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New Powerslave Patch , Beta Babes

-=CHE@TER=- created a new patch; In the early beta version of PowerSlave there where extra nude babes that where removed from the Retail game. This patch adds them back in to the retail version, where they were originally placed by the developers on the maps. Get it in the Powerslave & Exhumed Patches Related Downloads.

Art Tile Merger and SEQ/QAV Tile ID # Fixer Updates

-=CHE@TER=- updated two of his tools; Artmerge had some bug repairs. However both tools had a dual loading DOS/Win32 executable added to them: if you run them under DOS or DOSBox then the DOS version will be executed and if you run them under Windows then the Windows version will work. You can see what file section is actually working by the text "[DOS16]" or "[Win32]" after program version.

Art Merge Tool can be downloaded in the General Tools Editart related DL page.
Seq/Qav Tool can be downloaded in the Blood Tools for ArtEdit related DL page.



DN3D Caribbean Voxel Pack Updated

Mxrtxn over at SWC forums has updated his DN Caribbean Voxel Pack. Check out the neat and new Voxels, there.



New Blood Mappack Now Released.

BME has released his 2019 Blood Mappack. Its release has been delayed, however it has been updated further into this month. Go check his web site, there , as to where to download it from.



Updated French Meat 2 (and 1)

Tedd as reported by BME has released his updated and corrected Blood Add-ons. Get the single download at Cortex's Blood Freeminded, there or Moddb, there.



New Blood Add-on; French Meat 2 Is Released

BME has announced in the RTCM Blood forum that Tedd of French Meat has released his 2nd add-on for Blood. The new 8 maps are designed for singleplayer , however the download includes the older first French Meat add-on that is designed for single and co-op play with 9 maps (1 new bonus map) and fixes from previous releases. Tedd intends to update his add-on with the provided player feedback. Read about and download at Cortex's Blood Freeminded downloads, there. BME is also providing reader updates in the RTCM Blood forum.



Blood Activity Over The Past 12 Years (the short)
Over the last decade or so the Blood game has slowly built up again in the community. I took steps years ago at a point that I seen support thinning out for Blood to shape up the Blood page and information here. I then went through my local archive and finally got the majority of the Blood Files organized and posted (dedicated for Matt S.).
A few years pasted when at that point, very useful Blood sites emerged. I think Blood Freeminded popped up. Then shortly after I noticed that BME and his new tools where appearing. He finally got hosting and his now very popular one-stop Blood web site was born. NoOne built his Blood Repo Site (RIP) and updated his older add-on, taking some advantage of BME's guidance. Currently NoOne is improving MAPEDIT (the map editor program with a patcher called "PMapedit").
Then BME had started improving the old technical info that everyone had (the community supplied), and then began writing his own. He also showed us how to improve our projects from installing and using current tools. (Including his new ones) This allowed us to map effects we've forgotten or didn't know about, and he continues to this day with his site and the well researched Blood Mappack.
This isn't saying Blood wasn't still being worked on in the years before, as there where a few add-ons and mods etc in the works, including experimentation with the Blood engine.
You'll also find that L3gend also built up a site rather quickly. Its full of Blood life and history information, in raw form. He use to have files for download including very hard to find downloads he provided freely. One of which is the leaked 'Full Blood Alpha', code and game w/data assets. Before that we only had a partial download for some 14 years which the Deathmask site had provided on their hosted server.
There where other Blood projects that had been started during this time because of all the above supplied resources. Renewed projects and new add-ons. BME would know better than I as he kept in contact and tracked modders. Some of them are still active today.
(Note Please: This is a short article and only represents things I highly consider and practically remember. If you have more info please feel free to let me know, I may add it [here]).

What do we need as far as an update to the Blood Game?
A new patch for Blood that will update it to a new version, to fix some bugs (however not to render building quirks in-operable). This should be a DOS exe (BUILD) or Windows exe (preferred JonoF's Engine).
It really doesn't matter which of the two OS's, as long as current add-ons can be used and as long as users are still comfortable building with DOS tools if that's the case. The custom Mod patches (EX: Weapon Mod) would need more of the internal table modifiers to be external, this would require current mods to be adapted (understandable) to work however.

News Needed
I have few now, however no submissions or notices have hit the forum. I no longer have the time to either cherry pick or cover all community wide news. I can't be searching for new things I learn of to post. Please submit news to the RTCM forum or by my e-mail directly where I can quickly process your projects etc....



Shadow Warrior 1.0-v1.2 Source Code Newly Released (and Re-released)

Shadow Warrior Central announces by a news item that the SW v1.0 to the v1.2 source code has been finally released. v1.2 is a re-release, while the previous version(s) are new releases. Apparently some other un-named BUILD Games src or parts of them are released as well. Read all about it (and download) at Robman's SWC web site, there.



Blood Map Pack Released!

BME has released his newly updated 2018 Blood Mappack. This is the 6th released year. It contains 1234 ZIP items with over 1800 maps made by 300 authors. Go get it at his web site, there.



Witchaven II Map Fixes Available

ETTiNGRiNDER has some fixed up .MAPS provided to him from someone named FGSFDS. Level 5 and Level 13 are the ones fixed up. Grab them (a single download) at EG's web site, there.



Exhumed / Powerslave Dehacker v1.5 Released

-=CHE@TER=- has released possibly his final version of his greatly needed patcher for PS. You should know that he added many new hacks and features in this version. It primarily started as a control and no cd patches, but has grown tremendously to fix bugs in the game. Read about it and Download it at his web site, there. (Russian language).



Shadow Warrior Voxel Pack Updated

Mxrtxn had released his updated Voxel Set in August of this year. You can find the information and download link at the Shadow Warrior Central Websites forum, there.



Java GRP Viewer

Nitro404 aka Kevin Scroggins after a few months has a working JavaScript based module for Group Files. It allows you to read, write, interact with and modify Duke 3D group files. Once he finishes working on it and his new website, they will allow users to see what files a group file contains before downloading it. You can check it out here and here.

He also hopes to continue work on his mod manager for DN3D and Java GUI version of his group file manager. Check these out at his site, there.



Slow Community
Looks like the BUILD Game community is very very slow. Not much activity at select locations and the major forums. It has been getting slow since a few years, but the past summer of 2017 it whittled even more. However there are several new things to point out, just read the RTCM news and history below and you will find several projects.
One not mentioned as its really not done yet is JonoF's "Generic" Powerslave / Exhumed BUILD Map Editor. It handles Map Format 6 and 7, and the shades for PS, making much easier to map for the game. Hopefully he will continue his work on it and work out the kinks.

About the Eduke32 Add-ons
I mentioned in the RTCM forum that I will not be posting anytime soon many or any at all of the add-ons for that engine. (I will post any that anyone wants me too). There is the ModDB that handles such large archives and I really lost interest in posting them. I still collect them from time to time. I just don't have the desire to play test them at this time. I will eventually at some point post them when I'm not busy anymore. For now I linked a bunch of them at the ModDB as they still deserve traffic through RTCM if not by RTCM.

What else...oh, The Right Nav Bar/Free From Frames
I've made the site frame free if you choose to browse that way, just click the special link on the nav bar to the right and off you go.

Site Search
I included a site search that is provided by Google. You don't need javascript at all, as my previous test installment of the search required. -=CHE@TER=- saved us all on the bad choice I made there, thanks man.




NoOne has a set of Blood tools encased in the Volcov Commander v4.5, this shell includes everything that player and modder needs. It includes all tools for editing Blood that can be run directly from filemanager through DosBox / DOS. Go check it out, there.



A Blood Texture Pack Released

This is late news, never the less, its still important. TheNight has released his pack that he's been working on for sometime now. Currently it contains 1368 new images including textures, sprites and animations. All new textures are showcased in the included MAP file. Inspired by Hexen, Heretic, Quake, Shadow Warrior, Doom and many, many more old school 3D shooter games. Go get it there.




Over at the RIP TBR, NoOne has a patch for Mapedit to extend it's ability to edit maps. This patch unlocks several features, such as hidden commands, types and allows to apply palettes on monsters and things. Get it at The Bloody Repo, there.



Art Merger v1.2 Released

-=CHE@TER=- has updated his ART Tile Merger program to include new functionality. It now supports examining Tiles right in the group file, and extracts what needed. No longer do you need a separate tool to extract the art. It also has its old functions as well. To download it go to this page, here.



Blood Weapons Patch v4.0

NoOne and Dziezan have updated and produced a new version of their Weapons Mod. They didn't release it through The Bloody Repo at first but through the Mod Database, there.



EGwhaven Updated!

EG has updated his Witchaven source modification. Primarily to fix a save game bug, but other things where adjusted as well. Go get the new update at his site, there.



New Blood Weapon Mod and the Come Get Some web site current updates

Keep an eye on The Bloody Repo, there for the Blood Weapon Mod / Patcher #4. It's currently in the works.

Visit CGS, there for an arsenal of map and add-on reviews. Right now if you hurry, Forge has been reviewing several new old stock of maps. Puritan has been building their database with even more reviews, with downloads ready for action.



Powerslave / Exhumed Patcher v1.4 out now.

-=CHE@TER=- has updated his EX / PS Dehacker patcher program to include different Grenade Physics and Invert the Y axis of the mouse. Those are options of course. A total of 10 options are available now in this incredible patch kit, that has come a long ways in development. Get it at his site, there.



More History: See Stolen Site Page For News/History Full Information.



Regarding the early access to the Bombshell prequel; Valve / Steam has been working to provide the 'paid beta early access' release of the prequel for those who paid extra for the Deluxe Digital Download of the cool isometric Bombshell game from 3DR / Interceptor. So apparently they are getting access to it eventually, its just taking some time.

No mentioned of the Demo version.



To be or not to be....not to be? I'm debating if I need the forum anymore. I'm mostly asking questions, but I'm getting my answers elsewhere. I'll have to decide eventually.

Besides that I've been thinning out the site with some minor design changes. I have been doing a little bit here and there, and within the past few days I dropped a page and combined the Site Help documents. I still need to move some downloads and update others. This is to simplify updates for in the future and faster browsing.

I've been thinking about the 3DR published Bombshell prequel game that had 50 beta testers, now its in 'paid beta' testing. I need to know what's going on with the people that paid for a Shareware Demo version when they bought the deluxe package of the isometric Bombshell game. Did those people get discounts or refunds for the paid beta testing release, or what. Is there going to be a shareware demo of the game, even. I just hope the new 3DR does well and does right by those gamers, I'm just saying, again.



Blood 'Pitch Fork To Beast Hands' Revised Patch!

Over at The Bloody Repo NoOne has the newer revised 'Fork To Beast Hands' patch for Blood v1.21. Check it out, there. Its been awhile since he released this new patch.

BME's Blood Map Pack 2017 Released!

He has released it over at Blood Freeminded, there awhile ago, you can also get to the download by way of BME's site, there.



DukeRes like ART Tool for Duke Nukem 3D

A DukeRes replacement tool programmed in C and requires MS NET Framework to run. Get Majestic's Duke3D ART Editor there. Tell me how you like it in the RTCM forum, here.



The EDuke32 engine / mod combo; Bombshell Prequel.
3DRealms has not provided a demo or beta as promised after purchase of their great Bombshell Isometric Shooter, yet. It's been so long passed the expected due date for such a thing and they are only getting around to privately testing the game out (3DR had offered to let people beta test) to find bugs in the gameplay.

I been wondering if 3DRealms has settled on a name for the prequel yet. On The mock-up Box on one of the promo posters it was: The Washington Project, which was useless. Then I heard Ion Maiden, which is another useless name (not as useless as I first presumed), however confusion with Iron Maiden (like Mapster and Napster).

What are they afraid of really by dropping the Bombshell name? 3DR should be proud of their released game Bombshell and name the EDuke32 engine/mod as "Bombshell: (Then something else here)". It's not like it would effect sales at all, (maybe a tiny bit for quick glancers), but let the released demo or the promised Beta speak for itself. I wouldn't drop the very part of the games name that is as important as Bombshell, that would totally ruin it, just saying. :\

Waiting for this game mod to come out on a ROM CD-Disc and be sold physically in local stores. :)



A New Shadow Warrior Map Editor

Drek has been programming and releasing an improved version of Mapster32 for use with SW advanced map building features. He's seeking feedback and ideas on how to improve SWMapster32 over at Shadow Warrior Central forum, there. You can get the new Build Editor where Drek is sharing it, there.



Two New Tools

-=CHE@TER=- has designed two new tools that had been requested to be made for a recent Blood mod project. Art Tile Merger; This tool allows you to patch game tile files TILES###.ART with the new images. Also SEQ/QAV Tile ID # Fixer; This tool allows to shift Blood .SEQ and .QAV tile id numbers useful when used with the Blood Alpha Tools. Both are downloadable in the Blood Tools for ArtEdit related DL page.



ETTiNGRiNDER's Witchaven Release of v1.2

EG mentions in the EGwhaven forum that he has updated yet again, here.



EG Witchaven Maintenance Release v1.1

ETTiNGRiNDER has released a fixer update to his recent Full Release. Go to EG's site to read about and to obtain his new archive, There. Also read about and post feedback in the Official EGWhaven Forum here at RTCM.



EG Witchaven Updated v1.0

ETTiNGRiNDER has coded a recent update to EGwhaven. The Change list looks good, including 3 button mouse support added into EGWH1, plus a host full of new changes. Goto EG's site to read about and get his new improvements: There.



Build Mouse Fix

-=CHE@TER=- has produced a bMouse replacement tool. The new patcher is designed for many DOS Build Games that allows the Mouse to be adjusted for both axis with the in-game CONTROL_MouseSensitivity setting. Get it at his web site: There.

Witchaven I Dehacker updated

-=CHE@TER=- has updated his WH1 Dehacker to now support EGWH1 v0.2. You can get it at his web site: There.



Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated, v1.3

-=CHE@TER=- has updated again, read about the changes and download the new version of the patcher program at his web site, there.



Blood Weapons Mod 3.0

NoOne (along with help from a list of authors) has released a new 18 Weapon Mod for Blood. This is v3 and with each release more weapons are added, new and better features are also included. This mod works with any Blood add-on out there and the Weapons are truly integrated with their own specifications. Check it out at The Bloody Repo, there.



Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated, v1.2

-=CHE@TER=- has updated his Exhumed / Powerslave patcher program, again in short order. This time it has a different GUI and adds the ability to take native Screenshots from within the game. Includes the five patches available previously, plus a 'C' Key fix, so its no longer intermittent. Download the new version of the patcher program at his web site, there.



Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated, v1.1

-=CHE@TER=- has updated his Exhumed / Powerslave patcher program. This version of the program adds the 5th ability (or feature) that changes the BUILD screen resolution! It's gone through some testing, but if you find anything wrong , please contact him. Download the new version of the patcher program at his web site, there.



BME Made Another Blood Tool

BME just made a new tool, called; XQAVEDIT. It can edit the hidden frame parameters that are normally not visible in the QAVEDIT tool. Like sound, volume, priority, type and ID. It's currently in the RTCM Blood Forum, here. Don't forget to visit BME's Bloody Place, there for future placement of his new tool and to see all the wonderful other tools and information. Good Job with the support for Blood Modding!

EG Witchaven 1 and II Updated

"At long last I'm working on EGwhaven again." A new release should fix a few long-standing annoying bugs like the wrong sounds looping. He has updated his WH1 walkthrough slightly as he replayed through during the process of testing. Get the new news, EGWHAVEN and the walkthrough at ETTiNGRiNDER's web site, there. Good going EG! Also read about the changes straight away in the Official EGWhaven Forum here at RTCM.



Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on

An early draft of the DK add-on has been made available, here at my src-jfswarrior-addons download section and other locations on a few web sites. In this form, it has been grouped from some of the original assets. This particular add-on version is nice to view the unmodified maps in the SWP port.



DirectDraw Color Fix / xDuke Color Fix!

Thanks to Replica of Yang-Online for testing some new but old DD patcher programs out. xDuke and ports like it on Vista and Win7 can now be played with out wonky workarounds to fix the color issues, but now use DD compatibility fixes. Check out Yang for these fixes and more information, there.



Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Assets

The unreleased, and unfinished SW add-on Deadly Kiss original raw assets are available for download from several sources, including RTCM's swarrior-addons file section. So now Shadow Warrior Community wide tweaking and collaboration can begin on refining to produce a DK add-on.



Java Blood

I thought maybe I should post a news item about this port that apparently is a reversed engineered of the exe and uses the alpha source code to have obtained a similar version of Blood as the real v1.00. I'm told it's a little buggy and it needs JAVA to be installed to run and at the moment only excepts maps and INI files. So that means no custom installers will work with it. If your into Java type programs, you can get the GDXBlood by M210 files at his site, there.

Duke3Dw Updated

ProAsm/Ben Smit has updated his DN3D port recently, like two months ago, with some bug fixes. Get it at his web site, there. It's a decent windows port for Duke3D.



Shadow Warrior Alpha / Beta Release

Robman of SWC has gotten the ball rolling to get this material released asap. (The material in question where being held for well over three years in the clutches of some of the games community members that have a "I'm God's gift to the Build Engine" mentality. The material had no sign of ever being released to everyone openly until Robman contacted 3DRealms and Devolver Digital a week ago). You can now get them on Steam if you have the Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) free Game. The material added are the SW Alpha June 27, 1996 and the SW Beta April 4, 1997 (which was previously leaked years ago) versions. To read more about this and future updates about even more Shadow Warrior alpha/betas, checkout the Shadow Warrior Central news section. There is also a thread at SWC's Build forum by Ninjakitty explorering the SW Beta, and providing details of his findings.



Very Old CON FAQs Found

I don't usually post updates done to the site but I finally found my Hard Copy's of Jeff Armstrong's CON FAQ and a few other 1996 and 1997 FAQ's. These FAQ's where one of the first set of CON FAQ's to be written. I learned a lot from Jeff's FAQs (as well as others later on). I have posted them in the duke-faq-con downloads, Unfortunately as I have limited time I decided to scan in each page and provide them as images, rather than retyping the FAQ's. I will one day, just not today.



Blood Legends of Iconoclast Remake / Sequel Released

DwayneA has finished Loi2 for Blood after more than five years of hard work. It includes 28 maps and 5 episodes, new sounds and MIDI music which is installed with a BME custom installer so not to muck up your Blood folder. Read more about this Unfinished Business add-on at Dwayne's Blog, there. Download it at Blood Freeminded, there or The Bloody Repo, there.



I remember when 3DRealms was selling the Atomic Edition for 20 bucks and everyone thought it was too much for a DOS Game, they had it on sale for like five or more years after printing new disks. People believed 5 bucks should be adequate for the purchase of the game. This was after the fact that Duke3D nearly dropped out of existence back in the late 1990's. People even complained about the shipping cost of sending the CD in the mail on top of the 20 bucks. After the long wait, years, they dropped the price to 10 bucks and discontinued the Plutonium CD Upgrade, which was 10 bucks previously.

Now the World Tour edition by Gearbox is out and gamers are finding the 20 bucks is too much for an engine update and episode addition. Me personally find it costs too much and should have been a patch to the dos game, so dos patching up to the new windows engine. Maybe 10 bucks would have been a good price for a new patch.

There is also concern about the Megaton edition being removed from being a purchasable item. But more than so the concerns are less constructed verbally, and more represent crying. But from what I understand if you bought the game (again some did, even if they had the Dos version) they get to keep the Megaton game.

I can see that all this was and is unfair to the Duke3D Hard Core fans. But all the demanding and bitching, representing crying just isn't the way to go. So far I haven't seen either company give into it yet. That's not what's important, but it's noticeable.

What is a Duke3D Hard Core fan to do?
Read what you get in the World Tour Edition:

Summery: (Price: $20 bucks Release Date: October 11 2016)
Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, Vista and up (Steam Only)
Limited physical editions for Playstation 4 and Xbox One only for North America beginning on October 18th (Gamestop)
No Windows PC Hard Copies to buy at your local store.

"...brings classic Duke Nukem 3D, plus an ALL-NEW 8-Level fifth episode..."

>It has an 'on the fly' toggle that will let you switch between the original "2.5D" graphics engine, and Gearbox's "all-new True3D Rendering mode", which renders the game world in full 3D.
>Faster Frame Rates than through DOS.
>The pixel art is still intact. 
>Bump Mapped textures ?included / applied?
>The game is Painfully done with lighting.
>Video is in 1080p widescreen.
>There's also a new fifth episode: Alien World Order, this contains eight new levels created by Duke 3D's original map designers, Allen Blum III and Richard “Levelord” Gray. (used the original Duke3D BUILD Editor and/or Mapster32) (used all original assets).
>New Levels: AMSTERDAM, EGYPT, HOLLYWOOD, LONDON, MOSCOW, PARIS, ROME COLOSSEUM, SAN FRANCISCO. (Boss 3, The Cycloid Emperor with a repaint at the end of the episode)
>New music from Lee Jackson (the guy who did the original's theme tune; Grabbag).
>New Duke Talk lines by the original Duke's voice actor: Jon St. Jon.
>An in-game commentary by the original dev team are also included.
>New Weapon: The INCINERATOR (Used flame thrower code as a base that was in the src already)
>New Enemy: “Firefly” enemies. (There small, expand and shoot with flames)
>Old Duke Talk is re-recorded in higher quality. (said to be JSJ doing them over again).
>Old Music Remastered.
>Programmed from the original 1996 3DR source code.
>Multiplayer reworked from ground up. (8player multiplayer and co-op) , (dukematch is included) , (even a 1player vs 7bots match mode).
(You can play the new maps in Multiplayer as well.)
>Modernized auto-aim; A Narrow cone.
>Rewind Function may not be in the PC Version.
>Other minor changes...



New Blood Tool Shell

NoOne has created a shell launcher for individual Blood tools. Its called 'VC Blood Shell' and is based on the Volcov Commander program, runs in DosBox and DOS. If your interested, give the details a read through and or download to find out more. Do so at The Bloody Repo, there.



ETTiNGRiNDER's Site Updated

EG has updated his site overall, with new details on Witchaven, including a version list. He plans to expand his site as he moves forward. Go there now to gain knowledge.



I am still working on RTCM and posting news, but I have been busy with other projects as well. BME had released his updated Blood Mappack and Robman has released his SWC episode. EG intends to continue his work on WH. Others are working either slowly or a bit at a time to complete their projects.

The over all BUILD-Game forum community is now down to a minimum. Over the last few years I watched it die around October to December and recovery the months later was always dwindling.



It Has Arrived - BMEs 2016 Blood Map Pack

The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection! by BME has been newly updated and released. He has uploaded it to Blood Freeminded, there. Also at The Bloody Repo, there.