn't give him the right to alter my site. So that had me initiating a hosting service search. I can't be hosted with people that are power and control freaks, and will cry if they are challenged.



A 'circle' has modified another Build Gamer

Robman of SWC has been tackling some honesty for a solid year or more and has been banned from speaking it. A 'circle' of BUILD Gamers has seen to this. Not only has it modified this gamers ability to provide community support effectively, especially for Shadow Warrior as he regularly supplied technical know how to others via the forums. It has upset me to have witnessed this destruction via reading the forums at Duke4 and on SW Redux boards. They ("the TerminX hosting service") even removed this news posting, twice without contacting me and without any permission. You can follow the development and a short discussion at the Shadow Warrior Central forums, there.



Bombshell Prequel BUILD Game Screenshots Posted.

Two images have been posted on Frederik Schreiber's (from 3DRealms/Interceptor) Facebook page and he mentions that the Prequel Beta BUILD/EDuke32 Game will be available with purchase of their non-BUILD isometric game; The Deluxe Edition of the Bombshell Digital Download. The full Prequel BUILD Game will be hopefully released on time in late 2016 as noted by one of the developers, which currently consists of Hendricks266 and TerminX (The rest of the developer names are not provided at this time.)

There are several locations you can read and post about the Prequel...: At 3DR Forum and at Duke 4 forum. I'd imagine you can post on 3DR related twitter and facebook too?



BME's 2015 Blood Map Pack Released!

The 3rd archive of his ever growing Bloody map pack has been finished and uploaded. Like before this archive replaces the previous one. Get it at BME's Bloody Web Site: Here.



New Witchaven 1 Patcher

-=CHE@TER=- has created with assistants from Corak the Avatar a new Dehack patcher for WH1. For more information and the download, goto his web site: Here.



New OUWB Demo Browser

BME has created a new Demo Browser for Blood. It backups all BLOODxxx.dem files first and only displays demos recorded with SPIELBERG X Y. Properties of the Demo will be shown in the lower part of the screen, Epi, Map, Diff and Duration. Get it at BME's Bloody Site: Here.



Usurper was no longer going to be hosting RTCM, he did what he could all these years, and he "Wanted to see if his friend, TerminX" (RCG) would host the site as Usurpers service was ending very soon. I said alright and went along with it thinking TerminX could be cool as he wasn't a 14 year kid anymore, even though I had trouble with TerminX in the past, but I put in trust that TerminX could possible host my site professionally. I asked Usurper if he could move the site for me, he said TerminX will transfer the site. I waited for my further communication and my hello message from the server admin (TerminX). Over a week went by and neither TerminX nor Usurper sent me an update I was left in the dark, sigh. I had to e-mail/pm Usurper a few times to try to figure out what was holding things up. No response, then I get a message from Usurper saying that I can use his account to access my site. I never did get a welcome message from TerminX (the hosting service).



EGwhaven v0.5 Released!

ETTiNGRiNDER has released a new version of his Witchaven II source modification and has moved his site recently to a new location. Check out the news and downloads there. He also posted a thread announcement for it here.



The beta / alpha's of DN3D just took to long to come out; The few responsible for prepping them had other priorities that led to a year and three month wait that ultimate didn't happen cause 3DR lost the rights to that material. No word on the other Build Games that 3DR had access too, like SW. The New 3DR Build Game based on the EDuke32 game engine is suppose to come out next year and be a prequel of Bombshell. Bloodlines web site has grown to contain many more files, cough; The Russian Blood Demo, which is the Full Alpha, you really have to see some of the programs that it includes, I should mention the QStudios 3D positional sound program. BME preps for his upcoming map pack release, while helping the Blood community in the Bloody forums. The SWC episode/maps are being working on still by Robman and possibly some help. EG still works on his EGwhaven source mod and Witchaven shrine. Me, not to much, been away from RTCM for about 4 months or more due to other projects.



New Build ART Tool

M210 has programmed a new ART tool that resembles the GUI in DukeRes, the new tool is called BAFed - (Build ART Files Editor). The new tool requires Java installed on your computer. Read and Post about it at the Duke 4-BAFed Thread, and get it at M210's site, Here.

Also The New 3DR BUILD Game To be Made...

Looks as if 3DR will be pumping out a EDuke32 Standalone game with the theme of a Bombshell prequel. They will be using Classic and Polymost renderers only. Duke 4 Forum - Bombshell Prequel Thread.



New Tools for Witchaven 1 & II (eh, TekWar too.)

ETTiNGRiNDER has studied the 'JOESND' packed format and has programmed two new tools; One to unpack the sounds and songs, and one to actually recompile or repack those sounds in the JOESND 'archive'. Check it out on the forum thread for links to DL the tools and to post if necessary; Here.