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This page are facts about my work being reposted on an un-authorized server, (not intended to go to them)
 includes my site and sites structured files.

Here's what has happened; TerminX has stolen and reposted my sites complete downloads (years of work, the custom files and the structure), including reposting my RTCM site web pages on his server that I worked on for 20 years. This was done openly and publicly, he posted it against my legal page (as posted) and against my personnel wishes.

I'll explain from here:


Words To Remember


By 11-00-2015: Old, long time, volunteer, free hosting, going away:

Usurper informed me he is no longer going to be hosting RTCM, he did what he could all these years, and he "Wants to see if his friend, TerminX" (RCG) would host the site as Usurpers service was ending very soon. I said alright and went along with it thinking TerminX could be cool as he wasn't a 14 year kid anymore, even though I had trouble with TerminX in the past, but I put in trust that TerminX could possibly host my site professionally.
I asked Usurper if he could move the site for me, he said TerminX will transfer the site. I waited for further communication and my hello message from the server admin (TerminX). Over a week went by and neither TerminX nor Usurper sent me an update, I was left in the dark, sigh. I had to e-mail/pm Usurper a few times to try to figure out what was holding things up. No response, then I got a message from Usurper saying that I can use his account login to access my site. (apparently he "thought" TerminX sent me my account login by now, nope) I never did get a welcome message from TerminX (the hosting service) or any other communication from anyone else.



On top of that, this is where it gets real faulty, I previously posted some news about a friend getting banned from steam and duke 4 forums without posting any names (at first out of respect). Then a day later TerminX had went as far as deleting my news posting without even a glimmer of sense or responsibility to inform me by e-mail first. (They do this on the duke 4 forums too, modify your posts without your knowledge). So I posted the news again on my site with names, and he removed it again within 20 mins of the re-post, making that twice without contacting me. Tampering with my site just because the host can do it, doesn't make it right and it didn't sit well with me. (Who knows what else they do). So I sent TerminX an e-mail asking him what his problem is. He said that I can't post information about banned users from Duke 4 (or even on Steam apparently). He also told me to go find some other place to post news like that. So (after being hosted less than two months) that had me initiating a hosting service search. I couldn't be hosted with people that are power and control freaks, and will cry if they are shown for whom they really are. So I posted news (2-5-2016) on my site for someone to help me out for volunteer hosting.

I worked on RTCM during this time for three months , however I refrained from posting any updates to the online site while it was hosted at TerminX server. Within the first two months of asking for new hosting, I received four contacts, and I thanked them all. The hosting choices where fair to good and I finally settled with one (Thanks Robert), it would be another two months before I would move the site while I was determining where to go, (on 5-14-2016 I completed the move).

Anyway this is only part of the reason this dumb ass has stolen my work. Partly because I believe he doesn't want to do the work himself.

So here is the news I posted:

On 2-01-2016 I posted news: This is shortly after being hosted on 'TerminX server':

A 'circle' has modified another Build Gamer

Robman of SWC has been tackling some honesty for a solid year or more and has been banned from speaking it as of recent. A 'circle' of BUILD Gamers has seen to this. Not only has it modified this gamers ability to provide community support effectively, especially for Shadow Warrior as he regularly supplied technical know how to others via the forums. It has upset me to have witnessed this destruction via reading the forums at Duke 4 and on SW Redux boards. (Robman is one of the 'original fan website game supporters' of 3DR's BUILD Game before the year 2000).



On 2-05-2016 I posted History: A few days latter I posted this as a follow up:

Hosting search initiated. A friend of mine from Shadow Warrior Central, the creator and owner, Robman has been banned from Duke 4 and SW Redux forums for speaking the truth about certain subject matters. This was clearly an attack to Robman from this small circle of BUILD Gamers that think their sh*t don't stink.
So after Robman posted at the SWC forum and by e-mail about this I just figured it was news to be reported, as usual, so I posted about it a few days ago from this date and as shown up above. Nothing at first was there naming names, I put it up to just announce this discrepancy of their actions.



On 2-05-2016 I posted this news: This is the official post I added, (same day as history above was posted):

RTCM is Looking for Hosting

If anyone knows of a good free web hosting service with 15 to 20 gigs that allows FTP access for html, css and  archives, please let me know. -Corv



On 5-14-2016 I posted news: The official notice from me about the final "physical" position of my site:

Completed move of RTCM to the new host. Not without complications due to the previous unprofessional thug host of TerminX. I sent out a Mass e-mail all on my contact list, explaining the host was 'incompetent and unprofessional', and I provided the new url to help the community to re-find me.



On 5-16-2016 I posted some more History: During and after the Move

Upon me deleting my site from the old hosted location, and posting a redirect page also on the old location while posting the new url to my sites new location in the duke 4 RTCM sub-forum, TerminX asked me "why?" I'm moving, so I explained to him why via PM (not publicly, for his privacy); I refreshed his memory that he told me 3 months ago to go find some other place to post news (like I mentioned earlier about my friend getting banned), someplace else. At that time, I then told him that I have already moved to a new host and that the move was nearly (or was) completed. Which TerminX replied to 'do whatever I want' and 'that he's going to repost my site and files back on his server.' He then changed my login (so I couldn't access the account no longer) and he removed my newly posted redirect page that pointed to the new url for RTCM. (it was up there, posted for just about an hour). He was asked why he did that in the RTCM sub-forum, and he gave no reply, ...more on that later.

I asked him not to re-post my site and files since I found a host elsewhere to take care of things now. He then against my written and posted Legal (which has always been posted on my site and has barely changed since day one), that I informed him of it. He then went ahead and just posted my complete, raw and open work on his server, claiming it as his own to make a profit and get traffic visits from my work. (He also and incorrectly filed for my old URL to the site, and he used that and other old RTCM urls to drive traffic to his sites). After asking him to remove it three times, he says he will not. He even has a mock-up draft of an old outdated legal text file (which I never publicly posted) that was written for giving permission for special cases to host my download section in structure and design. However I did not give him permission, nor did I wish in any form for TerminX to publicly post my RTCM download section in whole or in part on his server, which he calls "Dukeworld" (that was an old ftp that he claimed as his own as well). TerminX said he does not need my permission to take the entire archive and site in its sorted structure and design and post it on his server. So he effectively stole my entire live web site. It's clear to me he doesn't know what sacrifice and hard work really is.

From observing the way he behaved, It's left him bitter that I had to move my site to a new location, as a result of his own actions. So he continued with being a total ass as he had made (at the time) the old RTCM url redirect to a 403 forbidden page (rather than mine or any a redirect page). This has made it difficult for the search engines to update to my sites new location. Also, as I said previously, he continues to host my sites internal live pages on his server and directs the old url to those pages without permission (His face , a toilet, what's the difference!).

I asked him another question, as well did others, why my redirect page to the new location of my site was taken down only after an hour of it being posted or why the old url Usurper had doesn't point to the new site location now. He never answered. (I see he's incapable of giving an honest answer based on his crappy behavior over the years). He can't comprehend what he did was wrong in the first place. It's a little bit scary that some person can be that un-intelligent and un-aware of himself, his faults and his wrongful actions. The result over the years, I've learned that any thing from TerminX that seems genuine, is truly strictly for his own personal endeavor, rather than for helping others. It became further clear to me what his intentions were, since he's too lazy to do his own work and he needs the attention; visitor hits and profit from my work; (my stolen RTCM). He's a Thug, and further, he knows all the crap he pulled that he didn't admit too on the side.

Needless to say, my spirits for working on my site for the community, my own wil and the dedication to past, present and future BUILD Game users, had diminished. I lost the heart to help out. However, A few days later, I partially felt better and motivated. I will keep going, but now in a capacity that I choose, different than before....



On 5-20-2016 I posted News: I continued work on the site and found time to write about things:

RTCM moved Host and URL

I have moved the site to this new host and url: http://www.r-t-c-m.com/ Thanks to the ones that contacted me for service and sorry I couldn't be everywhere at once, I ultimately had to go with just one service. The bulk of the move was completed on 5-14-2016 as the host worked with me to get it completed. I had been updating RTCM during the three months that I posted news about "looking for new host" so work on new material for my site never really stopped during that time.



On 3-13-2018 I posted some History: Then latter I'm told he's selling my work:

More History. It looks like toilet boy TerminX (RG) is selling my work now; He has advertisements posted on my structured rtcm archive that he stole (not to mention my pages too, as I previously mentioned). Selling the site is against my Legal. So is public reduplication. He also has several old rtcm domains pointing at his site cause he sucks ass and needs my work to get attention and visitors to his site. I mean what kind of person does all that. Is Void Point involved in this too? They are listed as owners of the site. They are the group of people that took other peoples code and co-developed the Bombshell prequel game, or still are. Using RTCM to produce a commercial product for profit is also against my Legal. I'm just saying.