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SWC Beta Add-on Posted

Robman has released a test version of his SW Central Add-on. Check out his post on his forum: SWC Add-on Test. The post has some screen shots and details on where to download it.



EG Witchaven 1 (v0.1) and II (v0.6) released!

ETTiNGRiNDER has released an experimental EGWH1 exe for the first time. Also a newly updated EGWHII exe with a few fixes applied. Read the news and get the downloads at EG's Fortress, there.



Gearbox Adds A New DN3D World Tour Article

A New article describing the new levels in DN3DWT with background information and three screen shots per map, titled: "A Look at the New Duke Nukem Maps with Allen H. Blum III and Richard “Levelord®” Gray!" One detail revealed is that they made those maps very large, much larger than the old maps. Go to Gearbox software and read the new article, there.



Blood Mods Updated

NoOne has updated his Blood Mod; 'Final Alone In The Dark' yet once again. Also his Weapon Mod is up to version 2.0 now. It promises to be compatible with any other add-on. Check them out at The Bloody Repo, there.

Shadow Warrior Central News Update

Robman has been helping a lot on his SW Forum despite being busy with RL. Just recently he has posted a link where to buy SW Redux and then get the DOS version for free. Also posted is a teaser of his up and coming SWC Add-on. Check them out at his SWC Web Site under his news section, there.



Witchaven Trivia Update

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated his Witchaven Trivia section on his site to reflect new information that was presented to him by one of the original designers of the game, its about a mocked up screen shot that is on the retail box of WH1. Check out the news and trivia section at EG's Fortress for more information, there.

Blood Beast Hands in v1.21

NoOne has written up an article explaining how to activate BEAST Hands in v1.21 of Blood. The article has other related background information as well. Check out the latest news at The Bloody Repo, there.



A Duke3D Palette Editor/ LOOKUP.DAT files used for palette swapping in Duke Nukem 3D. Send the author some feedback and Check it out. There.

This tool is in Java designed for editing the PALETTE.DAT



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The official notice from me about the final position of my site: See Stolen Site Page For News/History Full Information.



More Bombshell Prequel Screens shots released

TerminX has posted a few new screen shots One and Two. Apparently the game will not include multiplayer since EDuke32's multiplayer is not even available. Most of the textures are 128x128 but he indicates they have a lot of 256x128, 128x256, etc at  256 colors with 60+ alt palettes. They use some palette tricks to cram more color ramps into the palette, mostly by reducing the number of individual shades per base color by 25%, and by allowing more than one color range to converge into a single ramp as the color range gets darker.

From GOG: ...prequel following the events leading up to Shelly's fateful encounter with Heskel that cost her her arm, her squad, and her reputation -- and set her on the path to retribution...



More Blood Mapping Info

BME has updated his site with a Sprite Types page document and next on his list of activities is detailed QAV trigger descriptions. Check it out at his site, There.

The prequel Bombshell Beta = non present

As advertised the Beta of the prequel was suppose to come with the deluxe edition of the other 3DR published isometric game. But it didn't, fans where looking for it in their purchase DL...Steam indicates they will be releasing a Demo of the prequel in the 4th quarter, about the same time the full prequel goes on sale. A side note; The prequel developers did not earn any money from the recent Deluxe Edition release, not even part of the extra bills you pay out for the Beta.



Maintenance Update of SWP Released

Hendricks released a new version of SWP. It allows for animated Voxels and other fixes and updates. Get it there.



Walkthroughs for the Witchaven Games

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated and completed his WHI&II walkthroughs. He also has updated some of the WH trivia section of his site. Check this new information out, there.

I've uploaded more files and some Eduke32 add-ons need to get uploaded as well. In other history, Apparently access to the BombShell prequel Beta hasn't been released as promised with the purchase of the publishers (3DR) other Deluxe Edition game. Now there saying that the extra cash you forked out will get you a demo version of the prequel somewhere in the 4th quarter of 2016. Then your going to have to pay for the full game after that.



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Bombshell Prequel BUILD Game Screenshots Posted.

Two images have been posted on Frederik Schreiber's (from 3DRealms/Interceptor) Facebook page and he mentions that the Prequel Beta BUILD/EDuke32 Game will be available with purchase of their non-BUILD isometric game; The Deluxe Edition of the Bombshell Digital Download. The full Prequel BUILD Game will be hopefully released on time in late 2016 as noted by one of the developers, which currently consists of Hendricks266 and TerminX (The rest of the developer names are not provided at this time.)

There are several locations you can read and post about the Prequel...: At 3DR Forum and at Duke 4 forum. I'd imagine you can post on 3DR related twitter and facebook too?



BME's 2015 Blood Map Pack Released!

The 3rd archive of his ever growing Bloody map pack has been finished and uploaded. Like before this archive replaces the previous one. Get it at BME's Bloody Web Site: Here.



New Witchaven 1 Patcher

-=CHE@TER=- has created with assistants from Corak the Avatar a new Dehack patcher for WH1. For more information and the download, goto his web site: Here.



New OUWB Demo Browser

BME has created a new Demo Browser for Blood. It backups all BLOODxxx.dem files first and only displays demos recorded with SPIELBERG X Y. Properties of the Demo will be shown in the lower part of the screen, Epi, Map, Diff and Duration. Get it at BME's Bloody Site: Here.



Old, long time, volunteer, free hosting, going away: See Stolen Site Page For News/History Full Information.



EGwhaven v0.5 Released!

ETTiNGRiNDER has released a new version of his Witchaven II source modification and has moved his site recently to a new location. Check out the news and downloads there. He also posted a thread announcement for it here.



The beta / alpha's of DN3D just took to long to come out; The few responsible for prepping them had other priorities that led to a year and three month wait that ultimate didn't happen cause 3DR lost the rights to that material. No word on the other Build Games that 3DR had access too, like SW. The New 3DR Build Game based on the EDuke32 game engine is suppose to come out next year and be a prequel of Bombshell. Bloodlines web site has grown to contain many more files, cough; The Russian Blood Demo, which is the Full Alpha, you really have to see some of the programs that it includes, I should mention the QStudios 3D positional sound program. BME preps for his upcoming map pack release, while helping the Blood community in the Bloody forums. The SWC episode/maps are being working on still by Robman and possibly some help. EG still works on his EGwhaven source mod and Witchaven shrine. Me, not to much, been away from RTCM for about 4 months or more due to other projects.



New Build ART Tool

M210 has programmed a new ART tool that resembles the GUI in DukeRes, the new tool is called BAFed - (Build ART Files Editor). The new tool requires Java installed on your computer. Read and Post about it at the Duke 4-BAFed Thread, and get it at M210's site, Here.

Also The New 3DR BUILD Game To be Made...

Looks as if 3DR will be pumping out a EDuke32 Standalone game with the theme of a Bombshell prequel. They will be using Classic and Polymost renderers only. Duke 4 Forum - Bombshell Prequel Thread.



New Tools for Witchaven 1 & II (eh, TekWar too.)

ETTiNGRiNDER has studied the 'JOESND' packed format and has programmed two new tools; One to unpack the sounds and songs, and one to actually recompile or repack those sounds in the JOESND 'archive'. Check it out on the forum thread for links to DL the tools and to post if necessary; Here.



A new Blood resource site was constructed the past month or so; Bloodlines. Constructed by L3gend and contains a few new Blood files including the Full Alpha. In other business, still waiting for 3DR to release even one beta / alpha of DN3D or SW, even any other BUILD Game, but its not happening, its been over a year now since they announced they will. But 3DR recently decided to hire people to make a new BUILD Game; all positions are filled, no further news about what they are going to use for a game engine. EDuke32 has been getting some optimizations and features added due to another paid OS version being worked on, improvements are carrying over. EGwhaven seen many improvements over the course of less than a month. The WH2 level editor manual has been expanded; still needs more work but its contains nearly all the info now. Robman is still working on making his SW episode that nobody helped him with; not much of a SW modding community out there.



3DRealms Job Openings for a new BUILD Game.

They are looking for Artists, Level Designers, Game Designers, Animators, Programmers and Technical Artists with Build Engine experience, for an exciting new 3D Realms Project. 3DR Forum - Jobs Thread.



New EGwhaven version!

EG has released an updated EGwhaven modification. It includes a more polished mouse code than before from KenBuild and has added a few features with many bug fixes. Read in depth information about it in the forum thread: Here. 



New Witchaven 2 and EGwhaven Map Browser

BME has done much in the Blood community and has extended some of his talents into other BUILD Games. He now has released an improved version of his WH2 / EGwhaven map browser. It uses the LOCAL command to by-pass the CD check plus other features. Get BME's Map Browser at ETTiNGRiNDER's Witchaven Shrine: Here.



New Blood Resource Site

L3gend has produced a new Resource and News site for Blood, called Blood Line. Currently showcasing the German bootleg of Blood download with a custom installer and text. Check out his site: bloodline.eu



EGwhaven Updated (v0.3)!

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated his EGwhaven Witchaven II source modification again. This time some tweaks to the mouse look feature and the custom GAME command line parameter. Get the new version at his site: EGwhaven.



Blood Final Alone In The Dark Released

NoOne has released his final update to the BAITD add-on. It has new of just about everything, including new textures and weapons. Check it out Here



Powerslave VS Exhumed

If your a fan of these games, the new location of the PS VS EX Russian website is Here. (When you go to the web site there is a translate button on the left) It includes updated information and a new patcher program with enhanced controls patched in that you can download. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. Makes playing the game a lot more traditional.



BME's 2014 Blood Map Pack Released

The 2nd release of the Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection has arrived for the new year. Contains 1119 Zips, 1650 maps of 285 authors. This is an update and total replacement of the previous pack released in April of 2013. The archive has been totally restructured, there are many updates like previously unknown maps being identified and over 100 new maps and add-ons have been added and more. Get it at BME's Bloody Web Site: Here.



Duke Espana Pack Updated

An end of the year update, the DELauncher modification by ArrovF. Includes the ability now to launch individual maps. The pack includes over 1000 maps, this is an addition to the existing TC's and Episodes from the previous version. Also a bonus Mod is included. Over 1.5 gig download. See the News and Download link at Duke Espana Web Site: http://www.dukespana.com/



ETTiNGRiNDER's EGwhaven, a WH2 source modification surfaced over the past few months. Sporting correct mouse controls and numerous bug fixes, and small enhancements. It makes WH2 playable like never before. I'm so excited about it I dove into the BUILD Editor for it and have been making an example map for it with all the effects we can squeeze into it. EG and I even updated and corrected the lacking but good WH2 Level Editor documentation, and continue to do so. Still no betas of Build Games released from 3DR yet, everyone is waiting for them. The full alpha of Blood surfaced recently, includes all tools with all source code. Not much else I can think of, I been stuck head first into the Build Scale document, trying to get the action dimensions for many of the Build Games together in one document, yup, including SW and WH2.



Cosmo, BuildSharp Live Stream

He plans to do a Twitch Stream on December 10 at 8pm GMT. You can ask questions during and after the stream. The URL for the planned stream is at: cosmothecoder. He will let you know if plans change and he can't make it. He also plans to release a BuildSharp Youtube video afterwards for those who missed it. Check out his site and programs at: BuildSharp web site.



Duke Espana Pack

This is old news but some of you may have missed this pack. It's old mods tweaked and fixed to run on EDuke32 with a front-end launcher. Check it out at Duke Espana Web Site Forum: Here.



EGwhaven Updated (v0.2) again!

ETTiNGRiNDER has updated his EGwhaven source modification again. It includes fixes to the treasure chest randomizer, added behavior for the Willow Wisp's non-functioning attack, and further refinements to player input and movement; such as strafing speed, and the run / walk should now work, and more!  Get the new version at his site: EGwhaven.



WH2 patches

If you have interested in helping the EGwhaven open source modification to find bugs, read further; I recently dug through the WH2 source code package and extracted some files that appeared to be updated from the released version of WH2 v2.0c. First off there is a unreleased v2.0g EXE for WH2 in the patch area of the site, here, that fixes a known strafe control error. Also you will find a download that contains what I believe based on file compare to be updates to the WH2 Game Data. Hopefully running updated WH2 and EGwhaven you will be-able to spot problems and send them to ETTiNGRiNDER for inspection. Use the command line  WH2 LOCAL  to bypass the CD check!

-Install WH2 from the CD and configure sound and controls.
-Apply the WH2 v2.0g EXE
-(Optional) Apply the New Game Data file
-Download and insert the egwhaven EXE
-Play the games and locate problems
*If you do re-run setup.exe use SETUP LOCAL Command line or it will overwrite everything you applied.
*Do not use the WH2 exe fix either, that's an old version. (v2.0)



Witchaven II Source Update

EGwhaven, (v0.1) a project to bugfix and enhance the Witchaven II source code. One noticable feature is the ability to have proper mouse support, look up and down! The author also wishes to incorporate WH1 as well; loaded as an add-on. You won't need the CD or a CD-Image and it plays the SMK videos just fine. Just copy your SMK folder and place it into the WHII folder. However to configure your controls you'll still need the CD's setup program. Try the game in SVGA through DosBox, it runs much better. Plus a vast amount of information about Witchaven and Witchaven II, here.




Over at Shadow Warrior Central, Robman is looking for SW Map Builders to join in on his fun. He's committed to making an episode for SW and SWP. Read about it in the SWC Forum, here.



3D Realms said they will be releasing the betas of old games soon, now that the new 3DR site is launched. RTCM has now a new monochromatic color scheme, darker blues. I also went through many of the pages and fixed the bookmark links so they open the page into it's self rather than the main area. What does this mean, well if you open a single page in a new window or tab as it would be, then the page will properly scroll down to the bookmark rather than open yet another window. This is for anyone enter the site to a separate page rather than the index. I also put links at the top of the navbars for faster access to the data. There has been a few more tools developed and mods but not much else is happing. Oh ERampage got an update from one of the original programmers.



Blood SEQ BROWSER v2.0 Re-Write!

BME has re-written his old SEQ Browser. The new one lets you not only edit but also test SEQ files with dedicated test maps! which are included. A tool for the advanced modder but it's easy enough for the novice to dabble into as well. Download it at the Blood Repo: SEQ BROWSER 2.0



ERampage Updated Again!

Grigoryev, one of the original programmers of ERampage has made some recent changes, he also updated the version of EDuke32 used. You can get the DL at Totally Redneck, click on the "Whats New" section on the left nav bar and go from there.



Blood Quake Like Doors

BME has made a map with 64 rooms connected with doors, windows, stacks and water. All doors will automatically open and will not close before the player has stepped away so there will be no crushing. The doors will never close while the player is still between them. He has prevented this by making a touchplate that will check the player entering and exiting the sector, the doors are also interruptable so even if a door would close and the player quickly steps back into the sector the door would suddenly go back again. Get it at The Blood Repo - "The Doors"



Blood OGG Launcher

You can now enjoy the CD music WITHOUT the CD. BME made a decent launcher for DOSBox that will mount the eight OGG tracks and launch Blood. You can get the launcher at the Blood Repo and the OGG tracks at Mediafire. The OGG tracks are newly recorded and not from GOG installation.

SWP Updated again

Hendricks266 has released another maintenance release of SWP by ProAsm. Also an updated SWP BUILD Editor is included. For a list of fixes see the Forum Thread. Get the download at his GITHUB Website.



Blood Map Format Extended Info

Over at DeepColdGrave they have more information on the Blood Map Format. Mostly offsets of where things are set. There is also a program/map reader to compare two maps, apparently you can't change any values from within the program itself. Start here: http://www.bloodgame.ru/deepcoldgrave/workshop/mapformat.php Its in Russian so you may need BING or Google translators.



Duke3dw Updated

ProAsm has updated his Duke3D port to v4.3.1. Includes numerous changes including a Win7 sound fix. Get it at his site: ProAsm-Duke3Dw



The Intercepted 3DRealms Update.

According to Interceptor the new 3DR site should be up and running from sometime in the the start through the mid of July. Their planning something special, that's why it's taking so long.



SWP Update Finally Here!

Hendricks which took over for ProAsm/Ben Smit is currently giving SWP a maintenance update. You can download the game engine from https://github.com/Hendricks266/SWP/wiki You first need to have the Registered CD or Digital DL of Shadow Warrior and SWP 4.3.2 to have all the necessary files. You can read and participate at the Forum Thread.



BME Pumps out two more Mapedit Examples

He has made examples for Multi-Teleporter and a Limited Ammo Selector. The later you pick the item on the wall you want then press the button on another nearby wall and it gives you the items you selected. Both are Neat. Get them at Blood Freeminded. Multi-Teleporter and Limited Ammo Selector.



Lee Jackson Release's GRABBAG Full Midi

Lee has released his full "Duke3D Theme" song in two different versions, standard midi and Roland version. The second is to sound the best and closes to the Redbook CD version on proper equipment.
You can get it at his web site: Lee Jackson Audio. You can read and post on the Duke 4 forum Thread.



Interceptor bought up 3DR and promises to release the Beta's of the BUILD Games they have. So looking forward to that. More files have been posted, not much for Duke3D but other BUILD Games. Duke Community has projects in the works but nothing really released lately, except maps. BuildSharp, the windows BUILD format reader is something new. It promises to run Blood in Windows without the limitations of the formats that the current engine uses. BME is working on his 2014 Blood mappack for release and there's a few Blood mods also being worked on.



Blood Work

Cosmo has been working with and playing with BUILD formats! A long venture to take on but absolutely inspiring. His project is called BuildSharp, it is able to read data from the three main Build games: duke, shadow warrior, and Blood. More work is being done to read these formats in a Windows environment. Check out his website at BuildSharp and his Facebook page for background text on what he is currently doing. There is also a Transfusion Forum thread to read.



Shadow Warrior Voxel Pack updated

Martin has made several Voxels from the sprites in SW. It has been recently updated with more new Voxels and the filenames are safe for use with the DOS version of SW. Get them at Mediafire. Also read about it at SWC Forum Thread for updates and participation.



3DRealms Intercepted

3DR as you may know by now has been bought up by Interceptor Entertainment. The real good news about this is they plan to release old Alphas and Betas of Duke3D and Shadow Warrior. Plus other images and models. They acquired CDs and Backups of all the old material and are currently working on making the files available on the new improved 3DR web site. Check out the Forum Thread for more info.



Redneck Rampage Mini Page Updated

Hank and I did up a great portion of the RR Build Game page. He provided most of the images and did some research. Rides Again was added to the page. If you never tried RRRA then you should, it's better than the original, with motorcycle action! The page needs more work but you can view the updates. Redneck Mini Page.



More work on the BG pages. A few small new documents and old ones touched up. I'd like to mention in some of my research that the CompuServe service where 3DR had a forum and unknown amount of user files back in 1996 I wasn't apart of, no internet access at that time. But apparently files did exist there. From the experience I've seen with 3DR with there AOL files and forum, some was lost when they moved on. If you where part of the GO Apogee network back then, or even AOL and you have backups, I'd like to hear from you. Please send me those old files. :)



The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face v1.01 updated

EZeddy has done it again with another mod for EDuke32. It's a horror adventure with graphics inspired by pixel-horror games. It has been in works almost half of year (with great delays, though). The concept is based around simulation of depression. Get it at the Indie DB.



Blood, Best Of Map Pack

Sir Seizhak wanted you to know he has put together a map pack; Blood Chronicles Volume 2. Blood Chronicles aims to be the best blood map collection, of the Blood Community! It contains 4 episodes + 8 Bloodbaths. Has Spanish and English text. Have Fun! Get it at Blood Hispano or Blood Freeminded or The Blood Repository.



Blood Repo Updates

NoOne has updated the Blood Repository to version 2.0 with major changes. This is a welcomed update to one of the main Blood sites in the community. Remember to super reload or clear your browser cache when visiting the improved site. Check it out at http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/ Remember to send or post any errors too NoOne that you may experience.



Kwik Edit for Mapedit

BME has made a Mapedit launcher for your Blood needs. Includes an option to view map error messages from previously loaded maps. Get it at BME's Bloody Site.



Not too much to say today. I have clearly gone through the site and added some EDuke32 add-ons and tools. Even touched up some of the other BUILD Games download sections. There is not much more I can do besides post maps for the major games, but I doubt I'll do it, it's pretty boring and I don't get a demand for them. Tried to get an old BUILD Editor FAQS site archived but I'm lacking a few images so I'm not posting it currently. Was in touch with the author but he's non compliant at the moment, don't know why though. But found some old format info about .ART and .GRP files, got those posted. I haven't noticed any updates to other free Duke3D ports, I really would like a Windows version of DOS EDuke 2.1, but I doubt that would every happen. Been waiting to see if a new ReBUILD Blood tool will ever get made, probably consists of modifying a current tool. This tool if it ever gets created is the last tool need to make Blood Add-ons much smaller and the authors wouldn't have to include registered files with their add-ons. Should mention the Community at a whole is very slow, could be that time of the year. I experimented with Blood 3Dfx but couldn't get good results due to forced full screen in the glide wrapper. The resolution only went to 640x480 for the Blood modified 3Dfx executable and looking at that res on full screen just wasn't worth it. Perhaps the glide wrapper will improve in the future. Made a little archive for OUWB users to try it out and posted it.



Shaw's Nightmare Gets A Web Page

Check out this BUILD Game's web site. Download links for the new FAQ and Game are at the bottom. SN Web Site.



Shadow Warrior Mapper Wanted

To fix and tweak out the old Deadly Kiss Add-on maps. Mapper needs to be experienced to fill this volunteer job. See the forums for more information:  SW Mapper for Deadly Kiss.



Need Your Help to I.D. some Blood maps...

BME is busy with his upcoming mappack and is asking a bit of your help with identifying unknown Blood maps (no author or description info). If you can help , please contact him at his site: BME's Bloody Place Thank you for your cooperation!



New Blood Map Demo

BME has made another Mapedit demonstration map; It Demonstrates all useful effect sprite types (400 and up). Download it here: http://blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=maps&id=461



Powerslave Mini Page update and Tool

Hank and I did up the Powerslave / Exhumed mini page. He provided all the needed images, I Did some research and filled in the missing info. There is a command line switch I accidently found trying to load some maps. It will allow you to jump to any level you want, single or multiplayer and bypass the intro screens. Look for the command line switch's after the Cheats. Also check out BME's new Powerslave Map Browser.



Finished most of the BG pages with Hank. Usurper is semi-awol but he continues too host us. No word on an updated key list for Editart or Guide updates. Three new important Blood sites appeared in the community over this year. Especially BME's Bloody place, with tons of new Blood tools and documents. His Blood support has been superior. I've added a few Duke3D and EDuke32 mod reviews, imported the information for Eddy's review section. Business has been slow the last few months, very few e-mails and small contributions in comparison to earlier times. During the slow times I usually correct and revise some of the sites information. Still adding useful external links and forums, yet the later is getting thin regarding users using them. Few mods for EDuke32 coming out, plenty of maps. A few Blood add-ons have been coming along, even updates to old ones. Shadow Warrior, not much to say other than Robman has been updating SWC with old but decent content. There's the SW and Duke3D Steam JonoF source code modifications, useful too future coders to expand on. To provide future generations new ports with fixes and maybe new multiplayer support which is yet to happened, but promised to those who bought the Steam games. Redneck Rampage has seen an EDuke32 port which is about 98% working/simulating RR. No RR source code release, yet. EDuke32 still in need of optimization. Hendricks put together an old version of EDuke32 using the old 3DR multiplayer code, so far so good with it! RTCM is still moving along, except for map uploads, but I been helping over the years by sending what I have for maps to other to place on their site, usually in map-packs. I was told I'm a bad-ass for all the years of support, I guess I am, it's tuff work I tell ya, just wish I could do more. It's hard to hold a consistent team to produce documents and such. Well here's to the future and updates. :)



New OLD Tools

I don't normally post news about content that often but I got two old tools posted that I apparently didn't have up before. Art Editor and Duke Play DSP, both by Chris Jones from the late 1990's. I always wondered if he had made other tools and obviously he has. The Art Editor functions similar to Editart while Duke Play plays sounds in the grp file just by entering the Build number. Check them out might be useful to some of you.



Blood Hostile Takeover Add-on Updated.

Bloatoid made some improvements to his old add-on after watching some people play through it. Its updated from v1.0 to v1.1. You can grab it at Blood Freeminded: http://blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=maps&id=452



A New Blood Tutorial - SECRETS SETUP

A tutorial and example map that explains how to setup the Secrets Counter. The Secrets Counter will keep track of how many secrets the player has found and will be displayed at the end screen after the map has finished (with the screaming voices sound). It also explains how to trigger the SUPER SECRET text. You can download it and watch a video from BME's Blood Site.



ERampage32 Updated!

The EDuke32 source modification, ERampage32 has gone through a new revision. Jon Hunt has corrected all the maps to work correctly with the EXE that Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz has updated. It gives full single player support for Redneck Rampage, Redneck Rampage Rides Again and Sucking Grits On Route 66.
Download the new archive from Totally Redneck, Jon's site.



Shadow Warrior Central - Expands!

Has expanded by adding a Featured Map section of maps that display an exception above the rest from the past 16 years. Robman is play testing them and providing screenshots and descriptions of these maps. So while you are over there check out the new section; SWC - Featured Maps.



Fate Mini Page

Well Hank and I did up the Fate Mini page. It's a great game as long as you don't get killed you can make it through the four levels included in the preview. It features level warp, where you can go back and forth from several levels without skipping a beat. Check out the Mini Page and try the game. Fate Mini Page. Don't forget to try BME's new Fate Launcher in the downloads section.



BME's Blood Map Pack 2013...Arrives!

BME has compiled all the maps he could find and smaller mods into one archive. All maps have been provided a BAT and INI file (where missing) and some projects are re-scripted (install BAT) in order to make them work properly and/or to ensure the original files will be restored after playing. The pack is organized by each authors name followed by the map name. Simply unzip a map into your Blood folder and drag the BAT file over your DosBox Icon, drop it and it launches the game with that map, simple. It's 187megs and contains 1000 items with over 1300 maps. Amazing work BME!
You can DL it from his site: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/bme.htm



Blood Repository Gets an Update!

NoOne has worked very hard to bring you a new and improved version of his repository. The updates include a new look. (make sure you super reload the page or clear your browser's cache) A list of changes for v1.5 of the web page:

-Added random screenshot.
-Users can comment screenshots.
-Added cache system, site should work faster.
-Users can write own articles!
-Users can upload screenshots with any resolution.
-New and simply rating system: only votes.
-New design.

Check them out at: http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/ The Ultimate Blood Hive!



Witchaven 1 and II Map Browsers

BME has yet again programmed another set of map browsers, for WH1 and WH2. A little trickery had to go into making them cause WH didn't seem to have a command line option to load maps and WH2 command line didn't seem to work.



Shaw's Nightmare 1st Episode Released.

Micheal is releasing his first episode of his BUILD Game. He could use some help with it doing art and maps, so if your interested contact him. Read the SN FAQ: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?f0n80uu483gy56x and Download V0.99: http://www.mediafire.com/?njhh3zruufa8r8x



Witchaven Mini Page Update

Hank and I have been working on this page for about a week or more and its 99% finished. I just need to keep play testing and see which creatures are truly in the game, there maybe more than we have listed, at least different pallete versions. I have found that some items listed only in WH2 are present in this game, like the Glass Skull. Any knowledge about this game would be helpful if you can e-mail me. The Witchaven II page is under construction next.
Witchaven Mini Page.



New Map Browser for Tekwar

BME has programmed a tiny map browser for Tekwar. It should help if your annoyed trying to get to all the maps through the subway hub map. TekWarMapBrowser10.zip



Tekwar Mini Page Update

Hank and I have been working on this page for a few weeks. He has exported all the tiles on that page and more to gif and animated gif images. I also grab some fresh screenshots to show off some of the tech. I filled in allot of the information needed to document the game, did alot of research and corrected the game's manual where needed. You really should look into this game and its demos to explore a nifty little BUILD Game. You may want to override the mouse controls with DosBox if possible for aiming; the enemies move around and duck your shots allot, some are on higher elevations. So please read the new info at RTCM's TekWar Mini Page.



Steam to get Duke Nukem 3D+

Using JonoF's source and the XBOX source files which again are based on JonoF's source, the game will have hi-tile status bar and menu selection screens. The classic render mode with have filtering, which surprising is slightly sharper than EDuke32's filter. The duke3d.grp file is going to be available to transplant into EDuke32 if you so wish too. So you don't need to buy Duke3D elsewhere if your planning on buying the steam game. The source code is to be released a week after the game is posted on steam. Read about it at the Duke4 website news and forum.
Website: Forum Thread: Duke 4 Forum, Steam



Over the last few years I built up the Blood section of the site and got rid of some files that where obsolete, replaced/added them with newer versions. Stopped work on the add-on review section simple because Eddy quit. I might go back to it someday. Added a bunch to the EDuke32 files section. There where a ton of work coming out, mods and add-ons. The EDuke32 game even added a Polymer renderer and adds dynamic lights to the game as well. It seems to cause allot of problems with ATI video cards, apparently on the fault of ATI's drivers. It needs to be optimized too, you need a very powerful video card to run it. TROR was added to the programs, even in Mapster32 you build rooms on top of each other rather than separated and tagged as ROR as with the older map editors. I Worked on and off on the BUILD Game section, Updated the index with games and their counterparts, shareware, cd shareware and beta's. Removed more annoying pop-under pages from the old site. Added a bunch of tools and beefed up the tekwar section. Worked on a few of the documents, revised some info here and there. Finished the sound table for the con-sound page. The last several months have been hectic, alot of e-mails and posting fan made faqs and tools. Jason Hall and his efforts to get the rights to produce a newer Blood version have halted, because Atari just put a stop to it, no reason as reported. He didn't want to release the code, but produce an updated version that ran on modern systems with some enhancements. Well at least we know the Blood source code at this point in time exists and is contained in three locations... Still hope someone will get the rights to release it or modify the game with new patches if at all. Hank is currently helping with the BG section, converting tiles to gifs. I reformatted those pages and in the process of cleaning them up and filling in information.



New Blood Tool - Blood Surface Editor v1.0

An easy to use editor to set the surface types of tiles. Assigns sounds to different tiles. Each surface type has got its own individual key! Watch a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T0MdLsoiLc
and download it from BME's site: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/bme.htm



MAP and BUILD Launcher for Shadow Warrior

BME has coded a new launcher for SW users. Give it a go at: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/files/bme_ilmhb/SW/SWMapBrowser10.zip



Shadow Warrior Central Updates!

RobMan has been working to improve SWC (since 1999) and continues to do so, he recently added hard to find links to SW websites and has reverted to using a more familiar forum for your questions. He plans to add more hard to find maps as time moves on. Checkout his site and register in the forum: http://swcentral.weebly.com/



Shaw's Nightmare Continues

Remember this DOS BUILD Game...(read about 6 or more news post below)...well it's still in the works. Beta v0.91 is out and can be DL from: http://www.mediafire.com/?89owga7p24clg6w



New Blood Repository

A new Blood site where users can upload any bloody files. Sections include Weapons, Add-ons, Models, Levels and Tools. Uploaded files can be rated and commented. There is also a section on modding articles. The creator of the new site, NoOne is eager for you to upload your new files and download existing files.

His site is reachable at this new url: http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/



New Blood Site!

BME has his own spot on the web now for all you Blood fans. It contains all his New Blood Tools, Mapedit Tutorials and other related Blood goodness. Here's a little history on BME:

I started to play Blood when I had my first PC in 1998, it was also the first game I completely played from start to end, then off and on with pauses of 5 years or so. Never really used Mapedit during that time, I remember it would easily crash in DOS back then. However, I did some Duke3D maps so I already knew a few things about the build engine when I finally started mapping for Blood a year or 3 ago. Besides mapping I also like to program so now and then and what a better way to do Bloody apps ;)

His new site can be reached here: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/bme.htm



New Blood Tool.

BME made yet another little Blood tool called "Burp!", it extracts all information from a ART file and writes it to a TXT file of the same name. Besides reading its X and Y size, X and Y offsets and the Animation Type, Length and Speed, it also checks the SURFACE.DAT and VOXEL.DAT!

It can come in handy for mappers/modders. Its available here: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/files/bme_ilmhb/Burp!.zip



A New Blood Site.

Blood Hispano is a new Spanish web about Blood and Blood 2 The chosen, founded by Sir Seizhak (Alexis). There's information about weapons, cheats, walkthroughs, and more interesting stuff, all in Spanish.

The main purpose of Blood Hispano is to provide the best information of Blood, like Wiki Blood. It isn't the same style, is only a good inspiration and guide. The new site is found here: www.bloodhispano.ucoz.es



Shadow Warrior - Deadly Kiss Commercial Add-on Info Request...

If you have any information or materials concerning Deadly Kiss, the lost expansion pack for Shadow Warrior, please contact Hendricks266 using the information available at ...../

Thank You.



Micheal has released another Alpha of his new DOS BUILD Game,
Alpha 0.6:  http://www.mediafire.com/?44wmbqxa6kdc581

Additions since the previous alpha:
+ Elevators now work.
+ Weapons now work.
+ Other door types are implemented.
+ New levels
+ Some more art
+ Menus are now implemented.
+ Demos

Here are the command-line arguments:
-map : Loads a custom map
-m: Loads a level from episode 1.
-record: Records a demo
-playdemo: Plays a demo.

If anyone is interested in building maps for this game, Contact Micheal Muniko and he'll send you his Build Editor and the latest art.

UPDATE: The first episode should come out in mid to late February but it may be pushed later to make room for AI, sound, weapons or levels change. It will be released as Freeware.



New DOS BUILD Game is in the works, it's called Shaw's Nightmare. The code is based on Ken Silverman's BUILD src. It's only in the Alpha state and is done by Micheal Muniko. He estimates the game will be done in a month or two.

Let me tell you the story: Shaw was listening to music and reading a book when he suddenly fell asleep, while he was dreaming his headphones started picking up strange: static, explosions, dogs barking, bones cracking and finally silence. Then a big hole began to form on the floor and Shaw fell in, entering a dangerous world he never knew. Things aren't looking too good. He seemed to be lost. Then one boy came preparing to shoot him but Shaw found a nearby dagger and stabbed him with it and took his weapon. Then Shaw heard some alerting noises. They know he's here. There's no turning back.

Slideshow: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jpkdcddce5e1hzz

Here are the game features:
-Fully textured floors, walls and ceilings
-Lighting so objects will be dark unless there is a lighting source nearby.
-In addition to 256-color VGA graphics, Red-Blue Crystal and VESA.
-Incredible cinematics
-7 unique weapons!
-Scary monsters.

What I've added since the tech demo:
* Doors
* Animating lava
* Lots of more art

What's coming
* Elevators
* Enemies (there are in there but they do not move, so....)
* The entire rest of the game

You can get to levels using 1-9 keys. To access maps included in the archive
you must type:

SN (map file you want to play)


1: Getting near done.
2: I'm hoping for a better hotel.
3: A poor depiction of my old school.
4: I will put cows in this level.
5: This will be much more than this.
6: You're alone and bored! Forget what you have seen!
7: An arcade room. Hopefully will have functioning games.
8: A bunch of cargos, keep them coming.
9: My old home.

You can download Alpha 0.3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6by9q2y4aerewsn

If you test it out send him some feedback.



Many file updates, downloads added. I been cleaning house and uploading misc files that I had pending for RTCM consumption. I have some frontends to upload, but most are old so unless they have source code included there's not much to be said of them. Also I have a bunch of .art packs and con files to upload. The con files are crap I think mostly just user.con edits. Also working on relieving myself of notes that I have for RTCM.

I have maps from 1996-97 that need uploading, I can't be bothered doing it, there are so many, I need help with that, if interested please, please let me know asap.

Again if you have tools or addon's news send me an e-mail and I'll post it here, you'll receive allot of traffic. I can't go out and dig for news, at least not now, no time. So feel happy to send me an e-mail of your news.

Left Nav bar has been updated to reflect the bookmarks in each document, some docs received a slight update, I may update some later on.

Oh, and links to quality sites are welcomed, so send me your links if you think you have a good site.
Until next time...



R.T.C.M. Forum. Today I thank Yatta of or he has granted us a forum for use of site feedback and help. You can contact RTCM Staff this way aswell. R.T.C.M. Forum



Free Software to help get sound in WindowsXP from your DOS BUILD Game. Software Systems released a no time limit version of their SoundFX 2000 emulator v 2.04 as free and open source. If you opt to not use the newer DosBox Emulator to run your BUILD Game, then this is for you. For reference I have two documents to help get your DOS Game running in Windows XP NT and 2000. setup-windowxp-buildgame and setup-windowsxp-sound

Also Usurpers Editart Guide v2.5 Lite is posted yet again. art-editart-guide2 There is some missing information over previous versions while other areas of the document are vastly improved. Hopefully he'll come out with a v3.0 of his guide, at least that's what I'm pushing him for. If you have anymore info that should be in the document, please contact Usurper and forward any information regarding the editart guide.



Epicon 1.0 , (Blood Episode Constructor from BME/ILMHB) is available here:
EPICON 1.0 (final).zip

Blood Map Browser 1.0 (from BME/ILMHB), is also available here:



New Blood Tools: (from BME/ILMHB)

They have created these tools to help make quicker and better maps for Blood. Here they are:

Blood Map Browser 1.0 - "Users can browse through maps located in the main blood folder and then start or edit them. There are 3 ways to start a map: 1. with skill select, 2 without skill select, 3 without monsters. When [Z] is pressed, a LIST.TXT is generated with all maps listed."
Check it out in action at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m_I8bbdX8Q

Initialization and Batch File Generator - "This nice little tool is used to generate blood .ini files for comfortable creation / editing of episodes and other cool stuff relying on .ini-files."

INISOLO - With this tool you can easily create .INI files for one single map. The batch file to start blood with the created INI file is also created automatically.

Epicon 1.0 - "is a compiler that reads from a definition file, MYLIST.DEF is such a file. In this single file one can define the Episode Title, Art files, Maps and Names, MIDI Song names and Sounds. Once all is done the user runs Epicon with the .Def file name as command line, like this: EPICON MYLIST.DEF The program will process everything, if everything is OK then files are generated accordingly to what was defined in the .DEF file. So for example if ART was defined than a replacement script is automatically generated in the BAT file or if RAW wave sounds were defined a RSF (resource) file will be generated that will be used by BARF to write the sounds to the .RFF file."
Check it out in action at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxGbgxmlUj0  This Tool is "Soon to be released".

All these tools can be downloaded from; http://www.blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=mapedit when available.



Recently uploaded another Powerslave Beta Demo (powerslave-shareware), this one sits somewhere between the beta and shareware release. Also the CD version of TekWar Shareware (tekwar-shareware) got posted, this one is a few weeks newer than the standard TekWar shareware release. Thanks goes out to MrFlibble for finding these rare archives.

This reminds me; I'm still in need of the Witchaven II CD Shareware Demo, its found on the PC Gamer UK, Issue 33, August 1996 and PC Power UK, Issue 31, July 1996 CDs. If you have these please let me know.

Also posted misc EDuke32 addons and various other small files. I haven't had a chance to go through all my notes yet to post them in an archived fashion; cleaned up so they make sense, but I'm working on it.



I just rediscovered a cache of notes I have for making projects and documents. They are a mess but filled with very good information. I'm hoping with little effort I can upload some of this info to RTCM. See most of these notes are not completely organized within themselves so I can't put alot of time into them, if the effort is minor I'll post them.

RTCM still need volunteers to help work on the site. If your a person that likes to do research and develop new downloads or documents, I think you would fit in fine. Posting maps we need help too and that takes some research as well. Think it over and either join the staff or merge up with us if you already have a site with good details.

If anyone has some info we should be aware of or files, please send them via my contact. The site has grow so large that we can't account for all details where there should be some info found.

If your working on a source port of any of the BUILD games I would like to see and use them myself, such as Witchaven or TekWar. Since the source isn't available for Powerslave I'd like to know if anyone maybe making an addon for EDuke32. I honestly love Powerslave and really dig some of the advancement they did with the BUILD Game engine. Like wall blocks resting on the ground after blowing open a wall, and the lighting trick they used with sprites. Cool stuff. Does anyone know where to get the Powerslave source code?

Well that's all for now, have fun as usual.



Just to let you there are a few foreign sites out there that cover some BUILD Games. Most notable is the Russian blood community. Fairly strong and still mapping for Blood and making addons. So check them out on the top nav bar here at RTCM, there the last three in red.

Also I found that Cursed Lands Addon for Duke3D(JFDUKE) has a Trojan in the GAME.EXE also the available downloads of GRP Viewer by Roma has an Identify theft virus in it. Use caution when running these programs as my system didn't detect them until after they where opened or running.

More about RTCM; still uploading to the site, nothing specific just random files. Changed the way the documents display within the main window now and at 800pixel width. Allot easier to read. Still need volunteers to merge up with RTCM and/or help post the map files. and...

JS BUILD, if your out there send me an e-mail. Its urgent that I speak with you again.



Just informing you if you still get pop-under's on this site and you want it removed just send an e-mail saying what page its on and I can remove it. I been removing them as I go but I know there's a bunch still out there.

Also if you have any questions about the site, feel free to contact us, we love helping out.

If there are anymore files that we should have, you could bring that to our attention as well. I'll post them almost as soon as I get them. They will take priority over the other files I already need to post yet.

Volunteers needed to post maps for most of the BUILD games, yes its all done by hand but you can use an html editor if you want to. I won't kid ya, there are alot of maps to be posted. I believe that most of them are before the year 2000, possible many from 1997 to 98. Eventually I may want to get '96 maps up there too. Its a very interesting job, but it takes time, and I don't have the ability to work with them at this point.



By this time we loose the great Eddy, he lost motivation to work on the web site and kindly retired. We here at RTCM have a large cache of maps that need posting, I most likely won't be able to post them, Hopefully a another volunteer with pop up to help us get all those files posted some day.



This news item is to let you know that we are working on the site since its new move about 2 weeks ago.
The only thing we lost during the move was four news postings, so if anyone has are last four news postings
could you please send them to us, thank you!!

We still need volunteers to help out, please read the Help Wanted section on the right nav bar to learn more.

I had to take down a few sections of the site, including the "Community Links" section, simply because I don't
have time to maintain it. Again if your into helping out we could use a volunteer to bring back that section.

If you have any files you want to send in to be posted now is a good time to do that.


In 6-23-2011

The site is now relocated and tweaked out a bit, removed a bunch of un-maintained pages and sections of the site, we went on a diet. FunDuke went MIA after doing a great job on posting a few hundred files. Work continues on the site.



-Missing 3 to 4 news post-



We, Eddy and I keep adding Duke3D mods and we are working are way onto a new section for EDuke32 mods, stay tuned. Happily FunDuke has joined RTCM and is currently doing the file posting for the other BUILD Games, adding mods, tools, maps etc. He said that progress is going good and the work is just how he imagined it to be. FunDuke is a long time friend of RTCM and a long time Duke3D/BUILD fan, he's been around a long time and his expertise in the matter is very important to us. We here at RTCM greatly appreciate FunDuke's help, I hope he sticks around long enough to help out beyond the aprox 1.5gigs of files he's adding.



During this time Eddy merged up with us, bringing with him the mods he has researched and collected. He also has reviews for these mods and we are in the process of posting all this new information.



Usurper is the one that will be guiding us into the future, so contact him if you have anything else for us, for the new site. Thank You for the Years of support and visits.


2005 to 2008

I was semi retired from RTCM and decided to approach other work during this time. I also had a long time effecting "accident" that prevented me from activitly working on my RTCM site.



EDuke32 Release One Available!

TerminX's port of EDuke is out.

EDuke32 is a Windows port of Duke Nukem 3D which provides a multitude of features for mod authors not found in the original game.

EDuke32 combines all the features of Jonathon Fowler's JFDuke3D port (including Build Engine author Ken Silverman's "Polymost" renderer) with Matt Saettler's EDuke 2.0 advances, along with some EDuke 2.1 commands and an new features.



Windows 32 bit EDuke - WinEDuke Updated!

(late news) The Windows version of EDuke has been Updated and Released. This particular port is created by IceColdDuke. It uses EDuke v2.1 as a code base so all your mods will work with it.

You will need:
WinEDuke build 39+ - The First Release

EDuke 2.1 Iced You'll need only the con files from this archive.

SDL.dll - Support for the Windows Engine

SDL_Mixer.dll - Support for the Windows Engine

WinEDuke build 41 exe This is the current patch update.

Check out the RTCM Forums for more details
Forum: WinEDuke build 41



Eduke 2.1.1 Released

Head over to the RTCM EDuke Dev Center and check out the latest release of EDuke by Malone and Renegado.

The release includes several new mathematical commands, increased limits on mapsize and art tiles, (larger!) voxel support, the CDuke room-over-room implementation, menu customization, and more.



Bug Fix Release of JF-Duke3D

An update on Jonof's Windows port of Duke3D:

29 June 2004 - Update release.

Well, I backported a bunch of stuff from my development version of the engine and Duke and have released updated source and executables. There's one new feature in this release: resizable status bar support. It's got one or two rough edges at the moment but they'll be fixed. The problem of losing input response when Alt-Tabbing from the game is fixed in this release, as is the backwards model problem.

- Jonathon

Sound and network improvements are targeted for the next release.



Usurper got the site moved, again. I lost track how many times the site has been moved, let me see *thinking*... I think 8 times but I'm not sure. Fortunately we haven't had to sacrifice much during our moves. I think one time we where down a month and rumors where we where gone. The ones that e-mailed us knew better of course. I don't know I always had something going on... posting part of the site at these weird servers knowing I would be taking it down shortly. A while ago I had most of the downloads uploaded at these cheesy sites, all with dial-up, I note dial-up because I done this at least 5 times before. Its just amazing to me that I have been able to continue over the years. I think I do a good job, I don't get any complaints, I feel free spirited with the site and the work we all done.



New release of JonoF's port

The latest version of JonoF's Windows port of Duke3D includes md2 model support coded by Ken Silverman. The models work with the polymost renderer modes only, and allow you to replace rotating and wall-aligned sprites with md2 models. Md2 is the free model format created for the Quake 2 engine which continues to be popular in many open source engine projects.

Other highlights include the ability of the Build editor to display truecolor textures and models as the game itself does by parsing the new DEF file, which replaces the extra.con file.

More info and downloads at JonoF's site.



XGroup - A BUILD Tool - Updated

Krado Visions presents: Grp-Xtrax / MakeGroup

This is a single Windows GUI program that is based on Ken Silverman's kgroup/kextract source codes. The two parts are:

Grp-Xtract. It will extract all selected files, one file at a time or a batch by Multi-Select.

MakeGroup. This part of the program is for making GRP files.

If you downloaded this program before, there is a new version now available. Added feature, you can now extract multi-selected items. The tool is simple to use so try it out. Send feedback to the author for future updates.

Grp-Xtrax / MakeGroup Site and Download



CON Script Editors

Looking for some code editors? Well there's two in development and you can influence updates by sending feedback to the authors.

Game.CON Hacker Editor (or GCHE) - a new utility programmed by Devastator, designed for novices of .con editing
with the intent making editing easier and more efficient.
CONstruct - Easy-To-Use CON Editor
DNCE - James Hughes, A 32bit Windows Duke Nukem source con editor. It introduces a friendly and effective, visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) way of editing Duke Nukem *.con files - resembling closely to the screen of modern HTML source editors. This program is available here at RTCM, its no longer in production.


Wanton Destruction Levels

Charlie Wiederhold has search for the "complete" Wanton Destruction Shadow Warrior Addon that he worked on when he was at Sunstorm. This addon was partially completed but never released. unfortunately it currently stands that the addon is unavailable. In this event Charlie has released the levels he made for that addon.

Charlie Wiederholds -
Wanton Destruction Levels



Shadow Warrior Source Code

The Shadow Warrior Source Code will be released. It will be released as soon as 3DR feel everything is ready for it. This may include the current technology state of the community as well as its Shadow Warrior collective. Prepare for it now.



New server

If you can read this, you're viewing RTCM from our new server.



Open community projects.

Did you ever want to help make or need help making a TC or Mod but didn't want to get locked into anything as an obligated member? Well I came across two special Mod websites. These mod sites are providing the ultimate gift, they have an open policy on developed material. Such as straight CONS, ART, Maps and sound all available from there mods. They allow you to view and use the Mod in its current state. You can even use the material and scripts in your own mod. In fact several new mods have already adapted to using these Open Mods as there codebase. Some new mods include STARGATE and CRIME. If you don't want to base an entire mod on the open projects then help yourself to some code snippets.

Several years ago RTCM had released the "RTCM Kit" which in all sense was an open project that delivered special coding for all to help them selves too, unfortunately this was canceled once RTCM became underdevelopment as the editing and resource site it is today. The "kit" used extensive remarks to help coders learn and use the scripts properly. These Open Projects have also took the time to organize there code for easy understanding. So you can see why these Open projects can produce such excitement. They will cut down on the amount of time required for a new mod to be produced. Mods with fewer members will no longer need to be struggling to complete there work. Remember, the CONs are not compressed like some other mods that you would rather look down on and piss on. Everything is open and very interesting. If you have any questions they have the answers. EDuke help is hard to come by and I think you will greatly appreciate what these two Open Mods are doing.

These projects became 'open' for a few reasons. You can say some of us get sick of mods that do allot of work only for the mod to be canceled or abandoned. The work the authors done is normally lost cause they didn't or wouldn't release what they had at the time they quite the mod. They also find that they are providing for the community effort free just by doing there own work. It's really a very nice feeling to show that you have REALLY done something to benefit the community.

Those are the major reasons. There are unsaid benefits for providing this 'service' as well. If your considering doing an Open project the following should be of interest. The author or team members of these Open Mods can get feedback during all steps of development, this is something new to this community and very exciting. Another unsaid benefit would be the community can handle the material very intimately. CON scripters can learn and work from the code. You can then post your results in the forums provided at the Open Mod websites. sharing work like this helps increase production speed. Of course you have no obligation to reveal your findings, suggesting new code for the mod is optional. But if you do share you'll find that a simple thread could help you out as well, tremendously. The Open Mod authors readily join in on the forums and communicate there findings as well. New technology is fun to share.

It doesn't end there. Artist, Sound Engineers, Mappers can participate and also try there hands at making a piece of a Mod. When you go and visit these sites and download the material and examine what there offering you may find something interesting you would like to do or use. Maybe there's a single sound that doesn't seem the best it can be. So you sample a new sound and post it at the forums. Your never obligated to do anything. Your not made into an obligated team member, so there is no fear on being locked into anything. It could be a single tile in the art you want to touchup or replace with something better or anything else you think you may like to contribute. Do it and post it in the Open mod related forum. You don't have any obligation to do anything else, nothing is expected from you.

Manson's NightStrike and Mblackwell's OpenDuke(ODuke) go visit them!


"Hightile" truecolor texture support added to JFDuke3D

Jonathon Fowler's Windows port of Duke3D has been updated to include support for high resolution truecolor textures, including .tga, .png, .jpg, and .gif support. Complete details as well as binary and source code downloads are available at JonoF's website.

A retexturing project has sprung up as well. Until a permanent home for it is established, planning has been going on in the 3D Realms Forums on the Duke3D Source Code board.



WinEduke with room over room

Head over to the EDuke Dev Center for hot EDuke action with room over room capability. Hopefully this can tide us over until a smoother implementation of room over room gets in the code.


Multiplayer Gathering

I recently came a across a site that has a true Database for players to classify themselves for multiplayer.

Each player can setup there own account and specify what version of Duke3D they are willing to play, 1.3D and 1.5 DOS or you can specify if you want to use a game port. Currently Rancidmeat and JonoFs ports are available.

Upon visiting you can open up the Database and view all the information for each player in an organized table. The players Nickname, Duke3D version, DOS, or a Port. Clicking on the players nickname list displays a variety of information, such as e-mail, how recent they requested a game, contact information via all the popular Messenger programs. At the end of the list, there are notes from the specific player that he may want to share.

Once you find a player you want to contact you can do this simply by clicking on a reply button that will bring up an e-mail form. Clean and simple. If you want a buddy of yours to join in on the fun, you can click on the 'send to friend' button and the players info will be e-mailed to them.

Other features of the Database site include, links for Help, links to all the port websites and multiplayer drivers and frontends. There's a recent submitted link that shows the newest entries in the Database. However all entries in the Database have a 30 Day life cycle to insure all players on the list are available. There's a popular list that will indicate the most active players.

A separate section to classify yourself as a Multiplayer Mod user is available. Very handy feature for those who find it hard to find players willing to play the same Mod.

Overall the script is very complete, it has what anyone knowledgeable about multiplaying can ask for.




The Pacific War TC for WWII GI

The Pacific War TC is possibly the second Mod completed for the WWII GI BUILD Game. There group was around for along time and finally they have a Downloadable Archive Available.

If you still have your WWII GI CD you at least ow these guys a chance to check out there TC. There looking for some feedback good or bad in there forums. They also have technical support posted as well.

Check them out: ..../


I examined the BUILD Game community overall. I'm saddened that the mature community has indeed been thinned. All that knowledge at work was at an all time high, we had a big impact on things and where glad to say it remained for a few years in good strength. There are still hot spots alive, but there subdued. Veterans, I miss you all, so show up and lets talk again!

There are too many groups or clicks. This belief is indeed translucent and disturbing. They rather go without than to reach out, having an unsupported behavior based on childish tendencies creating a divided community.  These may not be our saviors BUT they are in the community,... in there own, but it does exist. I support them never the less. On a brighter side we (RTCM) are still expanding, even after 7 to 8 years later.  I feel RTCM is heading in the right direction despite negative experiences. Something about RTCM just won't give in to the darkside. :o) It thrives on the amplitude of all BUILD Users. Despite all this we need support from our fans to supply us and push us. We know you are there and you know we are here, as much as some would deny it or ruse themselves from the truth, we are still in exult!



Bdragon Mapster Port

The Mapster project is not part of RTCM. It is being done by Bdragon. Heres some info.

The following post was made at 3DRs Forums:


From Bdragon:

I haven't made much progress, but I would like to use this thread for updates, so try not to get it locked.

Current Outstanding Patches against icculus-buildengine:

1. SDL Repeat fix
Desc: A one liner to make the SDL keyboard handler repeating, fixes stuff like scrolling tilepicker by holding down arrows.
Importance: Regression, High
Type: Bugfix
URL: http://www.iw.net/~bergren/sdl_driver_repeat.diff

2. Mapster-style sprite tails.
Desc: Sticks lines on the side of aligned sprites, and draws a small box around floor-aligned sprites.
Importance: Cosmetic, Low
Type: Feature
URL: http://www.iw.net/~bergren/engine_mapster_1_patch.diff
Other: Uses #ifdef MAPSTER -- if not defined, the regular code is used.

Outstanding Bugs:

1. Pressing F1 will exit immediately.
Desc: Pressing F1 will call exit(1), dumping you out of the program.
Cause: I forgot to remove some debugging code.
Workaround: Don't press F1.

2. Random crashes in 2D mode.
Desc: Sometimes when walking around with the arrow keys in 2D mode, build will suddenly exit.
Cause: Unknown.
Workaround: Unknown.
Other: If someone can find a repeatable situation that causes this problem, please let me know. I've always wanted to fix this once and for all.
IIRC, I left GDB symbols in the exe. If someone gets a back trace, please post it!

3. Captions in 2D mode aren't changeable.
Desc: Although there is more than one option for labeling stuff in 2D mode, it is currently only changeable at compile time.
Cause: I still need to write support for a persistent options system. Until then, captions aren't changeable.


1. I finally have internet access in my apartment. (Well, kinda... It doesn't work all the time because of id10ts using adhoc screwing up the signal.)

The thread again is:




This particular month I have asked Usurper to have more influence directly with our History section. So read on...Following the April 1st release of the Duke 3D source code, a few Windows ports have sprung up, two of which seem to be solid projects with continued support. Network code is incomplete but forthcoming, and we await the coming of voxels and true room-over-room effects to both popular Windows ports as well as the continuing EDuke project. Surprisingly, a few stalwart coders continue their projects. The roster of the inner circle has changed completely since the glory days of the late 90s. Map production has slowed to a trickle, but a stable, feature-rich flagship port may be all that is needed to bring mappers and coders back. Seven years after the game was released, we're waiting for a breakthrough in source code development if the community is to return to what it was even two years ago.



Looking for programmer for mapster code.

Mapster has become a useful tool in the community and has allowed mappers to use the BUILD Editor on newer systems.

It also gave us features that are not available in the Duke3D BUILD, features that have fulfilled our wishes.

I would like to see Mapster brought into a new light with more features, compatibility enhanced and a win32 port.

TerminX brought it along ways, but we need a new programmer that wishes to start a new BUILD from the v40 mapster source code.

Let others know where looking. This is a project only for the dedicated, err semi-dedicated programmer.

We will setup a identical center and forum as we did the EDuke src page for you. At least think about it and let me know what you think!


EDuke 2.1 Updates (binaries!)

EDuke 2.1 working source code and binaries are available. You heard that right. They exist. And you MUST have them.

RTCM EDuke Source Code Development Center: Get your EDuke right here.

Thanks to Malone3D, Renegado, Guid, BlasterDRP, and Cyborg for getting us this far. Renegado's crew will be dragging EDuke all the way into the future. It's going to be crazy. White knuckles all the way.


Updated bastART

In the new version this is what has been added or improved!


-Fixed tile offset system.
-Animation previewing speed now correct.
-Animation previewing now works with all animation types.
-Animation related functions now unavailable if a tile isn't animated.
-Fixed bugs which would corrupt newly created ART files.
-Fixed a bug which would crash the program when deleting a tile.
-The frames in an animation can exceed the tile's size, but these frames are not previewed.
-Fixed tiles not showing in browser when they caused the tile count to not be dividable by 8.
-Made new files start with 256 empty tiles, which both saves users work, and improves compatibility.
-Added an About Box to the program.
-Rewrote the documentation.
-Added "Click a tile to open it." text to browser.

Marijn is excepting Bug reports. E-mail in zip.


Windows Editart

If your interested in a windows Editart program you can check this one out. bastART.zip

A Build engine .ART file editor, for Windows. Not 100% complete, but works perfect as a browser, viewer and BMP importer/exporter.

The program was designed by Marijn Kentie.



-missing news-



New World IV source code up

Manson has sent me the last known released version of James Ferry's build game New World IV.

Based on Ken Silverman's test game for Build, NWIV sported high definition (640x480 anyways) weapon graphics, a simple weapon scripting language, voxels, and stacked sector-over-sector.


Source code for 1.4 build editor is out

Posted today on the 3D Realms forums by Joe Siegler:

Charlie Wiederhold gave me a present to pass along to y'all. It's the code you need to compile the Build editor. Download the file (it's small - a 22k Zip file) here:


This will allow you to compile build with the features that 3DR added to Ken's editor, most of which were editing controls for 3D mode (and most of which were replicated in Mapster).


WinBlood uses EDuke code

For anyone looking for a port that is planning on using the EDuke code, check out WinBlood The port is based off of the Duke3d_w32 code.


Looking for Eduke programmer

When last we left our beloved EDuke, it was hovering about three quarters of the way between version 2.0 and version 2.1. The major additions that were planned for 2.1 were custom projectiles, voxel support, and (possibly) sector over sector. The latter two of those three additions were implemented and documented by Colourless on his CDuke page.

Furthermore, with two major build ports available (Icculus.org's and JonoF's, it should be fairly simple for a knowledgeable programmer to hack this together.

Spread the word. We need a volunteer. Or volunteers. Don't let two years of programming and beta testing go to waste.


EDuke Source Code released

You can now get the source code to EDuke, the project started by Matt Saettler to expand the Duke 3D source code and make a 3D Realms-approved .exe for improved mod capabilities.

The source in the package is from the unreleased 2.1 edition, which is far more advanced than the public 2.0 release. The major addition is complete weapon control (which allows for hundreds of weapons by conditionally changing the behavior of the hard coded ones completely).

We'll be hosting the source code right here at RTCM.


cDuke3D available

As posted here on the 3D Realms forum, you can now download cDuke3d, a test engine by Colourless, which includes support for voxels and sector-over-sector, as well as an in-game usermap selection menu.

You can download the engine, as well as a customized build editor and two example maps, from the cDuke3d homepage. The page also gives information on how to include voxels and sector-over-sector in your own engine.



RTCM has been put back together and we continue to update. We had a fellow friend(W0rm) hold our files for us briefly, but something happened to there server. So I'm e-mailing files to users now. I'm proud of RTCM and the research that goes on here, and the fans that really solve problems and have answers. Our success Here at RTCM is a joint process with the community. This has helped RTCM answer just about every question that was asked over the early years('96-'99), repeatedly. Plus of course more than that today. To all the Veterans that have happen to make it through all these years, I salute you as I don't feel alone :o)   I should really note that even though we have a wealth of information in our database... we see few if any projects completed...at this time. But I do see inspired web sites that dedicate themselves to one specific area among BUILD / Duke topics. These are the sites that are formed correctly and last the longest. Check them out on the 'top links' page for that info.

Some Really Brief History: The Duke3D community has been kept up by BUILD Engine fans and misc. ports of BUILD. Heck Duke made it this far because of the BUILD Engine and the Cons its true, if there where no CONs and other editable regions Duke would be gone. The game design of course is what makes games like Duke3D and Shadow Warrior stay alive. Everyone likes Shadow Warrior, but are screwed without Cons. Also the use of the BUILD Engine in other games has brought a familiar community together for all fans of Build and its Games to interact. Most of us used Duke3D as a meeting ground and our branches would extend back to the other Build Games, All amazed at the design issues that where used on BUILD Games back then.

Windows 95, stumped and slowed down Dukes Life span, Windows 98 was a time when Build Games came back to life. The correct configuration of ones system was finely put into print. The game ran at 100%. Windows ME basically was not a problem, once the DOS environment was setup, Duke3D and other Build Games where once again running. But this meant users would soon be using Windows 2000 and XP. No Duke3D source code in site, last ditch attempts to request the source code to be released was in motion. Then there was all the panic, No one could run there game well in the new Windows. It was like everyone all of a sudden had Win2K and XP. Many attempts would be done to find the perfect solution with moderate success, if that.

RTCM was at a stage where, what ever happens, we keep going. Work continues on a document for running your game in Win2k and XP, with crappy sound and poor stability, not to mention lower resolutions than what we wanted. I was Still thinking 3D Realms would/hopefully will release there code before the next duke, rather than after. Window versions of Build kicking around and Duke3D still not working on Win2k, What happens when you can't even play the game anymore... everyone finds something else to do. At a time that all the great programmers have lost interest and users have dissipated, 3D Realms releases the source code with a heads up for a Win32 version of the game. Anyhow the community is a lingering one, with small updates keeping things going. Hopefully it will return when a windows port arrives.

BTW I have NAM, WWIIGI, Duke3D, Duke3D ATOMIC, Powerslave and a couple odd ball Build Games currently installed. The games that where made from Duke3Ds source code, tend to run better on this XP system. I tried to get Shadow Warrior going but the Sound slowed down the entire game, had to uninstall it. Anyhow I hope everyone is reviewing there Build Games and Tools, to refresh our memories on the details and design, preparing us for testing new ports and mods.



Duke Nukem 3D Source Code Released!

3D Realms, after waiting for 99% of the Build community to retire, has finally released the source code to Duke Nukem 3D v1.5. Amazingly, it isn't an April Fool's joke.

The 3DR site is pretty choked with traffic as of this posting, but the mirrors they've listed are:

  • Fileshack
  • Fileplanet
  • 3D Gamers
  • Apogee Games

I'm also mirroring the archive here at RTCM.


JonoF's Build Port Released

A new windows port of the Build Engine is available from JonoF at his website. Definitely the best port to date, JonoF's engine has working video mode changing, full screen and windows modes, and fmod support for sound.


ACRSetup Makes Duke in XP Easier

If you're having trouble playing Duke3D in Windows 2000 or XP, you might give the ACRSetup Duke Launcher a try. It uses Ken Silverman's recently released Vesa 2.0 patch. It also allows you to choose difficulty, map(s), and network settings.



Windows Build Editor in the Works

For those of you who don't already know, MattH is working on a port of the build editor. His website, along with builds of the editor, is at ..../GLBuild/.



New Update

R.T.C.M. is located at ....rtcm./
Most of the site is up, some errors are being corrected and slight changes internally.
Although the site is being updated and corrected, I'm still available to send or receive files (the download section is almost ready)

Just for your information, BUILD (c) Games do run in Win95,98,ME with no problems.
If using WinNT, Win2000, WinXP the game MAY run, but quality and performance of the game suffers greatly.




R.T.C.M. is now currently at ....com/~rtcm/
Most of the site is up(- downloads, I have to go through them again) I'll be adding to them as well.
If you have an urgent matter where you need a file, the old list is still there. Send me an e-mail and I'll try to send you the file asap
If anyone is concerned about if there Build game runs on newer OS's, They do run in Win95,98,ME wiith no problems. WinNT/2000,XP well I had no luck
getting them to run on XP, but I only tried briefly. In win2000, even with various snd tools I couldn't keep a stable game running, let alone highres.

Currently there are only two locals for rtcm, the eduke site I think is gone (not Matt's domain, but the hosted rtcm is), or something happened there.

Hopefully The Usurper section will be up soon, I'm waiting on him.

If any BUILD(as in games) related site needs, wants or requires a special package of material from the rtcm site, let me know and we will put something together


BTW the most recent release date I seen for the next duke is 2008. (but that's bull)



Update R.T.C.M. will return.

As you all know, I have taken the site off of our last host. Reason: The site was constantly being tampered with, I put up with it for 2 years, and I think several warnings where more than adequate. Anyhow I'm back at my roots again with RTCM. I'll do what I can to get materials and files back online. But, don't expect things to go to fast, 'cause they won't. More of my interests have gone to games with the src released as well as the tools that the developers use. Checkout other Co-op orientated games. Well suited for the community and everything revolves around words like "TEAMS","CO-OP","GROUPS" This is the way things are and will be. ...and so what if "CO-OP games/maps/levels/islands/worlds are hard to make and take to long" Its always been the point to eventually reach... So developers , don't forget this.
Did I go off the subject again!? Alright, anyhow look for us at a store near you!

See you on the other-side -Corvin and um *cough* The Usurper :)
(URLS removed)
...and then some.




Okay, RTCM is back up, or I should say its getting my attention again.

I been indulged in other games. These included Operation Flashpoint!, Tribes 2 and a few others.

I will be fixing and rearranging portions of the site.. along with adding additional content and material. Although I have Content to last a few years or more. (Unless I go on a spree of updating the site, which would only leave about a month of updates.) I DO need Help to fill the site up again. Primarily new material is welcomed in my e-mail box(note: I no longer use AOL IM or ICQ) If you need ideas what would be could to add to the community at rtcm, again just e-mail or examine the RTCM site for hints and clues for what is needed.

Again if you have sent any messages to me at ashcorv / ICQ / AOL IM I probably never got it. I will be available at corvin---.com for a period of time.

Hope to see you on the other side with new updates in the near future.



Editart 2.0 draft update

Another draft of the Editart Guide is up over in Usurperland. There's a mini-tutorial on using Texture Colorizer included, though at the moment sans pictures and some links. Also, some more accurate info (more accurate than the 1.6 edition) regarding image dimensions has been included.


6-30-2001 - Editart Guide Updated

An updated version of the Editart Guide is available. Check the link over the next few days. The latest version, 1.6, adds info on creating sky textures and cleans up some errors, as well as updating the section on other art programs. Also available is the incomplete revamp of the guide that I am working on. Slated as v2.0, the latest overhaul aims to be thorough and newbie-friendly. It will include fact boxes, a mini-faq, and illustrations to help you on the road to editart mastery. By posting the draft versions, you will be able to see the vast improvements that can be expected in the final version, as well as make suggestions during development. You can view the draft at Usurper's Division




The new blue style of the site as been nearly completed and minor work continues. We've moved once again.



Duke v1.5 Atomic CD For Sale, again!

Looks like 3dr has restocked. Check out Joe3drs post at:


Other Duke products:
If your looking for some of the other duke products and addons checkout the rtcm "store" A listing of some if not most of the products. There some hints at the end of the page to help you find an out of stock or out of print products.

More hints: Most large Bookstores and some of you Computer Convention going computer stores allow you to add yourself to a waiting list.

While your waiting these stores do the searching for you and let you know if they have found a new or used product and they usually offer you a price. If you past on it, then the next person on the list is contacted.

You also can try online auctions and ebay.



Duke Arena

Just got confirmed word that nyk and TJ have been updating Duke Arena Mod. If you don't know what DA is all about read the review and specs, here:

If you have or just got Duke Nukem v1.3d and you want a more powerful and Team Based game. DA is for you! Major editing was done to produce this mod. It takes advantage of the games strong features as well as take advantage of the games quirks.

The new upcoming release will have improved bot functions and you may see some new Game Styles supported. There a whole list of details on the current release.

Its hot!




News Revised!

RTCM site:
I have reworked the navbar. I also Removed alot of JavaScript. I may change the navbar slightly, yet. Anyhow the Knowledge base is back up. It hasn't been up in the form it is now for some time.

Have been partially been restructured. And the file section is slightly under work right now. (More work has been done)

The Site Gateway has been updated as well to reflect the new changes.

Compiled Links:
Please send in your links if you have a new site up related to build or duke. Or perhaps your site has moved. Links are being revised.

"Mapster32 Alpha 1 will come out as soon as my Compiler CD Arrives" -TX.
Mapster 0.40 Beta is the current release:

Popular site:
The Bug Team web site. Did you just get Duke v1.3 in that magazine? Then you should check out the Bugs:

Rest in Pieces. An Amazing site gone haywire in the last years. Planet Duke has collected there information and resources. Checkout it out.

Goto File Planet asap!

Great news, Go check it out!

Special Note: I don't have an answering service with the edge e-mail addresses and I can not accept those mailings forwarded to me.
Please contact me: corvin Click my name below.



Host Closing? / RTCM moving...

I deleted the old news by mistake. So I'll repost my last News.

Apparently our host maybe closing and we don't know if RTCM will still be hosted by them after JUNE. If not you may find RTCM at the following URLS in the future:

(URLS removed)

The above urls may include portions of rtcm or redirects. However the new location of rtcm will be disclosed only if we loose our host.

You may contact me at ashcorv or corvin if you find the site closed and need the new location given to you.

In the mean time, please click the ad banners located at the top of each page to help our host out until then.
Thank You



Returned to active steady RTCM staff.



Sometime after this time I took a break from the site only to return several times.

After my recent return has led me to going through the site and revisiting places that I haven't been in such a long time (years). My discoveries (or re-discoveries) of all the old material on the web has seen new light in today's community. Many of the stable sites today have re-gathered material and revised it into error free help. However I'm sadden to say that many of them have claimed there FAQs and files as there own without any intentional indication of past authors and credits. I can list more than a handful of such sites, but that would be time not well spent. Unfortunately even the most popular sites have left credits out. If your really not sure what I'm saying all you have to do is go through RTCM links and Web pages that have been around since '95/'96 and read them in detail. Compare the info to some of the newer sights (circa '97/'98+) and you'll see what I mean. I don't mean to say these sites haven't done a great job in there research and combing of material. They just left out the old authors or credits on there web page. Myself I try to collect a text file of credits and when I get a chance to update them for public viewing. Its not that hard to do is it?

Onto BUILD Community Smarts:
Since RTCM has started I have seen Dukers / BUILDers turn from answered lost individuals to asking questions in a structured order. We are no longer only a 3DR developed community, I would like to think we are RTCM or fan self created. Very aware now and much more organized from the lonely sites tucked away.
It just proves to me that you don't have to have commercial .domain to actually be a good site. The links in RTCM's archives show this. Those many fan sites if organized into a proper database and given some feeling, will thrive.

Other Developers and Distributors have maintained or done what they can once they have seen what the BUILD community really is about, even 3DR. Its about the Authors, Ken Silverman, his BUILD engine, and fans wanting to see how they can produce something they work very hard at and enjoy.

At this time I feel I did my part for my fellow BUILD users out there. As you can seen RTCM HAD to be created to organize the community. There was no site that actually covered the BUILD community as a whole. Not many will admit this, but its true. I mean you come to RTCM and you can find everything. Who cares if your passing through. Its not a trap with useless pages made just to house Advertisement. Its designed to send you on your way to the information you want. We really needed the technical help back in 1997. RTCM and I have done what we could, given the support we where / are shown. But all the ever increasing traffic to the site shows that you still want more.

Besides the traffic you have given us, the next best thing you can do is tells us what issues you want covered. We tend to stay away from what other sites have already covered. (If however they indulge in our area then you know... ) Its good practice not to make the community smaller by wiping out a fan based site. If another sites good in covering one aspect of the Games or BUILD, there's no need to do anything except support them. However I always do encourage revised material done right.



New Con Mod

Bob Masters of Bob's Duke Nukem Single Player Levels has created a new con mod for both versions 1.3d and the Atomic Edition. The map and con set showcases several new enemies, items, and more. From Bob's site:

The Story: Duke has heard that the aliens are screwing around with advanced scientific experiments. They're tampering with forces of nature that no one should be messing with!

When Duke tells the government about this, they declare him insane and ship him off to a padded cell in the Thorne Asylum. Duke must escape and wipe out the aliens and their new technoids.

The new CON file is compatible with both the basic Duke and the Atomic Edition and includes instructions on how to use the effects in your own maps. Here's a list of the CON enhancements:

New Enemies

  • Flying Saucers
  • Terminators
  • Mechanical Spiders
  • Rapid-fire Turret Gun
  • Flying Sparks

Alien Abilities
  • Super-Fast aliens
  • Super-Slow aliens
  • Some aliens are now weightless
  • Aliens, ammo, weapons, health, and other goodies can now be invisible

  • Green Rubber Cans that can be carried and dropped elsewhere, for climbing
  • Spinning Nukes that give bonuses
  • Duke theme music is normally impossible to play inside a map, but not any more.

You can find the mod at Bob's site.


2-11-2001 - Linux Build Port

I did see some people whisper about Linux ports and whatnot on several forums but people never seem to be very good at actually providing links.
Anyway buildengine/ is a source port to linux.
I'll be emailing Matteus (of EDuke) about this and we'll see if lucky linux people will have a native port of Duke.
I'm currently scouring the internet after a certain member on the 3DR forums said there's a Windows port of build... so lets hope I'm updating again today for the vast majority of our windows visitors :)



Allot of the staff is leaving, mostly because of me, I guess they didn't understand the merging process and that led to some constraints from my end. On the plus side Jon Hunt of the famous Totally Redneck web site asked if I could reduplicate his files for him on RTCM for 'the sake of safe keeping'.



RTCM work in progress

Some of you have been wondering why no recent updates.

The staff here has moved onto newer games. They are already involved in several activities and you should see them around out there. Once there settled in I will let you guys know where they are.

Usurper still has some work he wants to finish up. The rest are pretty much done.

I have been working with several others that want to continue work with BUILD Based games... So new material shall be coming in.

The downloads are off line at the time being. Our host is switching servers and seem to be backed up with work. Hopefully they will be back online shortly.
If your looking for a file that you need right away. I have the entire FTP burned on CD. I also have a bunch of other files I will be getting up there once the ftp is online again. (I just have to research them and determine where they should go) Allot are dated back to '96 all the way up to now so that's something to look forward to.

Again, sorry for the down time on the ftp.



New stuff

As you can see the design has been changed finally. I finished updating all the documents earlier today and now everything's working better than it did before. I created a set of help files explaining the new site stuff which you can view by clicking 'Help' in the main menu.
I've also updated a new document entitled Why no-one's joining your TC. More content will be following very soon.



Where are all the spaceships?

Well it's 2001 and I'm not using a jetpack a la Duke to get around so something is seriously wrong in the world ;)
Actually I'd thought I'd say hope you had a good Christmas and New Year - I did and that's why I didn't get the site updated as soon as I would have liked to :)
Anyway if you don't already keep checking Mapster out because TerminX is releasing betas frequently. It now sports an auto-save feature (which I bugged TerminX to add) - how often have you screwed a map up and wished you could turn back the clock? Obligatory other cool stuff as always.



New Atomic Edition patch!

I have uploaded a program that patches any version of Atomic Edition 1.5 so EDuke can be installed over it. It's a 30k download, and you can find it in the Duke3D section. I rarely play Duke3D anymore, so my mods will almost certainly not be finished/worked on any more. I'm probably going to try converting a few Duke3D maps to Unreal Tournament, with the help of a new program that can convert BUILD engine maps to Half-Life and Unreal Tournament.




TerminX has released a new version of the Build editor based on Ken Silverman's source code. You can download Mapster version 0.22ß at its new home here at RTCM.

New features include:

  • Increased level of accuracy with finer grid
    Grid size level displayed in 2D mode
    Increased grid size
    2 new levels of accuracy for floor/ceiling height adjustment
    Toggle button for tab buffer display

Most Build v1.4 features are emulated, including 3d mode functions for adjusting hitag, lotag, shade, visibility, and other settings. Alternate palettes are supported as well. To top it off, there's no annoying "press y" nag screen. You'll never need vanilla build again.



The Realm of Grune v1.2 Full and updated


"Hello all, its been a long time since I left the Duke Nukem scene and I just wanted to remind many people of a cool mission set that probably many people missed out on. It was even praised by the cool Ben Smit (proasm......com/), author of the SWGROUP and SWEDIT programs.

It features 5 large levels and 1 anarchy level to bust your friends in. It contains lots of new art as well as sounds and one new enemy and boss. It has new music composed by the lovely Jenna Ramsey.
(jennamidi.com) Its less than 7 megs and is well worth your while. Hope you enjoy and any question or comments regarding the installation or gameplay of Grune can be directed to: eifel1@----l.net.
Thank you again." -Wolf/Dark Flame Conversions

You can download GRUNE for Dukev1.5 at these URLs:







More on Voxlap5

I caught Ken online to have an informal chat with him about the new engine he's working on (see news below).
There's a load of stuff I cover which will probably answer a lot of questions you may have about the engine. It sounds like it could be a great little engine from what we discussed.

Oh and if you can think of a better name for the engine tell us about it! Ken is looking...



Silverman's at it again!

Ken Silverman, the man who brought you the build engine and its related tools, is now at work on another game engine. The working title is Voxlap5. Here's the snippet from his build engine page:

"I'm playing around with a new voxel engine, but I don't know if I'll get anywhere with it. Right now, it supports voxels placed anywhere (built-in room over room), look anywhere (6D), and some basic editing functions."

And here's the link to his Voxlap5 page, which includes some beautiful screen shots: http://www.advsys.net/ken/voxlap.htm.



Community News

For those of you who missed it, the new Project X demo is out. So if you like guns, blood, and eduke (and I know you do) head over to the Project X site and grab a copy.

Build Engine aficionados will surely be interested in James Ferry's work on his New World IV stand-alone build game. New versions are uploaded fairly regularly for your downloading pleasure. Don't expect a full game yet, but you can see voxels, zooming, locational damage, and true sector-over-sector in action.

Right here in RTCM-land, Corv is back and working on making the site more user-friendly. Post your comments and suggestions in the RTCM Feedback Forum. Also, at long last, the Usurper TC section finally has an update.



S - L - O - W

Things are going very slowly not least because I can't seem to contact Corvin (Corv if you're out there just post something or mail me or something so I know you're alive, I just need to know what's happening).

So I'm going to give the site a right damn good spring clean.

This will basically mean a new design, both outwardly and inwardly, some reorganization and some updating of documents.

Any comments or anything on how you'd like RTCM to be would be nice.
After all this site has for a long time primarily been designed to be convenient for Corvin. Part of my work here at RTCM is to try and make it more convenient for you too, I can only do that if you give me some feedback.

You might notice the test page is a bit outdated with regards to the current RTCM face. Well that's because I've planned this for awhile but have not gone ahead with it due to other reasons. Seeing as Corv is absent I've decided to go ahead to give the site a bit of momentum it's lacking at the moment.

That's all for now. Expect me done in a week.



JS-Build copying and moving sprites tutorial

..That's right a new tutorial. He is using the C9 sprites as part of the example, Here's a bit from the tutorial;

"...you see an area of map that has not yet been populated with copious amounts of C9 sprites. I wanted to have a radial, explosion about the circular sector in the middle of this map and I did not want ANY possible means of escape for the unsuspecting player..."

-RTCM updates and quick links

* Patch Guide - Will help you understand what you need

* Sound Card Setup - Comprehensive doc

* Installing from CD - Installing Duke, with installer or manually

* Run In Windows - Running Duke/Build games in windows, and tweaks tested with duke

* .DEMO Usage - How to correctly use demo files.

* Eduke Mini site - support

* Ken-Build Mini site - support




New section

We've got a new feature at RTCM - the reviews/interviews link you can see in the RTCM navbar.
At the moment we have a breakdown of DukeArena (which seems more like blatant promotion for TJ on the part of Corv :), just as well then DukeArena is the most impressive multiplayer code I've seen) and Metal Gear Solid - formerly Brute Force : Alaskan Dawn, which features a lengthy discussion with the author James Tan.
Go read them - you know you have nothing better to do ;)



New Build

It's been a bit late due to my lack of FTP access but I've gotten round to releasing a new version of Build created from Ken Silverman's source by James Ferry.

Here's a few notes:

  • didn't have enough time to add the source code at the moment, that might happen later on if I can ever be stuffed.
  • new features, not much except increased sector, sprite and wall limits. If you go over the standard Duke3D map limits, the colours in 2D mode will make the text turn yellow (normally white).
  • "mouse look" (which for some reason everybody want's to call it all the time, I have no idea why) can be toggled by pressing 'N' in 3D mode.
  • "3" can be used instead of the keypad enter for lap top users
  • these files ARE NOT to be distributed anywhere else apart from RTCM.

You will need DOS4GW.EXE for this Build to work. You can obtain it from Ken Silverman's site at http://www.advsys.net/ken.

Get the file at /Other-Ken_BUILD/DOS-Build-Mod/newbuild.zip



Deathtoll's Duke Font

The first version of Dukedings, Deathtoll's Duke Nukem font, has been released. The first version contains four nuke symbols (where the !, @, #, and $ symbols would be) that will help those of you creating Duke-themed art. You can download the font here.



Fox & Hounds v1.00 RELEASED!

First, sorry for the late update. I have now released the Fox & Hounds v1.00. Currently, it does not support bots, and thus is for 3+ player multiplayer only. Bots will be included later, but development will be fairly slow, as I will now also be working on my tactical/weapons TC, which will take priority. Fox & Hounds is about 520k in size, and uses my installer.



RTCM updates

- I have uploaded some more CONS
- Added documents:

  • Installing Duke
  • Patch guide
  • DEMO Usage
  • much more ...

EDuke section has been updated to include more EDuke CON help. Also added to the list of EDuke Mods.

Can't find the Build patch at GT? Well they rearranged their site again, so I didn't bother to dig through yet another remodeled site. Good news is I did grab the patch. It should be up as soon as I update portions of the site.

Playing ONLINE: checkout the Game Connection Center here at rtcm to locate pretty much everything you need. Also include is a ONLINE FAQ that details Steps for using various online gaming services with duke.

Forums: If you find that the populated forums are down allot or messages are getting deleted try the Totalconversions forums. They're always up and have always been there for dukers / builders to migrate to.

Vote: Have you voted for us lately? The more votes the better off we all are. Saves time and helps out allot.



Installer DEMO released

I have now released a demo version of my installer. It "installs" a file called "INSTDEMO.TXT" to the directory you specify, and after installing, it displays the .BIN file. You can download the demo in the "My installer" section.




New member at RTCM

I would like to welcome on behalf of RTCM the addition of a new staff member to our little collective: Photon Man.
He was a beta tester for Eduke v2.0 and has produced advanced effects like helper bots for Duke3d.
At the moment he has several projects you can read about from his page including mods for Eduke and an installer program for Duke Nukem projects.
Head over to /PhotonMan for more information!

Site updates:

Critical Mass TC
Congreen 9 -The Con Coverter for 1.3d to 1.5
Metal Gear TC




Now part of RTCM

It's been a long time since Arealcity went down, and a lot has happened since my last update. EDuke was released, I have become part of RTCM, I am now working on lots of small projects... anyway, now I'm back, and I'm going to try to update at least once a week. The DukeGTA TC will be developing slower, as it will be using EDuke's new .CON functions, and I will be doing other projects. The DukeGTA site is not yet ready for upload, so clicking on the DukeGTA link will only give you a 404 error. I am also making installers for people who want an installer for their project. If you are interested, please click "my installer" in the link bar.



By this time Photon Man merged with RTCM, He brought with him A.I Bot helper information, Lameduke support, His custom installers, EDuke mods, Before he actually merged up he has helped rtcm out with providing helpful fillers for rtcm and helping here and there. Around this time submissions where slow and down time was unavoidable.



First EDuke Release!

3D Realms has finally uploaded the first release of Eduke! This release contains all of the WW2GI enhancements, plus hundreds of other new con language additions. The file comes in the form of a patch which you must apply to your un-modified 1.5 executable. You'll need your Atomic Edition or Plutonium Pak cd-rom in order to use Eduke. The file is available here.

Documentation of the new con language is presented at the official Eduke site, and in the knowledge base here at RTCM.

The release includes a deathmatch demo level by Cyborg, myself (Usurper), TerminX, and James Tan, which shows off some of the new effects made possible by eduke.

Also included with the release is the Shadow Warrior version of editart, as well as makemap.exe from one of the Redneck Rampage games (has a greater grid size than 1.4 build).



EDuke / RTCM

If you look on the 3DR forum, Matt Saettler posted a small message.
"Look for the release on Friday morning 07/28/00"

As much as it pains me to announce something that 3DR just has to have there fingers in (it screws up the whole flow of things and the idea behind it). I believe that Matt Saettler and Company deserve attention to their hard work. According to joe3dr this will be a patch, why? Well a patch is more practical (don't confuse this with any fixes or new features, other than the enhanced con code) releasing it at 3DR is not. However it should spread ASAP, once its posted.
(The patch program is a futile attempt at copyright protection, I can't see how it's better than the exe on its own - Cyborg)
the EDuke site.

Okay RTCM-
I updated a few documents, add files, made a new document on DEMO usage, have a few more documents to post. Will be adding to the utils and faqs.
I will also be updating my plan file with an over view of the duke/build community.



BUGS in Duke Nukem 3D

Theres a list of bugs and a bunch of info on different versions of Duke3D in the Source Code Document.
  If some of these bugs have bothered you, or you felt needed a bit of a fix.. Duke Arena fixes many of these. Thanks goes out to 'nyk' for is awesome coding.  Duke Arena is a fast paced TRUE CTF game for Duke 1.3d! Check it out, everyone else has. Its fun and works great!

Here's a short list of some of the fixes included:

fixed 1.3d shattered frozen dukes spawns a dead duke when player respawns (leaves)
fixed stomp kill spawns a dead duke body that lasts forever (you can't tell)
fixed stomped if you respawn by a player (after being stomped)
fixed hittable while shrunk (queued damage)
fixed 1.3d aim lock into floor if opponent is shrunk
fixed stomped by nearby player if hit by shrinker while on steroids
fixed stayput Vs respawn
fixed 1.3d turret gun slowly drops
fixed respawn marker appears for deleted item or double respawn marker (you can't tell)

RTCM:  Good old RTCM... my plan file has been updated.

FAQS added, more utils coming, more special maps and cons coming.

Documents across the board are still being updated

Major Tech support has been provide to help Keep your Build games running strong.

and as always, looking for more help



Work Started

Started work on R.T.C.M. Phore Dummys! Guide. Its a guide to navigating RTCM.



RTCM Update

Sites been updated, Docs been revised, links added, some fixed. Added a game connection center so you won't get left out playing your BUILD games. Link is up top....this is just a quick news- there's more to it but I'm short on time.


March 2000 or 6-29-2000 

Would you believe I actually updated my site?  Much better design too. Fortunately there's actually something new there as well: the updated version of the palette changing document.

I've taken down outdated screenshots and shots that include art that isn't my own (which I've removed from my files).

EDuke 2.00.09 is out to the testing teams, and it's great. Finally, all those damned math primitives have become useful (well, useful to those of us who aren't writing particle systems.  Note to self, sit down and write a particle system this summer).   I need all the ideas I can get for new sector effectors now.  Feel free to post ideas in the forum.



By this time, RTCM continues to grow, bringing "lost" files and Authors back into view. We continue to need user support to locate old files, maps/cons/addons/utils/ etc.. that pre-date 1998. However we still are collecting info after 1998. The TEN network and map files on AOL have been lost according to 3DR since they where not re-archived. They where deleted from the servers. If you have files from those locations still remaining on your HD, please send them in.



Cyborg merged with RTCM. He brought with him documents on Atomic cons, (EDuke information developed shortly after joining and while at RTCM). Including articles on Trigonometry and Particle physics. He eventually redesigned the site, that I had to unfortunately reject because I couldn't update the site any more as quick as I wanted. During this time TerminX joined and brought with him Mapster.



W0rm choose to merge up with us. He brought with him documents on A.I. bots, Performance issues from the cons, his own tools and many other personal projects.



RTCM: Site as been updated...support for other BUILD Games are in the RTCM Knowledge Base, including Enhanced Duke! EDukev2.0 is on its way...check them out. Cons, Utils.. corrections...etc have been updated.....



The Enhanced Duke Site is up at Matt Saettler's domain.! (He is the sole programmer of EDuke).

Also a dude by the name Manson has put up a voting booth, relating to what effects you would like to see..go vote!



The plan and aim that I set out to do was successful. (see 9-14-1999) RTCM is gigantic and the community is the strongest it ever has been since 1996.



For those of you interested in editing the palette files (including alternate palettes), Veldrik's new version of OpenGL BuildTouch supports them. The program, version 2, is available at http://...../oglbt.

The Usurper's TC page is updated with 2 new screenshots.

I'm looking for con hacks for a how-to page. If you'd like to contribute, send the example to aesire @ -----.com. You'll naturally be credited if your mini-tutorial sees print. I'll plug your project too while I'm at it.



A new version of the editart guide is up. Click here for the online version. Click here to download .doc and .rtf versions.



I should've updated this a while ago (way to shame me into it, Corv :-) ). My TC info is up, I have a text file up on how to change the default palette (though Jonof now has a program out that can probably take care of it for you). If you're interested in art editing, you might also want to check out my TC/editart forum, where you can post questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to my TC or to art editing.



You've probably noticed some significant downtime on this site. Totalconversions changed servers and we were caught in the ensuing chaos. I guess all is right with the world now. There's still some major updating to do here, which you can see hasn't happened yet. The editart guide is still a bit too wordy, and RTCM is being restructured a bit.

On the plus side, I'm going to start posting the progress of my totalconversion project again, although this time around I won't be setting anything in stone. You'll see some screenshots now and then, but don't expect a release date. The page will be up shortly.

Conglomera has an interesting patch out. It sports faster enemies, pistol-wielding liztroops, an expander for you 1.3d users, and more. You can download the IPP patch here.

Conan has finally gone public with his TC project, Warfare TC. From what he's posted, it looks like it will have some nice con hacks. On top of that, there's a good chance you might learn something in his editing forum. Check out his site at http://..../warfaretc.

Speaking of learning something, JS has a new texture tutorial up. If you're interested in creating new art for use with Duke Nukem 3D, then I suggest you have a look at JS' Build Site.



I setup a promotional R.T.C.M. web design featuring different sites; JSBUILD web site was Usurper's and mine site to give hits from our location to him at this time. We put his logo on the main RTCM page and we setup "soap boxs" in each corner of the main page and provided news and updates through them.



The original aim I stuck with, was to encourage Dukers / BUILD users that modify the games, to find new methods and new effects that never existed, but I knew possible, or thought possible. In return, All Dukers/BUILD users will have a detailed source of material to refer to. Why try to reinvent the wheel, The information and files here are from across the web already, and being reviewed, tested and rewritten, aswell as new info being written.



Eventually I got hammered with e-mails asking for help themselves and a few offers to help me, that's when The Usurper joined. He help take some of the load off of me but it wasn't enough. I tried to get more help and save old web sites from vanishing by Merging there sites into mine. This concept proved much better than hosting sites as the information could be retained sort of like in a database of knowledge and corrected and updated.
As I mentioned previously, several fans and users benefited from RTCM and they pushed the limits of editing or hacking Duke3D and other BUILD games. I Sought out programmers and designers, basically anyone that knew what they where talking about to help spice up the modifying of these games. Thanks to the "1st"('96) wave of Dukers that supplied the "2nd"('97) wave with info, details, and fan products which let the new wave provide and produce amazing effects. (without the source codes) I listed files and information with many old Author names and I did my best promoting new authors projects, this led to even more revival of the Duke / BUILD community.



All my other lingering sites where closed down and redirected to it's new location at the hosted totalconversion site.

Once squarely hosted I sent out mass e-mails giving my new location and asking for help. I got many visitors but there was a lack of response by e-mail, But I knew it was going to be a long road to the top, but I didn't know how much weight I had to carry. Never the less I kept pumping out RTCM material in a fast manner that would overload the community with knowledge, I thought how could this be bad?




The response that R.T.C.M. opened proved to be overwhelming, to me. I could not keep up with files, information and questions. I had a huge database (many pages) of organized linked web pages. The community where able to found each other through my database of community links. With more new and old technical information really available brought out mods where the effects and techniques that have been achieved without a source code where outstanding. The small fan sites moved into the light, everyone that where interested before, but not vocal suddenly where out roaming free.



I had moved the entire content of RTCM to its new location.



A year later after applying , I applied again to the same server / site for hosting request. I had the site merged down to just two locations and it was very much filled, I did my homework and I knew I was the only one that cared enough to locate all these files at the time. Basically I knew I'd get accepted as I did what I could properly, and I did. I was admittedly grateful as I'm not sure they knew what was coming.



During this time I asked for hosting at a popular totalconversion site that had some DN3D material and I figured it was a perfect match. I didn't get a reply at all however. I took it as I needed to produce and show a better web site.



I eventually got the sites down to three (AOL, XOOM, and Tripod Servers) and labeled the site just RTCM, dropping the dot abbreviation, (you don't want to know what the letters stood for earlier in time, it was a mouth full).


Late 1997

I eventually sent some files to various web sites to see if they would host the files and information I found, some where hesitant as the files where deemed "underground" material, whatever that meant. So that route didn't work for too long so I had to put up a DN3D web site myself. I had to use a few servers / web sites that eventually turned into five. (My database was too large for a single free hosting.)


Mid 1997

R.T.C.M. started back sometime during the decline of Duke3D (probably around mid to late 1997 I erected a non-file site), sites where fading, files where disappearing, large sites no longer supported Duke3D. So I decided to collect more information and files as I could, with not knowing what I got myself into, I eventually found tons of stuff. I had to track down companies, authors and dead links. All doing this with DIAL-UP connection. I even was able to get files from BBS's and AOL that where not on the web anywhere, I saved those just in time before 3DR removed their forum and AOL dropped support for Duke3D.


Early 1997

Which led me by early 1997 to search for files and information. There where allot of documents but they where filled with errors and lack of real details that we, I needed. As I looked through out the web, I was making the RTCM kit. It was intended to become a Realistic Multi-player add-on for our personnel use, but it became a small aid for novice con editors, I wanted to stress the point of REMARKED statements in the cons to help out, I also wanted to show usage of "external" or extra cons.
Anyway, the real helpful information on the web I noticed where from free fan sites that actually had hands on experience in mapping and Con editing DN3D. (They where not these so called mainstream associated commercial sites, with little content and crappy files). So what was hard to find deep into the internet, where the root of the editing community, I was in aw, because I thought I missed out from the fan web sites in 1996, Most of the important files and faqs remained available for a short time during this year.


In late 1996

My brother and a friend at the time introduced me to Duke3d and I watched in amazement how my brother used the BUILD Editor to do incredible things with maps. He would add all these neat effects, like rotating floors where it would change the landscape of the map by a push of a button within the game, during play! We gamed Modem to Modem then later over our network. After that he did some CON editing and I followed suite.